The 7 Best Mulches to Buy in 2018

The future of your lawn starts here

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Mulch is usually a blend of leaves, tree bark and compost that people spread around their lawns and plants to enrich soil, promote green growth, and even seamlessly decorate. Mulch can suppress weeds while keeping your soil cool and moisturized throughout the warmer months and seasons.

Many commercial businesses and home owners use mulch to help their gardens' and lawns' appearance as well. Depending on your needs, there are various types of mulches out there in the market that you could use. There are types that use bark or wood chips, others that use cocoa shells and straw. Some formulas are made with rocks or clay as well.

We’ve found the best of the best to fulfill whatever needs your yard has.

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    Best Overall: PlantBest Mega Mulch

    PlantBest Mega Mulch comes in brick form. You can drop the brick in a wheel barrel, add water and the brick decomposes, providing you with enough mulch to cover 2.5 cubic feet. This formula claims to last up to two-years using Akron-mils miracle mulch.

    The mulch’s ability to retain moisture cuts your water bill, and keeps your lawn damp for longer periods of time. This formula also aides in retarding those pesky weeds. Mulch that you can set and forget is what it’s all about. It can be an effective way to beautify your lawn.

    Depending on how much of your lawn that you are looking to cover, one pack should be enough to cover up a small or medium sized garden. You can buy an 8.8-pound pack  for a pretty yard that you don’t have to spend as much time on if you hadn’t used mulch.

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    Best Organic: Blommer Cocoa Shell Mulch

    Organic mulch may seem redundant. You may be thinking: ‘mulch is natural’. But most mulches add unnecessary ingredients into their formula. Blommer’s Cocoa Shell Mulch strays away from additives that don’t benefit your greens, like fillers. Instead, this formula is made with the outer shell of cocoa beans.

    That’s right, maybe chocolate isn’t so unhealthy…when used the right way, of course. Our favorite desert makes for some amazing mulch. And its rich brown color looks great when used in various styled lawns.

    The cocoa bean shells retain water to keep your plants moist longer, but never gets gross and soggy no matter the weather. one-inch of mulch is enough to hide weeds and keep future ones at bay. This is a great option for home owners looking to attractively style their own lawns without having to put a ton of effort and money toward yard accessories they don’t need. Green conscious gardeners can also appreciate renewing resources.

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    Best for Decorating: Plow & Hearth Perma Mulch Permanent Border

    Perma Mulch Permanent Border
    Courtesy of Wayfair.

    A major reasons businesses and home owners use mulch is because of aesthetics. A freshly mulched lawn looks great, and can continue to look great for years to come with very little effort. If you’re not so much interested in plant benefits, perhaps you want mulch that will just look nice in your lawn.

    Plow & Hearth’s Perma Mulch Permanent Border is made of recycled rubber mulch. It is perfectly formed as a gorgeous trim for your garden or front and back lawn. If your biggest worry for your lawn is looks, then this is a great choice. It is easy to use, and cut to customize to fit your needs.

    It is a dark brown color, which easily blends with your soil. You can use this item to fill your flower beds, and borders. It beats having to change your mulch every year or so due to normal wear.

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    Best Potting: Window Garden Fiber Mulch

    Adding mulch to your potted indoor and outdoor plants can benefit their health, while keep them looking pretty and neat. Impress your guests by simplifying the beauty of your plants with some mulch in their pots. Window Garden Fiber Mulch makes for the perfect soil cover to top off your plants.

    The layer also prevents soil splash from potted plants while also reducing soil compaction and root rot to keep your green healthy and clean. The mulch layer also cuts water evaporation to provide ample moisture, and you can even water less.

    Window Garden’s Fiber Mulch is made with coconut husks and fiber which blend into a porous texture that beautifies your potted plants while also keeping them healthy and mold free. You can also put the Fiber Mulch into your potting mix to provide extra pore space. This mulch is attractive and helpful. It can change the health of your potted plants, which are very popular to keep around in your home.

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    Best Bark: Ameriscape Cedar Mulch

    Mulch made of bark is one of the most popular types to use. They are healthy, look great and last long when used around your lawn. A great mulch will reduce maintenance, and using a formula with pine or cedar bark will keep your plants and lawn looking fresher.

    Ameriscape Cedar Mulch is made with top quality cedar chips for your best mulch experience yet. This formula is treated for the red appearance and to resist rot while also repelling insects — a common problem with other mulches.

    This formula could also be a great decorative mulch for your yard. There are many landscaping projects using mulch where you can really customize and design your yard to your liking. This mulch is just one of many steps, but it can aid in the appearance of your yard. Despite being made with rich, dark cedar, this product has been treated red. So, if you prefer a less eye-catching color, then look elsewhere.

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    Best Mulch for Grass and Seeds: EZ Straw Seeding Mulch

    Getting your lawn and yard just right can be one of the hardest things you will do. Between the countless design options and the freedom of doing whatever you want, it may seem like you have a lot of decisions to make. However, keeping it simple is a great way to go when you don’t have the proper time to care for your yard and plants.

    EZ Straw's Seeding Mulch is a lightweight option made with organic straw, grass seeding, and tackifier to hold it all together. You can use this to protect your current grass from heavy rain and wind. The formula can also accelerate germination.

    If you are looking for a product to spot treat your lawn, or use with other plants, then EZ Straw’s Seeding Mulch is a great choice. You can also add more grass seed to the formula and use the mulch to hold it in place for optimal growth.

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    Best Biodegradable Mulch: GreenView Fairway Formula Seed Success Mulch

    Biodegradable mulch is a great environmentally friendly option for those looking to continue to live in a green, supportive environment. GreenView Fairway’s Formula Seed Success Mulch is not only biodegradable, but it also boasts starter fertilizer. This 10-pound bag can cover up to 200 square feet.

    This mulch formula will help keep your grass moist for longer periods of time so you won’t have to water your lawn as much. With tackifier blended into this batch, it will stay put even on windy days. It is great to use for spot treating those pesky bare areas in your lawn.

    It is meant to be used with your choice of grass seed to promote a strong, seamless yard. The formula is comparable to something a professional would use. If you fear your mulch will harm the environment in the long run, then worry no more. This formula pretty much takes care of itself, and in no time, you will have a beautiful lawn all over again.