The 6 Best Mouse Traps of 2019

Eliminate your rodent problem

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Authenzo Mouse Rats Trap at Amazon

"An efficient, reusable, and safe product for dealing with mice and rats."

Best Snap: Snap-E Mouse Trap at Amazon

"It’s designed to be re-used and many people comment on the easy disposal of mice."

Best Electric: Victor Electronic Mouse Trap at Amazon

"An electric shock mouse trap will deliver a quick zap of energy that eliminates rodents within seconds."

Best Hidden: Victor Tin Cat Live Mouse Trap at Amazon

"The solid metal body means you don’t have to see the mice inside."

Best Humane: Vensmile Humane No-Kill Mouse Trap at Amazon

"This catch-and-release trap lets you transport rodents to another location for release."

Best Budget: Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap at Amazon

"The traps are affordable and simple in their design."

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    Best Overall: Authenzo Mouse Rats Trap

    The Authenzo Mouse Rat Trap is an efficient, reusable, and safe product for dealing with mice and rats. The trap has a spring-loaded mechanism that is triggered by a mouse placing weight on the pressure plate when retrieving bait from the trap. Unlike regular snap traps, however, the entire top of this trap bears down on the mouse rather than a slim metal bar. Using this spring-loaded mechanism, the trap kills mice and rats faster and more effectively than traditional wood or metal varieties. It also eliminates the use of fingers during a setup, avoiding any possible injury to the customer’s fingers. Moreover, it's designed so that the customer doesn’t have to touch the mouse or rat while removing it from the mouse trap, which makes it a more hygienic and efficient method for dealing with rodents.

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    Best Snap: Snap-E Mouse Trap

    The Snap-E Mouse Trap is an evolved version of the classic-style trap that is our pick for best snap mouse trap.

    The all-plastic and steel construction of the unit resists the odors and stains that could otherwise plague wooden snap mouse traps. It’s designed to be re-used and many people comment on the easy disposal of mice once they’re caught. Users comment on the lack of blood or mess from captured mice, thanks to the yellow bumper covering the snap wire of the trap.

    While the unit may not work for very small mice who are able to steal bait without setting off the spring mechanism, it is otherwise considered to be widely effective and is an affordable option. One thing to note is the need to firmly engage the trigger mechanism by pressing down on the bar until you hear a small snap. With proper set-up, this snap mouse trap is a top choice for people facing a rodent problem.

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    Best Electric: Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

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    An electric shock mouse trap will deliver a quick zap of energy that eliminates rodents within seconds. The best electric mouse trap to buy in is the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap.

    This unit is powered by 4 AA batteries, and it can kill up to 100 mice before the batteries need replacing. The trap has a safety switch that prevents the unit from delivering any voltage when the door is open (such as when refilling bait). It also has a patented tunnel design to prevent children or pets from reaching into the trap and encountering a shock. Users comment on the necessity of using high-quality batteries, since weak or old batteries may not deliver a strong enough shock. Due to the electrical nature of this unit, it’s recommended by the manufacturer for indoor use.​

    This type of trap is great for mice that are small enough to steal bait from a typical snap mouse trap, since once inside the mouse will receive the electric shock no matter how small of a rodent it is. It’s also a mess-free option since there is no blood to see or clean up. Once a mouse has been caught, a small green light will continuously blink to alert you that the trap needs to be emptied. While electric mouse traps are not the most cost-effective option, the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap will inconspicuously and efficiently handle a rodent problem.

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    Best Hidden: Victor Tin Cat Live Mouse Trap


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    If you want a catch-and-release trap, but don’t want to see the mouse inside (like with translucent live traps), the Victor Tin Cat Live Mouse Trap is the answer. It also allows you to catch more than one mouse at a time, unlike many other catch-and-release traps.

    This non-toxic and humane trap allows you to use bait to lure mice into a small metal box from which they can’t escape, thanks to the one-way tunnel entry. To be effective, users mention the need to place it with the tunnel entryways along baseboards or other paths commonly run by mice. The trap can hold up to 30 mice at a time, making it very efficient. Unlike translucent catch-and-release traps on the market, the solid metal body means you don’t have to see the mice inside. Though it may still be necessary to look in the vents on the side to identify whether you have caught a mouse.

    To release the mice, you simply transport the unit away from the area and then open the door on top. Alternatively, to eliminate the rodents you can also submerge the unit in a bucket of water. After catching a mouse, it’s important to clean the trap to eliminate odors and markings. However, the trap is reusable and designed to be used for an extended period of time.

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    Best Humane: Vensmile Humane Smart No-Kill Mouse Trap

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    For a humane mouse trap that doesn’t kill the rodents it catches, choose the Vensmile Smart No-Kill Mouse Trap.

    This catch-and-release trap is essentially a plastic rectangular container that mice can be lured into, but can’t escape from on their own. The manufacturer recommends using peanut butter to attract mice into the Vesmile Mouse Trap, then the entry door will snap shut—trapping the mouse inside.

    Due to the translucent nature of the trap, you’ll easily be able to see the mouse inside and transport it to another location for release. Releasing the mouse in a timely manner is important if you do not want to have to dispose of a dead rodent. It’s important to note that the trap must be cleaned well after each successful use, to prevent odor and markings that may deter other mice from entering the trap.

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    Best Budget: Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

    If you’re looking for a low-cost option to deal with a mouse problem, choose the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap.

    A familiar snap trap, these are the most frill-free way to catch mice. The traps are affordable and simple in their design. Place the bait on the metal pedal classic, using care not to get your finger snapped by the metal bar. One of the drawbacks of snap traps is the ability of many mice to steal the bait, but users report relatively good success with a stickier substance like peanut butter.

    The Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap is not the fanciest or most consistent mouse trap available, but for a bargain price, it has the ability to catch mice in both outdoor and indoor settings and doesn’t rely on batteries to accomplish its simple purpose.

What to Look for in a Mouse Trap

Size The size of the mousetrap you choose needs to match the space you’re trying to target. Since many mice run along baseboards, inside cupboards, and in other tight spaces, you might want to consider slimmer, streamlined traps that will fit the mouse-infested areas in your home. On the other hand, bigger traps may be a better choice for larger mice or if you have a spacious area (like a barn or basement) that you’re trying to rid of rodents.

Setup Many people are skittish about setting a mouse trap, since they don’t want it to snap closed on their own fingers. If that’s how you feel, there are a number of different types of traps that are easy to set and feature finger-friendly mechanisms. Read the directions on any trap you choose and bait it accordingly for best results.

Elimination Your goal is to rid your home of mice, but you have options in how you eliminate rodents. You can choose to kill the mice for fast population control, or you might opt for a catch-and-release trap to relocate them to another area (far away). The majority of mousetraps kill rodents with a spring-loaded mechanism that catches them by the head or neck, but several alternatives exist—which are especially useful if you don’t want to see the dead mouse in the trap.