7 Best Mopping Solutions

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Did your mom always use the same lemon-scented mopping solution in your home? Back then, perhaps you thought it was the only one available! How do you decide among the vast array of choices? And which one will get your floors clean without leaving a sticky residue? These mopping solutions are the best choices available to use on your floors.

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    Cleansing agents and a wiper in a kitchen
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    We often see vinegar listed as a tried and true cleaner for almost every surface in your home. When it comes to mopping, this is especially true. No matter how dirty your floor is, a little vinegar and hot water can clean it perfectly. Try adding 1/4 of a cup of white vinegar to a quart of warm water.  Use this solution to mop, and you'll achieve clean and sparkling floors.

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    A bottle of Lysol multi-purpose cleaner

    Lysol All-Purpose Pourable Cleaner is one of our favorites. It may even remind you of childhood! More importantly, though, it is very effective.  Adding just a touch to your mop water can give you a powerful cleaner with a mild scent that will scrub and disinfect your floors. Don't add too much cleaner or you'll be left with a slightly sticky floor. Also, if anyone in your household is sensitive to scent, this might not be the perfect mopping choice.

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    Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

    Mr. Clean's Multi-Purpose Pourable Cleaner is also a very effective mopping solution with many varied scents available. This cleaner does a great job not only on flooring but also on other surfaces as well.  Follow the instructions closely -- as with the Lysol, too much cleaner can lead to sticky residue on the floor, so dilute properly.

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    A bottle of Murphy Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner

    Murphy's Oil Soap is the gold standard for cleaning sealed hardwood floors. This cleaner works well, and as a bonus, it doesn't leave any sticky or oily residue. Murphy's Oil Soap has a soft citronella scent which isn't likely to offend most people. Plus it lets the floors shine!

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    A bottle of windex, a rag, and glass cleaner
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    Windex is better known for its ability to clean glass and windows, but for tile and vinyl floors, Windex is a great floor cleaner as well.  You can add 1/8 of a cup to a quart of warm water to create a mopping solution. Or simply spray problem areas of the floor directly with the Windex, using a wet mop to clean the floor. Windex not only helps clean the floors, it leaves them shining, as well.

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    A bottle of Dawn dish soap

    Dish soap can make a huge difference on a dirty floor, especially on grease splatters. It does a great job of degreasing and cleaning most floor types. However, be careful not to over-use dish soap. A few drops in a quart of warm water is plenty to get your floors sparkling clean.  Dish soaps that have added lotion won't be a great idea, but most other products will work wonderfully. Many environmentally friendly dish soaps also work well as both mopping solutions and all-purpose cleaners.

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    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate

    Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner is a great option for floors and more.  Although the scent is a little strong, it fades away quickly, leaving a fresh, clean smelling surface. Mrs. Meyer's cleanses thoroughly without leaving any buildup. This product is quite versatile and works well on many floor types and other surfaces.