The 9 Best Mouse Traps of 2021

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Best Mouse Traps

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Our Top Picks
"An updated version of the classic snap trap, this option is efficient, reusable, and safe product for dealing with rodents."
"For less than $1 each, these classic traps are extremely budget-friendly (though they do require a steady hand to set up)."
"It uses an electric shock to kill rodents in seconds, and you can empty the trap without ever touching (or seeing) the body."
"The trap comes with 16 bromethalin-based bait blocks, which can each kill up to 12 mice within 24 to 48 hours of ingestion."
"If you don't want to kill or harm any rodents that might be causing you issues, these reusable traps are a great option."
"The removable bait cup makes these straightforward traps far easier to set than the original wire snap traps."
"These covered snap traps are disposable, so you never have to see or touch the mouse."
"Small rodents, insects, and scorpions will easily stick to these glue traps, which contain Eugenol for enhanced stickiness."
"These oversized traps are effective for catching mice, rats, and even chipmunks and squirrels."

There’s nothing worse than seeing a mouse scurry across the floor in your home, only for it to disappear into a crack or crevice. The best way to lure rodents out and capture them for good is with a mouse trap, and luckily, there are many styles of mouse traps available today. 

If you prefer classic mouse traps, you can still get both wooden and plastic snap traps, but there are also humane traps that allow you to release the mice, as well as electric traps and “no-see” traps—just to name a few. All of these options will help to effectively remove pests from your home, so the best choice for you depends on your preferences and budget.

With these factors in mind, here are the best mouse traps you can buy.

Best Overall: Authenzo Mouse Rats Trap

 Authenzo Mouse Traps

The Authenzo Mouse Trap is an updated version of the classic snap trap. These affordable mouse traps come in a pack of six, and they’re made from durable plastic that’s easy to clean and won’t absorb any stains or odors. 

These traps have a unique removable bait cup that you can twist out of the bottom of the trap and fill with peanut butter or other food. You then reinsert the cup, never having to worry about snapping your fingers. Similarly, you simply press the tail of the mouse trap to set it—no need to set up any latches or other complicated mechanisms. 

The Authenzo Mouse Trap is triggered by just 15 grams of weight, and it kills pests quickly. You can simply pinch the end of the trap open to dispose of mice, and reviewers give the product top marks, saying that they’re effective and significantly easier to use than traditional wooden traps.

"The upper trapper almost completely covered the deceased mouse when it was caught so we didn’t have to see it when disposing of it in the trash."—Cheyenne Elwell, Product Tester

Best Budget: Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

If you don’t want to spend too much money on traps (or just prefer old-fashioned wire snap traps), the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Traps are the way to go. The classic traps are extremely budget-friendly, typically costing less than $1 per item, but they do require a steady hand to set up.

With these traps, you place a little bit of bait on the pedal, then pull back the bow and engage it with the locking bar. You can then place the trap with the bait pedal facing the wall, and when a mouse steps on it, the bar will snap. Reviewers confirm that these traps are very effective, but some note they can be hard to set.

Best Electric: Victor Electronic Mouse Trap


Another popular alternative to snapping mouse traps is electric models, such as the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap. This trap uses a high-voltage shock to kill mice in seconds, and it can kill up to 100 rodents per set of four AA batteries. All you have to do is place food in the bait cup and place it in a location where you frequently see mice.

This electronic mouse trap has an LED light to indicate there’s a mouse inside, and it comes apart so you can empty the trap without ever touching the body. There’s also a built-in safety switch that deactivates the trap when it’s open, helping to protect children and pets in your household.

"We found this to be one of the easiest traps to set compared to spring-loaded traps that we’ve used in the past. The simplicity of baiting it and turning it on made the process quick and easy, and we didn’t have to worry about snapping our fingers in the tension bar."—Cheyenne Elwell, Product Tester

Best Bait Trap: Tomcat Mouse Killer I

The Tomcat Mouse Killer I is a mouse bait station that you fill with the brand’s bromethalin-based bait. The unit comes with the refillable station, as well as 16 1-ounce bait blocks, which will kill mice within 24 to 48 hours of ingesting it. 

This bait station has a see-through lid so you can monitor how much bait is left, and mice can enter through either side of it. The unit is designed to be tamper-resistant to protect children and pets, but you’ll still want to keep the trap away from your family members, as the bait is toxic.

Best Humane: Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap

You can catch mice without killing them using a product like the Authenzo Humane Mouse Trap. These reusable traps capture mice without causing them any harm or pain, and you can then release them back outside. Not only is this kinder to the animals, but it’s safer for children and other pets, as the traps are non-toxic and don’t have any snapping mechanism. 

To use these traps, you simply place bait in the food compartment and open the spring door. When mice enter the tunnel-like trap, the door will close behind them, but don't worry—there are air holes to ensure they can breathe. Reviewers say these humane mice traps work amazingly and that it's impossible for mice to escape once they're inside.

Best Snap: Acmind Mouse Trap

Snap traps are some of the easiest to use and maintain, and you won’t be disappointed in the performance of the Acmind Mouse Traps. These traps come in a set of six, and they’re easy to set thanks to a removable bait cup. 

The Acmind Mouse Traps are extremely easy to use—just insert the bait cup through the bottom of the trap, then pinch the end to set it. The sensitive pressure plate is triggered by as little as .03 pounds, and it will snap closed, killing rodents instantly. You’ll want to keep these traps away from children and pets, but reviewers say they’re extremely effective and a worthwhile upgrade from wire snap traps.

Best Hidden: d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap

If you can’t stand to see dead mice—but still want them out of your home—you should definitely consider the d-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap. This product comes with two packs of eight disposable traps (16 total), and each trap is a covered snap traps that allow you to throw the whole unit away.

You can insert bait through the bottom of the trap, then twist the trap to set it. From here, all you have to do is place it in an area where you’ve seen rodents, and there’s an indicator that will let you know when a mouse has been caught. You can then throw the trap away, never having to see or touch the body. Plus, the covered design is safer to use around your family. Win-win.

Best Glue: Tomcat Glue Traps

Glue or sticky traps are another style of mouse trap, and the Tomcat Glue Traps are considered some of the best you can buy. Each pack contains six traps that are effective against mice, as well as other pests like insects and scorpions. These glue traps contain Eugenol for enhanced stickiness, and pests will get stuck to the trap when they walk across it. 

Some people like glue traps because they’re inexpensive and non-toxic, but keep in mind that rodents will not die right away and might even drag the glue pad across the room.

Best for Rats: Tomcat Rat Snap Trap

If you’ve got larger rodents in your home, you’re going to need larger traps to deal with them. The Tomcat Indoor/Outdoor Rat Snap Traps are hefty enough to kill even the biggest pests, and they can be used both in your home and outside in places where rats frequently live, such as in a garage or barn. 

These oversized snap traps have a removable bait cup to make setting them easier, and they have interlocking teeth for a more powerful snap. You can set the traps with either your hand or foot, and reviewers confirm they’re effective for catching mice, rats, and even chipmunks and squirrels.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an efficient, reusable, and safe product for eliminating mice and rats, we recommend the Authenzo Mouse Trap. It’s a hygienic and efficient method for dealing with unwanted rodents. However, if you prefer an electric model, opt for the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap.

Why Trust The Spruce?

This round-up was written by Camryn Rabideau, who grew up in an 1800s farmhouse. As such, she's no stranger to having mice in her home, and she's used many of the traps on this list.

What to Look for in a Mouse Trap

Size The size of the mousetrap you choose needs to match the space you’re trying to target. Since many mice run along baseboards, inside cupboards, and in other tight spaces, you might want to consider slimmer, streamlined traps that will fit the mouse-infested areas in your home. On the other hand, bigger traps may be a better choice for larger mice or if you have a spacious area (like a barn or basement) that you’re trying to rid of rodents.

Setup Many people are skittish about setting a mouse trap, since they don’t want it to snap closed on their own fingers. If that’s how you feel, there are a number of different types of traps that are easy to set and feature finger-friendly mechanisms. Read the directions on any trap you choose and bait it accordingly for best results.

Elimination Your goal is to rid your home of mice, but you have options in how you eliminate rodents. You can choose to kill the mice for fast population control, or you might opt for a catch-and-release trap to relocate them to another area (far away). The majority of mousetraps kill rodents with a spring-loaded mechanism that catches them by the head or neck, but several alternatives exist—which are especially useful if you don’t want to see the dead mouse in the trap.

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