The 8 Best Neon Signs to Buy in 2018

Fun, glowing color to brighten up any room

Red neon open sign on red brick exterior wall in the night
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Neon signs are known for their eye-catching color and bright light that beckons everyone to read their message. Used extensively by stores, restaurants, and other places of business, neon signs are making a splash in home decor also.

The vivid colors and visual appeal make them great for decorating your bedroom, living space, kitchen, garage, and more. Unlike more static pieces, neon signs are truly captivating. They are also fairly expensive, with many signs costing upwards of $100. But remember that they have a long lifespan, with some models lasting for 50,000 hours of use or more.

There are neon signs with pictures, symbols, and words, and some feature both. You can also have a custom neon sign made with an expression of your choice. Discover the best neon signs you can buy today. Pick one of these and you’ll add a pop of color to your life and an interesting conversation piece to your home!



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    Best for Bedroom: Urban Outfitters "Where Love Lives" Neon Sign

    Where Love Lives Neon Sign
    Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

    If you’re looking to add a touch of neon to your bedroom, look no further than this "Where Love Lives​" neon sign from Urban Outfitters.

    Mount it above your headboard for a glowing accent piece or position it on a wall that needs a statement. Either way, the glass neon tubing glows white and red and will provide soft illumination in your space. Measuring just over 28 inches long and 6 inches tall, you can make room in your bedroom or anywhere for this simple statement sign.

    On a practical note, this neon sign is mounted to a clear acrylic backing which allows it to be easily hung on the wall. You’ll just need to plug the 12-volt wall adapter into a power outlet.

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    Best for a Party: Neon MFG "Let’s Party" Neon Sign

    Neon MFG Let’s Party Neon Sign
    Courtesy of Neon MFG

    Set the tone for your next get-together with a neon "Let’s Party" sign from Neon Mfg.

    This electric white light has a simple message to your guests: It's time to get the party started! The "Let’s Party" slogan is illuminated by gas-filled handcrafted glass tubes. Plug in the sign using the attached power cord and watch the letters buzz to life with a bright, neon white glow.

    Neon Mfg. says that its neon signs are filled with enough gas to last for up to 8 years of continuous use. The chances are pretty good that you will have plenty of neon light power for years to come!

    The sign measures 17 inches long and 4.5 inches high. Buy it for your next celebration, shin-dig, get-together, or any other type of party where you want to add a little neon excitement!

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    Best for Kid’s Room: Urban Outfitters Crescent Moon Neon Sign

    Crescent Moon Neon Sign
    Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

    Give your little one a real glowing moon to sleep under with this neon crescent version from Urban Outfitters.

    White glass tubing is stretched into the simple shape of a crescent moon and mounted to a square acrylic backing for easy hanging. You may not love the black cords running behind the moon, but when it comes to neon signs, it turns out that cords, transformers, and more are often part of the "look." Once you turn it on, though, you and your child will be captivated by the soft yellow glow.

    Use it as a nightlight until your child falls fast asleep, or let it be the inspiration for your bedtime stories. It is relatively affordable and cute enough for any kid’s room.

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    Best for Man Cave: Neonetics "Man Cave" Neon Sign

    Man Cave with Cave Neon Sign
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    No man cave is complete without a sign clearly marking it as such. It serves as both an invitation and a fair warning! Make yours obvious with this neon sign from Neonetics.

    Featuring a colorful display of handblown glass tubing, no one will miss the message that what lies beyond this sign is an authentic dude space. Glowing in red letters, the words "Man Cave" are topped by the silhouette of a blue cave. The sign is mounted to a black background and can be hung against the wall or in a window.

    People love this neon sign because of its high-quality construction, eye-catching light, and literal depiction of a man’s most sacred space. It makes a great gift for anyone who already has a man cave. It's also a good starting point if you’re just beginning to stake your claim and want everyone to know that the garage, workshop, basement, or spare bedroom is now yours!

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    Best for Bar: Neonetics "Cocktails" Neon Sign

    ‘Cocktails’ sign
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Do you want to add a twist of neon to your home bar decor? This neon "Cocktails" sign is perfect for adding ambiance and visual interest while you mix drinks and serve your guests.

    The glass tubing spells out the word "Cocktails" and it glows to life in a shade of pink that is described as having a warm, festive feel. This neon light is especially versatile. It includes a stand and is the perfect size for setting on your bar cart but it could also be mounted on the wall behind a larger wet bar.

    The size, color, and quality of this neon "Cocktails" sign make it perfect for many different settings. Order one for your favorite mixologist or make it part of your own home bar decor.

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    Best for Garage: Neonetics Texaco Gasoline Neon Sign

    Texaco Gasoline Neon Sign
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    A little neon goes a long way in a garage or workshop. One of our favorites for the garage is this brilliantly colored Texaco Gasoline neon sign from Neonetics.

    Texaco is one of the iconic brands when it comes to vintage auto memorabilia. Combining the classic logo with eye-catching neon lettering makes for a sign that any auto enthusiast will want to hang in their garage.

    A mix of white, red, and green neon lights in glass tubing really make this Texaco sign stand out. Happy purchasers of this sign describe the colors as crisp and bright, and the construction of the neon tubes as excellent. This neon light for the garage measures 24 inches in diameter is sure to make a statement for years to come.

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    Best for Kitchen: ID Pro "Enjoy" Neon Sign

    Why not add a little neon buzz to your kitchen? Now you can, with this "Enjoy" neon sign from ID Pro.

    Let your family and your guests know that they can sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal and good company in your kitchen. The handmade glass tubes of this neon sign are gently curved into an easy-to-read cursive script that says simply, "Enjoy." Emitting a soft blue light, you’ll find this neon sign to be attractive and pleasing to the eye.

    Customers find this sign to be clear and bright, and it makes a wonderful accent piece. Measuring just under 1-foot long and 5 inches high, this sign is on the smaller side, but it’s a nice size for kitchen decor. Add this to your kitchen and get ready to serve up good food and good times with a side of neon excitement!

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    Best Custom: Love Struck Lights Custom Neon Sign

    Custom Neon Sign for home decor, Custom neon sign for wedding, Custom Neon Sign for store
    Courtesy of Etsy

    Do you have the perfect expression in mind for a neon sign, but can’t seem to find it anywhere? A custom sign is a perfect solution, like these handmade neon signs on Etsy.

    Whether it’s an inside joke, a motivational mantra, or a favorite quote, you can have it lit up in neon. Made with glass tubing shaped into the letters of your choice, you’ll have the perfect sign to display your favorite saying. You'll also enjoy the fact that you can choose from a variety of font styles and 15 different colors of neon light.

    Don’t settle for the ordinary when it comes to a neon sign. Opt for a custom creation like those available from Love Struck Lights.