13 Best Instagram Accounts for Fans of Mid-Century Modern

Pink door on brick house

stussiluquedesign / Instagram

The mid-century modern aesthetic has seen a revival over the past few years, and it's not very hard to see why. This decor style, popularized between 1940 and 1960, is all about clean lines, minimalism, and a connection with nature. Mid-century modern furniture often works in nearly any setting and pairs well with other decor styles like contemporary and Scandinavian.

Whether you're an avid mid-century fan or you love mixing in pieces here and there, we've rounded up a handful of Instagram accounts to inspire your next makeover.

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    Mid century dining room

    Design: destinationeichler, Photo: dibblephoto

    Karen Nepacena is an interior designer based in San Francisco who specializes in mid-century modern decor. Her Instagram handle, destinationeichler, is full of beautiful inspiration for every room in the house. Her spaces are often open and airy with a pop of color or texture that really brings it to life. This is a great page to follow if you are planning a kitchen or bathroom reno and need some great MCM inspiration.

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    Orange mid century house

    midmodmidwest / Instagram

    If you're just as into mid-century curb appeal as you are decor, check out midmodmidwest's Instagram page. Based in the Midwest, Della Hansmann finds beautiful mid-century modern architecture all over her city and focuses on the details that make this style so classic. From orange front doors to asymmetrical profiles, this account will make you want to buy a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house, stat.

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    Dining room with whicker chairs

    ourbrickhousestyle / Instagram

    We love TaLaya Brown's page because it's filled with approachable, unique spaces that are inspirational without being overwhelming to most home decorators. Based in North Carolina, Brown's home features a mix of MCM, contemporary, and Scandi-inspired designs. She isn't afraid to play with dark colors or bold patterns and each of her rooms is unique and filled with personality.

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    Palm springs building with blue lounge chairs

    modtraveler / Instagram

    Palm Springs is arguably home to the finest mid-century modern houses in the country, and Ken MacIntyre's account documents some of the best. Filled with images of Mad Men-era architecture, this page is perfect eye candy for anyone who dreams of packing up and living out their 50s Hollywood dream in Palm Springs.

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    Mid century dining table

    urbanismdesigns / Instagram

    Urbanism Designs is an interior design and build studio based in San Francisco. They specialize in modern, eclectic-style design, and their account is filled with wonderful mid-century-influenced spaces they've created. Their aesthetic leans a bit more high-end and luxury, and we can't get enough of their sleek style.

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    Mid century living room

    modernhomesportland / Instagram

    The modernhomesportland Instagram account is run by a real estate broker based out of Portland, Oregon, and it's filled with wonderful, classic, and new mid-century-inspired homes. From retro living rooms to floor-to-ceiling windows, this account is a great follow for anyone who loves a mix of beautiful architecture and decor.

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    Living room with pink chair

    minncenturymod / Instagram

    Claire Clemmer's account, minncenturymod, chronicles her DIY renovation of a mid-century home in Minnesota. Her aesthetic is a lovely blend of Scandinavian minimalism and classic mid-century design. We love how open and filled with light each of her spaces is. If you are a fan of neutral, minimalist design this page is a must follow.

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    Entryway with blue tile floorings

    merrilymodern / Instagram

    Follow along as Mary Wyar renovates a 1962 mid-century home in Toledo, Ohio, on her account, merrilymodern. Her bright, colorful spaces are perfect for anyone who loves mid-century design and a great renovation project.

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    Pink door on brick house

    stussiluquedesign / Instagram

    Our favorite thing about Stussi Luque Design's Instagram page is that it features a lovely mix of MCM exteriors and interiors. Luque is both a real estate agent and an interior designer who specializes in mid-century style, so her page features beautiful 50s-inspired exteriors as well as interiors.

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    Kitchen with light pink lights

    fernhouselndn / Instagram

    Think of fernhouselndn's aesthetic as mid-century with a British flare. Based in London, Anna Lea-Wilson is renovating her home with a lovely mix of chic, modern decor with mid-century influences. We love her use of pastel colors and eclectic accessories throughout the home.

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    Living room with orange chair

    bamaluzhome / Instagram

    Though Elle Collins' Instagram page is primarily filled with her beautiful tapestry artwork, she often features images of her retro-inspired home in England. From this lovely MCM orange chair to a vintage TV-turned cat hideout, her account is the perfect follow for anyone who loves handmade artwork with a splash of mid-century thrown in.

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    Gray brick mid century home

    boisemidcenturyhomes / Instagram

    We can't get enough of this account, which is filled with images of mid-century homes for sale in Boise, Idaho. Featuring both exteriors and interiors, this account is packed with retro-inspired eye candy for any MCM lover.

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    Mid century tv stand and plant stand

    apron.saint / Instagram

    What's better than mid-century decor? Mid-century decor surrounded by plants. Though apron.saint's page is primarily filled with images of beautiful indoor plants and greenery, the background is often filled with lovely MCM decor choices. If you're a fan of greenery and mid-century, this account is a great follow.