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When shopping for a factory-built home, you’ll often coordinate your home purchase through a licensed retailer in conjunction with a builder, so choosing the right manufacturer is one of the most important steps in the process. Keep in mind that the majority of the home’s construction will be completed inside the manufacturer’s facility—typically 80 to 90 percent of construction is complete by the time the home shows up at your building site.

Modular home manufacturers produce houses in accordance with state and local building codes. Thus, not all manufacturers build homes for all 50 states. Typically, a manufacturer will build homes within a range of states, though there are national modular home manufacturers to partner with. The top modular home builders offer a variety of plans to choose from, with the ability to customize options to suit your situation. Quality building materials and attention to detail in workmanship are important factors, as is the ability to find a retailer or builder that will be your guide in the new home buying process.

Whether you’re looking for a home with plenty of square footage for a growing family or a smaller pad for a getaway or the golden years of retirement, there is an abundance of modular home plans to choose from. Some custom modular home manufacturers will also bring your unique floor plan to life or modify existing plans to fit your vision. Get your search started with our list of the best modular home manufacturers.

Best Modular Home Manufacturers of 2023

Best Overall : Champion Homes

Champion Homes

Champion Homes

Why We Chose It: An experienced factory-built home manufacturer like Champion Homes offers plenty of plans to choose from and a large network of retailers and builders to complete the buying process.

What We Like
  • Advanced search feature makes it easy to filter plans by home style, square footage, and must-have features

  • Many homes have virtual tours available

What We Don’t Like
  • Some regions have a limited selection of modular home plans

  • Must work with a local retailer to obtain pricing information

Since 1953, Champion Home Builders has been a national leader in factory-built housing. This mobile and modular home manufacturer offers many different floor plans and an array of additional features that will make your house feel like a custom home—including options for expanded primary suites, gourmet kitchens, and architectural details like vaulted ceilings. Despite being built according to a factory’s preset workflow, you’ll have the option to customize your home’s features and finishes to match your preferences and budget.

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Given the specifications of state and local building codes, where you plan to build your home will have an impact on which modular home floor plans are available to you. Even so, Champion covers a wide spectrum of options with ranch, two-story, Cape Cod, and even multifamily home plans available. Shoppers on the East Coast will find the widest selection of floor plans, and there is a strong shift to manufactured homes in the Southeast.

The most compact modular home plans offered by Champion Homes are ideal starter homes, vacation getaways, or low-maintenance retirement homes. Growing families might be drawn to Champion’s larger modular home plans.

Best Custom : Impresa Modular

Impresa Modular

Impresa Modular

Why We Chose It: Building homes for customers nationwide, Impresa offers in excess of 1,000 floor plans that can be modified to fit your dream design. Functional and innovative online shopping tools like an instant project cost estimator make it easy to understand your options and watch your budget.

What We Like
  • Provides interactive online tools to design and estimate costs

  • More than 1,000 floor plans available

  • Will deduct $500 from the cost of your new home to offset travel expenses if you travel to visit any of Impresa’s factory locations

What We Don’t Like
  • Floor plans as rendered online frequently include many upgrades or add-ons

Leveraging partnerships with two dozen factory locations across the United States, Impresa is the only nationwide custom modular home manufacturer. With such a diverse service area and a focus on creating unique homes, it’s no surprise that Impresa offers nearly 1,000 floor plans with plenty of home styles and elevations to choose from. Input your building ZIP code to browse the hundreds of floor plans available in your desired location or bring your building plans directly to Impresa.

Impresa Modular impresses shoppers with its user-friendly tools and transparent pricing. For example, register for a free account and gain instant access to the Express Project Estimator. This powerful tool helps you understand the cost of any floor plan and provides estimates for other common costs, such as site work, foundation, installation and finishing work, utility connections, permits, and more. You’ll have the ability to factor in the cost of land or optional features, such as a poured basement or garage.

Project Homestyler, Impresa's interactive design software, is another perk available from this custom modular home manufacturer. Even if you don’t have any experience with blueprints, you can develop your own custom modular house plan.

Like other leading modular home manufacturers, part of the appeal of Impresa Modular is the fast and efficient timeline for building your new home. In fact, the company was featured on DIY Network’s "Breakneck Builds" television series in 2015. From start to finish, your custom Impresa home can be built, delivered, and finished in just three to five months.

Best Budget : Commodore Homes

Commodore Homes

Commodore Homes

Why We Chose It: Manage how much you spend on your home purchase by selecting value-first home plans from this modular home manufacturer that designs and builds in 31 states.

What We Like
  • Livable and practical plans start at under 600 square feet and range up to well over 2,000 square feet

  • A visual design tool helps you decide where and how to splurge on optional finishes and features

What We Don’t Like
  • Limited virtual tours and photos available

If you’re shopping for an economical home but don’t want to sacrifice options, consider the portfolio of brands that are part of Commodore Corporation. This modular home manufacturer conglomerate operates a network of factories that build and deliver homes in 31 states. You can shop for a basic bungalow of just 600 square feet or find a more expansive home for a growing family that spans over 2,000 square feet.

Brands like Manorwood Homes, Pennwest Homes, R-Anell Homes, MidCountry Homes, and Commodore of Pennsylvania provide value-focused designs for home shoppers in the East Coast, Southeast, and Midwest regions. You can check out all of these modular home manufacturer’s floor plans from the central search tool on Commodore’s website.

Quality building materials and processes are standard, but you can also upgrade your home as far as your budget allows with optional finishes. To help visualize the impact of upgraded selections, Commodore offers a virtual design tool, referred to as the inHouse Experience. Savvy shoppers can use this tool to see which options will give them the biggest bang for their buck.

Best High-End : Method Homes

Method Homes

Method Homes

Why We Chose It: Taking modular design to the max, Method Homes offers a portfolio of modern dwellings that can be expanded to suit your lifestyle needs. A focus on sustainable elements and modern design makes these homes stand out.

What We Like
  • Opportunities to expand floor plans with additional modules

  • Homes can be built to meet a variety of environmental certification standards, including LEED, EnergyStar, or passive house parameters

What We Don’t Like
  • Price per square foot can quickly reach $350 or more

  • Transportation costs outside of the western region may make it an impractical choice for some buyers

If you’re looking for a modular home manufacturer that specializes in sustainable design and meets the demands of customers looking for customization, look no further than Method Homes. The Washington-based home manufacturer routinely designs and builds homes in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. They are open to shipping to other locations within the United States and Canada for an increased trucking fee.

Method Homes cites the cost for building one of their modular floor plans to be in the range of $170 to $350 per square foot, but be prepared to also pay soft costs for necessary functions like engineering and permits. Transportation and site setup costs, including truck transport, excavation, foundation, utilities, crane, and crews, can cost another $100,000 or more depending on many factors, including how far the modules of your new home must travel to reach their final destination.

In total, Method is a high-end modular home manufacturer, but their modern prefab designs will prove to be both habitable and stylish. In addition, many of the floor plans are expandable with additional modules—a unique feature that makes Method Homes stand out in comparison to conventional modular home manufacturers.

Best for Energy Efficiency : Deer Valley

Deer Valley

Deer Valley

Why We Chose It: Deer Valley gives priority to using energy-efficient, high-quality building materials—which it says make a "heavy-built" home—and practices in its modular homes.

What We Like
  • Plenty of options to customize plans to fit your lifestyle

  • High value on using energy-efficient building materials and processes

What We Don’t Like
  • Limited availability outside of the Southeast or central region of the United States

When shopping modular home manufacturers, it’s wise to evaluate the standard building materials used to ensure that your home will stand the test of time but also prove to be energy-efficient. Deer Valley Homes has a reputation as a quality, energy-efficient modular home builder. The company offers three collections of modular home plans that feature attractive elevations and plenty of opportunities to customize your design.

You'll find features like standard 2x6 exterior wall construction with R19 insulation, Low E Thermal Pane windows, perimeter floor registers, and radiant heat barrier roof decking standard in all Deer Valley homes, giving you a well-built and well-insulated home that is designed to enhance energy efficiency and minimize utility costs.

The distinctive floor plans at Deer Valley often attract homeowners looking for a contemporary yet rustic appeal. These homes have plenty of charm, with features like cozy covered porches and modern island kitchens with handcrafted cabinets.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

With so many options from which to choose, Champion Home Builders stood out for its diverse floor plans through a wide network of retailers to build your new modular home. With decades of experience in constructing factory-built homes, there will be few surprises in store. However, modular home availability may be more limited in specific regions of the United States, meaning this manufacturer might not be the right choice for everyone.

Impresa Homes, however, has developed factory relationships across the United States. You can build a custom home with this manufacturer or pick from the company’s vast library of floor plans. Keep in mind that Impresa sells directly to homeowners and expects you to do the majority of the work of a general contractor (or hire your own). This means that coordinating things like site preparation and crews for final installation will fall on your shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Is a Modular Home Manufacturer?

    A modular home manufacturer builds housing modules inside of a factory. These modules are then assembled on site by a builder, who takes care of finishing work, utility connections, and other final punch list items. Modular homes rest on a permanent foundation—either a crawl space or a full basement.

  • What Is the Difference Between a Mobile Home and Modular Home Manufacturer?

    While mobile homes are built to federal HUD standards, applicable in all 50 states, modular home manufacturers must build homes to meet the state and local codes for the home’s final building site. In both cases, these homes are considered factory-built and some manufacturers produce both mobile and modular homes.

    On a technical note, manufactured homes sit on a permanent steel chassis while modular houses are removed from chassis used for transport and instead rest on a permanent foundation.

  • Are There Advantages to Buying a Modular Home?

    The biggest advantage of a modular home is the fact that it’s largely built inside of a climate-controlled factory. This often translates into fewer delays due to weather, particularly in states with inclement conditions. You’ll also save time in the overall construction process, since site preparation can be done at the same time that your home is being built in the factory.

    Factory-built homes can also leverage the buying power of large quantities of quality construction materials, resulting in greater savings on your new home when compared to the cost of a stick-built home. Assembly line construction means frequent inspections and opportunity for good oversight of workmanship at every stage.

    Finally, while manufactured homes often have limitations in securing conventional financing, modular homes aren’t subject to the same restrictions. The retailer or builder you work with can often help you negotiate the process of securing home financing.

  • How Much Do Modular Homes Cost From the Manufacturer?

    Just like conventional-built houses, the cost for a modular home will depend on many different factors and can vary significantly by individual modular home manufacturer. Square footage and selected options will often be the largest determiners of price point. Another large contributing expense, outside the cost of the modular home itself, is the land to put it on. Final installation and finishing expenses incurred by the builder or contractor must also be factored in.

    While modular homes cost more than manufactured houses, they can cost significantly less than stick-built homes. On the other hand, some modular homes cost significantly more than basic starter stick-built homes. The amount you spend will depend on the type of home and options you’re looking for.


We evaluated leading modular home manufacturers based on factors like service area, floor plan availability, included features, and ability to customize. Some modular home manufacturers sell direct to homeowners while others work through a network of retailers.

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