The 11 Best Neutral Paint Colors You Have to See

There are so many great paint color choices in yearly color trend reports. The color forecasts and "colors of the year" feature a wide range of bright to sultry colors. So, what if you're more interested in the neutral colors? No worries! Neutral paint colors are always popular, timeless, and appropriate in so many decorating styles. Here are 11 beautiful neutral paint colors to try in your home.

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    Neutral Paint Color for Living Room

    Adding yellow to your neutral color scheme can be a challenge. So many neutral paint colors have cool gray undertones that don't work well with yellow. Clark + Kensington's Broad Daylight is a sunny neutral that can energize your warm color scheme. Adding fun pops of unexpected color like lavender or aqua can cool off a warm color palette.

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    Beautiful Blue Bathroom Paint Color
    Photo ©Sherwin-Williams

    Blue as a neutral paint color? Sure! When you choose a versatile blue like Sherwin-Williams' Watery, it can be used in the same way you would use a traditional neutral color. If you choose blue as a neutral color, it should be soft with the same light tone as a beige or tan.

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    Mocha Foam from Behr
    Image: ©Behr

    Behr's Mocha Foam is a perfect neutral color when you'd like more presence than a simple beige or off-white, but would still like to decorate in neutral colors.

    If you're looking for a strong neutral color like Mocha Foam, stay in the taupe or tan color family. Watch out for the undertones in these rich neutrals, as your neutral color palette can be sidetracked by an unwanted pink or green undertone.

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    Seared Gray by Behr
    Image: ©Behr

    Who said neutral paint colors have to be pale? The deep charcoal shade of Behr's Seared Gray is the perfect neutral backdrop for your color scheme. 

    This charcoal gray works best in a palette of cool colors and white accents. While silver metallics always shine with deep gray, brushed gold metallic accents are also a classy option.

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    Halo fom Benjamin Moore
    Image: ©Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Halo is aptly named. This is an ethereal neutral paint color that floats between warm and cool colors with ease. Soft neutral paint colors like Halo are very versatile. The color's undertones can be brought out by the surrounding colors and surfaces, which makes it easy to use. Because of its chameleon qualities, Halo is a color that needs to be sampled in your space to ensure the perfect fit in your color palette.

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    Bitter Chocolate by Sherwin-Williams
    Image: ©Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Bitter Chocolate is a rich and warm brown paint color that can play the role of wood accents in a space that has none. This enticing neutral brown paint adds weight to your color scheme without calling attention to itself. Like a deep wood, Bitter Chocolate works in both warm or cool color palettes.

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    Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore
    Image: ©Benjamin Moore

    Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore could be the perfect white paint color. Richer than pure white, softer than a beige or gray, Chantilly Lace is a creamy off-white that provides balance and visual relief to the most complex color schemes. Consider it as a pretty alternative to pure white for trim and cabinets.

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    Stonehenge Greige by PPG The Voice of Color
    Image: ©PPG The Voice of Color

    No collection of neutrals is complete without a greige color. Greige is a stylish mix of gray and beige, which creates a cool beige or a warm gray. PPG's Stonehenge Greige can be a little dark on interior walls, so be sure to sample this gorgeous neutral paint color before committing to it.

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    Bone White by PPG The Voice of Color
    Image: ©PPG The Voice of Color

    PPG The Voice of Color's Bone White is the color to try when you'd like to do something "other than just white" but want to keep your space light and neutral. The soft and warm undertones of Bone White make it a gorgeous match for crisp white trim and doors.

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    Roycroft Mist Gray from Sherwin-Williams
    Image: ©Sherwin-Williams

    Roycroft Mist Gray by Sherwin-Williams is a classic gray with a hint of a warm undertone. The warmth of this gray makes it an elegant choice. Like many full-bodied grays, it can appear darker in your space, so always take that extra step to sample paint color before committing it to your walls.

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    White Hyacinth SW by Sherwin-Williams
    Image: ©Sherwin-Williams

    White Hyacinth by Sherwin-Williams is a warm neutral paint color with just a hint of gold undertone. If you've sampled other neutrals but found them to be too cold or too gray, a warm neutral like White Hyacinth could be an option.

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