The Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles

Our No. 1 choice, Atlas Van Lines, handles both local and long-distance moves

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The siren song of warm weather, beaches, and world-class entertainment entices many people to make the move to Los Angeles every year. Like most cities, L.A. is defined by its neighborhoods, and where you live will dictate a lot about how you plan to spend your days. Santa Monica, for example, will give you coastal vibes and a top-notch dining scene. Westwood allows you to indulge your inner student. And famed Beverly Hills has both an upscale urban and suburban feel. 

Since L.A. is also defined by its traffic, you should consider how much time you plan to spend in your home neighborhood versus traveling to other areas for work or social activities. Once you’ve settled on a place, you’ll need to consider the logistics of moving in a crowded city, like securing a parking permit for your moving van, whether you’ll need a storage unit, deciding which items to bring with you, and ensuring that your things can safely make it from point A to B.

Working with a reputable moving company is crucial to ease—if not eliminate—the stress of planning a move. Below, we’ve compiled the best moving companies in L.A., ranking them based on their strengths. Whether you’re relocating across town on a DIY moving mission or are coming from out of state and don’t want to pack anything yourself, the below movers will make the transition into your new home seamless.

Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles in 2023

Best Overall : Atlas Van Lines

Key Specs
  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Moving Options: Local, long distance, and international
  • Type of Quote: Binding and non-binding
Pros & Cons
  • Extensive network that makes long-distance moves a breeze

  • A user-friendly app for moving estimates

  • Full-, partial-, and self-service options

  • SimpliCity is a flat-rate program catered toward small moves

  • No van or truck rentals

  • No live chat feature for customer support

Why We Chose It

Atlas Van Lines is our top pick for an L.A. mover because it has an extensive network that allows you to move to or from Los Angeles from all 50 states and 17 countries. Locally, Atlas partners with Atlantic Relocation Systems to service all your moving needs.

Atlas also stands out for its wide range of moving options that allow you to truly customize the experience. The company offers every type of move, including self-service, partial-service, and full-service. If you’re moving between apartments in Los Angeles, Altas’s SimpliCity moving option is catered toward small moves. A major perk of SimpliCity is that you can schedule a move days in advance, as opposed to weeks; and you’re billed at a flat rate.

Add-ons include vehicle relocation, which could be crucial, as L.A. is a driver’s city; as well as storage services that can help give you additional time to settle into your new home. Atlas will also take special care to pack your specialty items. And you can keep track of everything in the company’s proprietary app. The app allows you to video chat with a live agent to get an accurate estimate of your move, itemize your belongings so you can have a list of everything you’re bringing, and get in touch with a customer service agent.

Best Full-Service Mover : Mayflower

Mayflower Movers logo (2023)

Mayflower Movers

Key Specs
  • Nationwide Availability: 47 states
  • Moving Options: Local, long distance, and international
  • Type of Quote: Binding
Pros & Cons 
  • Full Value Protection plan included with every initial quote

  • Debris removal available

  • Offers storage services

  • No 24/7 customer support

  • No DIY packing option

Why We Chose It

A full-service moving company guarantees that your movers will do all the physical work, while you get to focus on the other aspects of relocating. Mayflower is a full-service mover that provides packing, debris removal, storage services, and vehicle relocation. Servicing 47 states, Mayflower can get you to or from L.A. with ease. On the local front, Mayflower works with two agents to accommodate your needs.

Where the company stands out is by offering a Full Value Protection plan with every quote. This means that Mayflower will compensate you if something happens to your belongings while moving, and you don’t have to prove that the damage was caused by them. Federal law requires that all moving companies offer a full-value protection insurance option, but only Mayflower builds it into the cost of the quote. Other companies require you to purchase it separately. If you’re concerned about your items making it safely to your new place, Mayflower is the best option for you.

Best for Out-of-State Moves : Colonial Van Lines

Key Specs
  • Nationwide Availability: 48 states
  • Moving Options: Long distance
  • Type of Quote: Binding
Pros & Cons
  • Propriety app makes coordinating an out-of-state move a breeze

  • Offers specialty packing, like a “kitchen pack” option

  • Feature vehicle relocation

  • Does not accomodate local moves

  • No 24/7 customer support

Why We Chose It

Colonial Van Lines is our top pick for an out-of-state moving company because its app makes it easy to organize all of the logistical information that goes into the moving process. The app allows you to take photos and videos of each room, which you can then send to Colonial to get an accurate estimate. The images also serve as a virtual inventory of all your items so you can keep track of everything and ensure that it all arrives safely. You can also order packing material through the app, and Colonial will offer you a discounted rate. And, once you confirm your move, Colonial will send you a moving checklist via the app so you can be as prepared as possible for moving day.

Colonial offers full-, partial-, and self-service moving, as well as vehicle relocation. The company also allows for flexibility with its packing service. For example, you can have the company  just pack up your kitchen. This allows you to focus on packing up less time-consuming rooms while ensuring that all your appliances and their parts arrive safely.

Note that Colonial does not offer local moves, but if you’re coming to L.A. from out of state and don’t want to deal with the hassle of packing yourself, this could be the company for you.

Best for Car Shipping : United Van Lines

United Van Lines logo

United Van Lines

Key Specs
  • Nationwide Availability: 50 states
  • Moving Options: Local, long distance, and international
  • Type of Quote: Binding
Pros & Cons
  • Large network of Los Angeles and nationwide moving agents

  • Offers tracking options

  • Full-service packing and unpacking

  • Extra cost for shipping a vehicle in a weatherproof container

  • Does not offer 24/7 customer support

Why We Chose It

Most people will agree: Having a car in L.A. is pivotal, especially if you plan to venture outside of your immediate neighborhood. While there are public transportation options in Los Angeles, they’re much less reliable and run less frequently than their counterparts in other major U.S. cities. 

Vehicle relocation is where United Van Lines shines, as the company truly customizes the experience. They offer both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping services, as well as options to transport your car open-sided or in an enclosed space. Although it costs more to ship a car in an enclosed container, this option protects your vehicle from being exposed to any elements or weather conditions, so it will arrive in Los Angeles in prime shape. Lastly, United guarantees a firm vehicle delivery date, meaning that you can make plans to drive your car around your new home, hassle-free.

United Van Lines also offers full-, partial-, and self-service packing and unpacking options, including the packing of specialty items. With a network across all 50 states and even internationally, United can guarantee that your move to or from L.A. will be a breeze. And, if you need extra time for your move, United Van Lines can help you store your belongings while you wait for your new place to be ready.

Best for Last-Minute Moves : Bellhop



Key Specs
  • Nationwide Availability: 25 states
  • Moving Options: Local and long distance
  • Type of Quote: Binding and non-binding
Pros & Cons
  • Accommodates last-minute and same-day moves

  • Has a movers-only option

  • Flat-rate fees for moving on a budget

  • Limited long-distance availability

  • No tracking option

Why We Chose It

It can happen: You love L.A. but hate your place and want to relocate as soon as possible. Finding a new place to live on a tight time line is stressful enough—let Bellhop make the actual move easier with their last-minute and even same-day moving services. The company provides full- and partial-service movers, which makes a quick move across town a breeze. However, note that Bellhop only services 25 states, so this may not be the best option for a long-distance move, depending on where you’re headed.

Bellhop also offers the option to hire movers only at an hourly rate. This is a great service if you’re on a budget and have a truck or van that can accommodate your items. With customizable service options, Bellhop movers can help you load and unload a vehicle, as well as provide furniture reorganization for items already in your home. However, Bellhop does not offer specialty packing, nor does it offer vehicle relocation.

Best for College Students : PODS

Pods Moving logo

Pods Moving

Key Specs
  • Nationwide Availability: 46 states
  • Moving Options: Local, long distance, and international
  • Type of Quote: Non-binding
Pros & Cons
  • PODS City Service doesn't require access to a driveway

  • Offers built-in storage option

  • POD delivered to your new place

  • Not a full-service mover,so no help loading or unloading

  • May need to secure permit to park a POD in front of your place

Why We Chose It

PODS is our pick for college students who want to store their items between semesters, as the company is a moving and storage service all in one.

If you’re moving to or from a campus home that has a driveway, PODS is an easy solution, as your POD is delivered to you so that you can load and unload it at your leisure. For people who don’t have access to a driveway, PODS City Service offers a solution: Your PODS specialist will bring the container to your Los Angeles home on a truck and stay with it while you pack it up. They’ll watch your things and ensure that you’re not ticketed. If you go this route, you may need to secure a moving permit to guarantee that there’s enough room for the truck to park in front of your place.

PODS come in three sizes: 8-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot. A larger size could easily accommodate the items of multiple people, making it a great solution if you and your college roommates are moving to and from the same place.

When you’ve finished packing, you can store your POD in one of the company’s storage facilities, and it will be delivered to your new home once school starts up again. Note that PODS is not a full-service moving company, but it can connect you with movers to help. If you don’t hire movers separately, you’ll have to pack up the POD yourself.

Final Verdict

Atlas Van Lines is our pick for best moving company in Los Angeles because it offers ample customization depending on your needs. If you’re moving to or from L.A. from out of state, or even internationally, Atlas has a vast network of affiliate moving companies ready to assist. The company can also help if you’re moving locally.

Atlas also offers maximum flexibility in terms of what you need from a move, as the company provides full-, partial- and self-service options, vehicle relocation, and an app to help keep everything organized in one place.

Of course, other moving companies can provide valuable services depending on your priorities. PODS is great for storage, United Van Lines will keep your vehicle safe if you’re transporting it across the country, and Colonial Van Lines’ app will assist you in making the transition to your new home seamless. If you’re looking for a company that provides full-service protection with every quote, Mayflower has you covered. And Bellhop should be your first call if you need to move ASAP.

Compare the Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles

Company Nationwide Availability Packing & Loading Options Vehicle Relocation? Tracking Option? Type of Quote
Atlas Van Lines Best Overall 50 states Full service, partial service, and self service Yes Yes Binding and non-binding
Mayflower Best Full-Service Mover 47 states Full service and partial service Yes Yes Binding
Colonial Van Lines Best for Out-of-State Moves 48 states Full service, partial service, and self service Yes Yes Binding
United Van Lines Best for Car Shipping 50 states Full service, partial service, and self service Yes Yes Binding
Bellhop Best for Last-Minute Moves 25 states Full service and partial service No No Binding and non-binding
PODS Best for College Students 46 states Partial service and self service Yes No Non-binding

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company in Los Angeles

Like its primary industry, a move to Los Angeles can be… entertaining. To ensure your move doesn’t become a drama or a tragedy, it’s important to consider factors like a company’s reputation, your individual needs, whether you’ll need insurance, the customer service experience, and a mover’s familiarity with the city before you hire a moving company.


A moving company’s reputation should be top of your list of considerations before hiring someone to assist you. First off, make sure that the company is fully licensed and insured. And, if it’s an interstate mover, it must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Aside from the licensing requirement, research the company by checking Google and Yelp reviews, and call customer service to make sure the representative makes you feel comfortable with everything.

Individual Needs

Consider what you need the moving company to do and factor those needs into your decision when you’re hiring a moving company. Some moving companies ensure that you’ll never have to lift a finger, providing everything from full-service packing to debris removal. Others allow you to have a more hands-on approach, offering self-service moves at a discount. Be upfront with your moving company if you need services like storage, vehicle relocation, or specialty packing. Lastly, don’t be afraid to shop around and get quotes from multiple companies to ensure that you have ample information before you make your decision.


All moving companies are required by federal law to offer two insurance options: full-value protection and released value. Full-value protection is the premium option and the more costly of the two, as it holds your mover liable for the replacement of any lost or damaged items. If full value is important to you, note that Mayflower includes it with every estimate. Released value is included with every move at no additional cost, but it only guarantees that you’ll be reimbursed 60 cents per pound for each damaged item. The reimbursement is not dependent upon the cost of the item.

If you don’t want to purchase protection through your moving company, you can opt for a third-party insurance. Be sure to research options to ensure that everything you’re moving is covered.

Familiarity With L.A.

A move can be made much easier if you hire a company that is familiar with the Los Angeles area, as movers can also serve as de facto advisors to make the process as seamless as possible. For example, anyone who’s ever spent more than a few hours in Los Angeles knows that the traffic there is no joke. To ensure that your things arrive in a timely manner, especially if you’ve reserved a parking spot ahead of time, make sure your mover knows the traffic patterns, rules, and regulations in L.A.

Customer Service

Moves are stressful, and a good customer service representative can help to ease your concerns. Be transparent about what you need and ask your moving representative how they can help. A customer service representative should make you feel safe about your move because you’re trusting the company with your items. They should be clear about the services the company provides, as well as the cost. Be sure to get everything in writing.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Los Angeles?

The cost to hire movers in Los Angeles largely depends upon your specific needs. Generally, the more you DIY the move, the less expensive it will be. Moving locally is also more budget-friendly than moving to or from another state. Add-on services like vehicle relocation, storage, debris removal, and insurance will also increase the cost. You can minimize the financial burden by being as prepared as possible, as last-minute changes to a move will likely increase the bill.

Types of Movers in Los Angeles

Full-Service Moving Companies

There’s no easier way to move than by hiring a full-service company that can assist you through every step of the process. From packing to debris removal to storage services and vehicle relocation, a full-service moving company is your best bet if you don’t want to lift a finger. Full-service movers will cost more than a DIY move, and some options, like storage and vehicle relocation, may be billed as extra.

Partial-Service Moving Companies

A partial-service moving company will help you pack and move items that you do not wish to pack and move yourself. Hiring a partial-service moving company could be a good idea if you’re looking to save on costs versus a full-service company, but you still want help with bulky or fragile items. Some companies offer room-specific packaging. For example, Colonial Van Lines has a kitchen pack option to help pack up that space, which can be one of the more time-consuming rooms.

Moving Container Companies

Moving container companies like PODS bring the storage to you. PODS transports a storage container to your residence for you to pack up and then brings it to your new residence. (PODS does not provide full-service packing, but the company can connect you to companies that do.) If you need extra time to store a moving container between moves, PODS can bring it to one of its storage facilities. And if you don’t have access to a driveway for your POD, PODS City Service will have someone babysit the POD on an L.A. city street while you load or unload it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Far in Advance Should You Schedule Movers in L.A.?

    You should schedule movers in L.A. as far in advance as possible. This ensures that your preferred movers are available and gives you ample time to prep for the move. In general, scheduling about two months out is best. When scheduling, be mindful of potential events in the area that could disrupt a move. Major holidays or college move-in days could limit a mover’s availability.

    Of course, sometimes scheduling a last-minute move is unavoidable. Never fear, a mover may still be able to accommodate you. Atlas Van Lines has a special SimpliCity program for small apartment moves that can be scheduled only days in advance. And Bellhop offers special services for moves scheduled within 48 hours.

    Lastly, be aware that you may need a moving permit (your moving company should be able to help you determine this), and it’s recommended that you purchase it two to three weeks in advance of your move. Note that moving is not allowed in L.A. during select national holidays, which are outlined here.

  • Are Movers Obligated to Follow the Estimated Quote?

    If a mover gives you a binding quote, the company is obligated to honor it. A non-binding quote is more of a general estimate of how much your move should cost. Some companies offer both binding and non-binding quotes, so make sure you know what type of quote your movers provide before you hire them or give an initial deposit. Lastly, be wary of companies that ask for a large deposit upfront, as this could be a red flag.

  • What Information and Paperwork Are Required for a Mover in L.A. to Provide?

    In addition to being fully licensed and insured, as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a moving company in L.A. may require you to secure a moving permit to ensure that there’s enough room for the truck to park in front of your place. Check with your specific company, as well as local regulations.

  • What Happens If My Household Goods Get Damaged During the Moving Process?

    The good news: People successfully move every day without any issues. The bad news: Sometimes, despite every effort to avoid it, things can get broken or damaged in a move. What happens next largely depends upon the company and the type of insurance you use. Federal law requires that a moving company offer two insurance options: full-value protection and released value. Full-value protection is the most costly, and it means that your mover is responsible for the replacement value of any lost or damaged items. If you’re interested in full value, note that Mayflower includes this level of protection in every move quote. Released value comes with every move at no additional charge, but it only holds a mover responsible for up to 60 cents per pound per item damaged. For example, if your 25-pound coffee table is damaged, your mover would only be liable for giving you $15, which is 60 cents x 25 pounds.

    Another option is to check to see your homeowners or vehicle insurance covers moves—some do, and some don’t. Or you can purchase insurance through a third party. 

  • What Time of Year Is Cheapest to Move?

    As with many major cities, the cheapest time to move to L.A. is during the winter months. This is because rents tend to decrease around this time. However, keep in mind that movers may be more expensive or less available for hire around the holidays or at the beginning or end of college semesters.

  • How Should I Prepare for Movers?

    How you prepare for your move largely depends upon the scope and scale of your move and whether you’re hiring full-service movers or opting to DIY a move. As a first step, you should be clear on your needs and communicate them with the moving company. 

    Stay organized by making a list of everything you need to do prior to your move, and give yourself ample time to execute. Beyond just packing, consider all of the elements that go into a move: Make sure you’ve secured any necessary permits to move out or into your new place. If you’re not going to bring all of your items with you, make plans to sell or give away anything that you don’t want. Purchase full-value protection or insurance from a third party if desired. Make plans for debris removal. Be sure that your new home is ready for the move, or secure a storage unit to give yourself extra time.

  • Are There Any Moving Restrictions in Los Angeles?

    Los Angeles has a few moving restrictions, and a reputable moving company will help you to navigate them. The most common is securing a moving permit. While not always required, it could help ensure that you have a parking space for your truck on the day of your move. 

    Additionally, anyone moving to California from out of state also needs to fill out a Gypsy Moth and Spotted Lanternfly Form. This form requires you to inspect your belongings for these invasive species, which don’t currently exist in California.


To find the best moving companies in Los Angeles, our research team reviewed 19 nationwide services, collecting a total of 589 data points. Ratings were created by assigning weights to each of the 31 moving criteria we considered.

Our top picks received high scores in heavily weighted areas such as customer experience (23 percent), pricing structure (20 percent), location coverage (20 percent), and moving services (20 percent).

The information presented here was verified by at least two data collectors through customer service calls. For more details on our research process and scoring system, head to our complete moving methodology page.

best moving companies in los angeles

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