The 9 Best Medicine Cabinets of 2021

Keep your bathroom organized in these stylish picks

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Our Top Picks
"You can't go wrong with this cabinet's timeless style, and you can easily swap out the hardware to get the finish you want."
"The overall design is simple and versatile, making this compact option great for powder rooms or kids' bathrooms."
"This cabinet's moderate size is just big enough to store essentials, and it has cubbies underneath for decor or extra storage."
"The extra-wide size and tall shelves mean you can store bigger items, like a full can of hairspray or tall skincare bottles."
"Its modern appearance and spacious interior are the biggest pros of this sleek, mirrored cabinet."
"Providing just enough light to help with detail-oriented tasks like shaving or makeup, this pick is best for low-light bathrooms."
"Unlike other models, this unit's unique fog-resistant glass doesn't require heating to keep the mirror clear through showers."
"Add a more streamlined look to your bathroom, thanks to this pick's sleek design and superior construction."
"For a more unique take on a medicine cabinet, consider this pick, which features a photo frame rather than a mirror on the front."

If you have a lot of medication, toiletries, and other products that you keep in the bathroom, chances are you’re going to need a medicine cabinet where you can store them all. Today, there are a wide range of sleek medicine cabinets to choose from, including everything from simple, classic styles to incognito options that don’t look like a cabinet at all. 

When buying a medicine cabinet, you’ll need to consider whether you want a surface-mounted (a.k.a. simply hung on the wall) or recessed option—keep in mind that recessed medicine cabinets require a hole in your wall, so a bit of construction will be required if you don’t already have one. There are also lighted, anti-fog, and mirrored models to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Here, the best medicine cabinets for your bathroom.

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Classic Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Classic Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a traditional style, like the Classic Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet. This cabinet is 20 x 27 inches and sits 5 inches off the wall, and it features a solid hardwood frame finished in white paint, along with a glass mirror with beveled edges. The frame features pencil-polish edging for a subtle pop of texture, and you can mount the cabinet door so it opens to the left or the right. 

This classic medicine cabinet has two adjustable, tempered-glass shelves inside, and it comes with nickel hardware. However, there are additional hardware finishes available separately if you want to match your bathroom fixtures. Overall, it would be a good fit for just about any style of bathroom thanks to its timeless design.

Best Budget: Glacier Bay Framed Surface-Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Framed Surface-Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

For an inexpensive medicine cabinet—perhaps for a half bath or kids’ bathroom—consider this small option from Glacier Bay. The 15.25 x 26-inch cabinet is designed to be surface mounted, and it comes in three classic finishes to match your decor. 

The Glacier Bay Framed Medicine Cabinet has a wood composite frame that can be mounted to open left or right, and inside, it has two adjustable shelves where you can arrange all your toiletries. The overall design is simple and versatile, and it's easy to install in your bathroom yourself—always a plus!

Best for Small Bathrooms: Elegant Home Fashions Neal Collection Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

You can squeeze the most storage out of your small bathroom with the Elegant Home Fashions Neal Bathroom Cabinet. This surface-mounted cabinet is 20 x 24 inches and 6.5 inches deep, and it features a mirrored door, as well as three open cubbies on the bottom for extra storage. 

This medicine cabinet has a white finished frame and clear acrylic knobs, and it features an adjustable interior shelf to help you organize. It comes with pre-hung hinges for easy installation, and the grid work on the mirror is a stylish accent that will fit into just about any bathroom. This medicine cabinet has a very cottage-style feel and is a moderate size—just big enough to store essentials.

Best for Large Bathrooms: Winston Porter Searle Medicine Cabinet

Winston Porter Searle Medicine Cabinet

On the other end of the spectrum, those with large bathrooms need an equally sizable medicine cabinet that won’t look dwarfed in a big room. The Winston Porter Searle Medicine Cabinet fits the bill, measuring 30 x 48 inches and featuring three compartments to house all your bathroom products. 

This large medicine cabinet has a solid wood frame, and it’s available in several common finishes to match your bathroom’s aesthetic. Inside the doors, there are two shelves to help organize its contents, and the cabinet is 6 inches deep and designed to be surface-mounted on your wall. Because of this unit's size, you can even fit larger products inside, such as hair spray or taller skincare bottles.

Best Mirrored: Kohler Archer Frameless Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Kohler Archer Frameless Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

The Kohler Archer Frameless Mirrored Medicine Cabinet has an incredibly sleek, modern design to elevate your bathroom. This medicine cabinet measures 20 x 31 inches and can be either surface-mounted or recessed, and its unique curved shape lends a touch of elegance to any space. 

The Archer Cabinet has a frameless design, meaning its beveled glass mirror extends all the way to the edges, and within the mirrored interior, there are two adjustable tempered glass shelves to hold all your toiletries. Its door can be adjusted to swing in either direction, depending on your bathroom set up.

Best LED Lighted: Orren Ellis Donnelly Medicine Cabinet with LED Lighting

Orren Ellis Donnelly Medicine Cabinet

If your bathroom isn’t well-lit, you might need a little extra light while shaving or putting on makeup. Luckily, the Orren Ellis Donnelly Medicine Cabinet includes two LED lighting strips to help illuminate your bathroom, and its frameless design will add a modern feeling to your bathroom.

The cabinet comes in two sizes, and it can either be surface mounted or recessed, depending on your preference. Depending on the size you pick, there are either three or four inner shelves that can be adjusted to suit your storage needs, and the front of the cabinet even has a digital clock, so you know exactly what time it is while you're getting ready.

Best Anti-Fog: Home Decorators Collection Fog Free Framed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Home Decorators Collection Framed Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Tired of having to wipe fog off the mirror after you get out of the shower? The Home Decorators Collection Fog-Free Medicine Cabinet can help solve this common problem thanks to its unique fog-resistant glass, which doesn’t require heating. The cabinet can be either surface-mounted or recessed, and its 24 x 30-inch white frame is a classic style that will fit into just about any space. 

This medicine cabinet has a rust-free aluminum construction, and there are three adjustable glass shelves inside. And if the white trim isn't to your style, you can always add a little bit of paint along the trim so that it matches your bathroom's style more fully.

Best Recessed: Kohler Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Kohler Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinets sit flush with your walls, creating a more streamlined, modern look. This product from Kohler is one of the best recessed medicine cabinets you can find today, thanks to its sleek design and superior construction. This bathroom fixture is 20 x 26 inches, and the front mirror has a beveled edge for a stylish touch. 

The Kohler cabinet is made from anodized aluminum with a durable rust-free and chip-free finish, and it has a mirrored interior, as well, complete with two adjustable tempered glass shelves. It features two-way adjustable hinges that open 108 degrees for better access to the cabinet, and it even comes with side mirrors in case you decide to surface mount it.

Best Picture Frame: Fox Hollow Furnishings Recessed Framed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed Framed Medicine Cabinet

If you need extra storage space in your bathroom but don’t want a traditional medicine cabinet with a mirrored surface, you might like this cool “picture frame” cabinet. The 14 x 18-inch cabinet is recessed into the wall, but instead of a mirror on the front, it has a picture frame that makes it look just like a normal wall hanging—you can even swap out the photo to one of your own! 

This unique medicine cabinet comes in a wide range of finishes, and it has two inner shelves where you can organize your bathroom essentials. It can hold artwork up to 11 x 14 inches and is ideal for mounting over the toilet or on side walls where a mirror isn't necessary.

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