The 11 Best Instagram Accounts For Minimalists

White minimalist kitchen and living room

helmick_hacienda / Instagram 

It's no surprise that minimalism has taken over home interior design. Whether you're simply trying to free up space, bring some peace of mind, or just genuinely admire the aesthetic, it's easy to see why minimalism has become a favorite option.

While there are quite a few accounts dedicated to minimalist concepts, we've rounded up some of our favorites below.

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    Crisp and clean modern farmhouse-style room

    housesevendesign / Instagram

    We're obsessed with @housesevendesign's Instagram feed, and once you check it out it's easy to see why. Anissa's creative designs shine through in all of the photos, and her minimalist approach is undeniable.

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    White and gray colored room

    pellahedeby / Instagram

    Pella's feed is absolutely stunning. The neutral colors—most of which take on a gorgeous grayscale tone—and attention to small details make looking at her photos a calming experience, one that'll inspire you to pare down your own home.

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    Minimal, artsy room

    studioparadissi / Instagram

    Eleni's account is laced with artistic design and captivating photos that truly embrace a minimalist perspective. Once you start scrolling through her posts, you won't want to stop.

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    White, minimalist kitchen and living room

    helmick_hacienda / Instagram

    Laura Button Helmick gives you a glimpse into her life as a mother and homemaker, but her photos of her home are to die for. It's clear she has an eye for interior decorating, and her minimalist style will be one you will want to browse when you want ideas.

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    White room with wooden bed

    thelaminimalist / Instagram​

    While living in larger cities like Los Angeles might generally be associated with bright patterns, bold colors and maximalism, Annie shows that doesn't have to be the case. With her practical tips on how to get rid of what you no longer need, her account is inspiring and gorgeous to look at.

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    neutral colored room / Instagram

    Alyssa's goal is in her Instagram handle—she wants to help you reset your space. Her focus on organizing and decluttering serves to motivate you to do the same. If you're in need of a boost or ideas on how to tidy up your home, you'll enjoy browsing her feed.

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    White tie backsplash above drawers / Instagram

    Minimalism can seem impossible if you're a mom, but Emily is here to show you it can work. Her focus on simplifying your space is game-changing, and it will certainly serve as an inspiration to you if you're a mom, or anyone really, trying to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle.

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    Neutral colored objects on a mantel

    lepetitfika / Instagram

    Charlotte's feed makes you want to stop and take a breath in the midst of a hectic day. She's a perfect example of how focusing on the smaller details can be a route to making your home feel like a sanctuary.

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    White minimalist bedroom

    simplybychristine / Instagram

    While striving to have less clutter is a big part of minimalism, we love Christine's emphasis on sustainable products. Her captions are encouraging and show that incorporating eco-friendly products in your minimalist lifestyle is not only possible, but much easier than you might think.

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    Minimalist desk space

    somedayslower / Instagram

    If you're looking for encouragement to take a step back and take things a little slower, you'll want to follow Beth. With her lovely photos and captions, she gives a glimpse into how having a minimalist perspective can be beneficial to leading a less overwhelming life.

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    Clean shelf with framed photos

    seeking.minimalism / Instagram

    While most people may stumble on minimalism in hopes of making small changes, Jenn's feed shows the journey of a former maximalist slowly working her way into minimalism. If you are someone who thinks going minimalist is too daunting, you'll definitely want to follow her account for relatable content and supportive motivation.