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An Inside Look at Mobile Home Manufacturers

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When shopping for a manufactured home, the research should begin with comparing the best mobile home manufacturers. Since this type of home is built start-to-finish inside the manufacturer’s facility, you want to be sure that the materials and workmanship meet your standards and expectations. While you will need to coordinate the purchase of your mobile home through a licensed manufactured home retailer, your satisfaction with the experience and your new home will be impacted by the manufacturer you choose.

Mobile homes, a term that has more frequently been replaced with "manufactured homes," are built to the specifications of the federal HUD code and offer affordable living options. These homes can have per-square-foot building costs that can be half of what a comparable site-built home would cost. The investment will depend on the manufacturer you select, the floorplan you choose, and the options you add on.

Single-section manufactured homes (sometimes referred to as a single-wide) have a 18-foot width or less but can be 60 feet or more in length. These are often the most affordable mobile homes to buy but may have limited layout options. Multi-section manufactured homes are greater than 20 feet in width, with the individual sections assembled on-site. Another type of manufactured home to consider is a modular home, which is factory-built similar to a manufactured home but is finished on-site and must meet local building code requirements.

If you are unsure where to begin, we compiled a list of the best mobile home manufacturers, allowing you to settle into your new digs.

The Best Mobile Home Manufacturers of 2023

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Champion Home Builders : Best Overall

Champion Homes blue and white logo

 Champion Homes

Champion Home Builders has been manufacturing mobile homes since 1953, and this experience translates into a wide range of available home types across a vast network of retailers. Both manufactured mobile homes and modular homes are produced in controlled environments before final installation occurs.

If you’re shopping specifically for manufactured mobile homes, there are plenty of floor plan options. Depending on your location, Champion offers two dozen or more single-section mobile home plans and nearly double that in multi-section homes.

When shopping for Champion mobile homes, you can filter by floor plan options, like splurge-worthy primary bathrooms, garage-ready homes, or an elevation with an included porch for sitting and socializing. Virtual tours of some of the most popular floor plans make it easy to visualize the space and find an option that works for your lifestyle from the many models offered by this mobile home manufacturer.

The company offers many floorplan options like the Essentials series consisting of compact single-wide mobile homes starting at around 850 square feet. Other standout series include the Northwood and New Moon, both of which a tub in the primary bathroom.

And, while your home might be manufactured on an assembly line, you’ll have the option to make customizations that fit your style and budget, with options for a Radiant Spa bath, a fireplace, built-in entertainment centers, and more.

Clayton Homes : Best for Energy Efficiency

Clayton Homes

 Clayton Homes

Shopping for a manufactured home doesn’t mean that you have to compromise in terms of energy efficiency. Instead, seek out a mobile home manufacturer committed to quality construction, keeps drafts to a minimum, and contributes to a tight building schedule and lower energy costs.

Clayton Homes is a major player in the manufactured home space. The company has made great strides in energy-efficient construction for its mobile homes—even earning recognition as a 2021 Energy Star Manufactured Housing Builders Market Leader Award from the Environmental Protection Agency in 13 locations.

The company’s commitment to building energy-efficient manufactured homes means creating sustainable homes. Clayton Homes actively thinks about reusing recycled materials and picking energy efficiency solutions from windows to energy-efficient appliances.

The easy part of choosing one of these energy-efficient manufactured homes is the utility savings you’ll enjoy. The hard part is choosing from the manufacturer’s expansive lineup of floor plans. Clayton produces both single-section and multi-section homes with contemporary designs.

Depending on which region of the country you’re shopping in, you can expect to see manufactured homes starting at about $80,000 and costing upward of $140,000. It’s worth noting that the majority of Clayton manufactured homes feature three- or four-bedroom floor plans—making them a smart investment for families or downsizing couples that still want extra space for things such as overnight guests or a home office.

Fleetwood Homes : Best for Families

Fleetwood Homes logo with American flag

 Fleetwood Homes

Find plenty of room to spread out in the family-friendly floor plans offered by Fleetwood Homes.

Part of the Cavco family of brands, Fleetwood offers spacious mobile homes that accommodate families. A lineup of double-wide manufactured homes with up to five bedrooms composed of 1,800 or more square feet of living space will be spacious enough for most families. Depending on the region you’re shopping in, series like the Canyon Lake, Westfield Classic, or Sandalwood XL might be good options to consider.

Aside from having plenty of bedrooms for the kids, grandkids, or guests, these floor plans include great gathering spaces for the family to enjoy—like an activity room or bonus family room. Functional features like an open kitchen with an island or large utility rooms that give you plenty of space on laundry day make these floor plans livable for large families.

Overall, Fleetwood Homes offers an extensive catalog of mobile homes to choose from and is available across the majority of the United States.

Skyline : Best for Tiny Homes

Skyline Homes logo with blue font


If you’re looking for a mobile home manufacturer for tiny houses, check out the cozy options at Skyline Homes, which joined Champion Home Builders in 2018 combining to form Skyline Champion Corporation.

Depending on which part of the United States you are shopping in, series like the Shore Park and Stone Harbor offer floor plans with abundant natural light and versatile spaces, including bedrooms, loft bonus areas, and full bathrooms. And the best part? They are all included in 500 square feet or less to get the tiny home experience.

Since 1951 Skyline Homes, has proven itself as a reputable home building company. Today the company has earned two MHI Manufactured Home Awards for 2021 in the Manufactured Home Design category.

You can find a retailer for Skyline Homes' selection of spaces via the company's website.

Adventure Homes : Best Custom

Adventure Homes logo featuring a red and blue illustration of a house

 Adventure Homes

If you’re looking for the experience of building a home with custom options but want to capture the time and cost savings of a manufactured house, consider a floor plan from Adventure Homes.

The company focuses on helping customers choose from a catalog of options for everything from siding color to cabinet finishes. The variety in HUD lines includes the Nevada series and Mojave series. 

The Nevada series features 10 floor plan options while Mojave has a suite of options available from Adventure Homes. The result is a home that is unique to you—and stylish at that. Adventure Homes was awarded the MHI Interior Design Award in 2021. 

While a mobile home retailer is often instrumental in assisting buyers in making selections and executing the order process, you can preview the options on Adventure Home’s website. The 40-page catalog details the numerous interior customization options available, including décor colors, countertop selections, backsplash picks, and shingle shades.

You’ll notice that the standard selections may need some upgrading for a truly residential feel—for instance, a plastic sink bowl is standard for the bathroom. But, Adventure Homes empowers the buyer to decide where and how to spend money on upgrades, making this a top pick if you’re shopping for mobile home manufacturers with custom options available.

TRU Homes : Best for First-Time Home Buyers

TRU Homes logo featuring orange colorblocking

 TRU Homes

With a down-to-earth approach to homebuying and a variety of single-wide mobile homes that are budget-friendly and practical for first-time homebuyers, there’s no reason to be intimidated by TRU homes. This mobile home manufacturer is part of the larger Clayton group of mobile home manufacturers but specializes in streamlined designs and affordable single-wide and double-wide mobile homes for singles, couples, and small families.

The TRU series of mobile homes begins with Bliss, a 765-square-foot, single-wide trailer with two bedrooms and a split floorplan. The Grand is an impressive, super-sized single-wide mobile home that includes four bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it a solid pick for first-time homebuyers with a family.

TRU manufactures houses that adhere to the federal HUD standards for mobile homes and has placed homes in 31 states, meaning it also is a widely available option for the majority of first-time mobile home shoppers.

Deer Valley : Best for Modular Homes

Deer Valley logo with green font

 Deer Valley

If you are planning to put your manufactured home on a permanent foundation, consider a modular home. A modular home is factory-built like a mobile home but lacks a permanent chassis, which is a great option if you do not intend to move your home and allows for more floor plan possibilities during the buying process.

For a heavy-built house that will stand up to years of use, check out the modular homes available from Deer Valley. This mobile home manufacturer produces a variety of impressive modular home floor plans that will be a great match for a home site with a permanent foundation. With features like standard 2 x 6 construction for all exterior walls on every floor plan and 2 x 8 floor joists with double perimeter rails, these manufactured houses are built to be solid and sturdy for years to come.

Deer Valley manufactures four different series of homes, including its flagship Deer Valley series, the Woodland Series, Sun Valley Series, and a special Mossy Oak series in partnership with Nativ Living. The available elevations and expansive floor plans of Deer Valley’s modular home options make them a natural fit for permanent homesites. The abundance of options and customization also adds to the homey feeling of these floor plans and delivers a more traditional home-buying experience.

How We Chose the Best Mobile Home Manufacturers

To find the best-manufactured homes we sorted through more than a dozen manufacturer websites, including subsidiaries of larger conglomerate manufacturers—like Champion Home Builders, Cavco, and Clayton. We assessed the availability and floor plans using geographic locations in the Eastern, Southern, and Western regions of the United States to compare the variety of homes available.

Special attention was given to manufacturer standard practices, in-home assembly and components, the availability of both single-wide and multi-section homes, the catalog of available features (including highly desired options like walk-in-closets and primary bathrooms), and pricing. We also consulted the MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute) for recent Excellence in Manufactured Housing Award winners.

Champion Home Builders earned the title of best overall for its selection, offering both manufactured mobile homes and modular homes produced in controlled environments, while TRU Homes is the best pick for first-time homebuyers for its down-to-earth approach. If you’re looking for the experience of building a home with custom options, Adventure Homes is the best pick.

What Are Mobile Home Manufacturers?

A mobile home manufacturer replaces the role of a general contractor and crew on a conventional site-built home. Instead of the work being supervised and carried out at the building site, a mobile home manufacturer oversees and completes the work of framing and finishing the mobile home within its factory.

Manufactured homes are built on an assembly line, similar to an automobile. Each station is responsible for completing an aspect of the build and inspections are regularly performed to ensure that the home meets internal and external standards, including the federal HUD code for manufactured homes.

Who Should Use Mobile Home Manufacturers?

Buying new from a mobile home manufacturer appeals to anyone wanting to have a custom experience when buying a home. Buying new from a mobile home manufacturer allows you to shop for the floor plan that is best suited to your needs. You can often customize the exterior or interior finishes to suit your preferences and maximize your budget, rather than settling for selections made by a previous owner.

How Much Do Mobile Homes Cost?

Pricing can vary widely for manufactured homes, with factors like square footage and standard options impacting the price point. As a general range, however, budget mobile home manufacturers offer models starting around $40,000, while other manufacturers with high-end, custom mobile homes may charge upward of roughly $150,000 for multi-section homes.

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