Best Baby Toys

Gift Ideas for Babies Newborn to 12 Months

Being a new parent, with so many choices available, it can be difficult to choose the best baby toys for your newborn. Infant toys tend to stimulate all the senses, so they usually have high contrast colors, and include many different textures and sounds. Toys for this age group will encourage hand-eye-mouth coordination as baby learns to reach, touch and even chew!  Many toys help develop strength and coordination as babies learn to achieve many new milestones in their first year as they roll,...MORE sit, crawl, walk and talk.

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    Lamaze / TOMY

    Links are one of the best known parenting tricks to keep baby happy. Attach them across strollers, dangle them from high chairs, clip them on to diaper bags. Not only are they great for teething, but baby might enjoy playing their own game of hide and seek as they throw their toy off the tray and pull the links to find it!

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    Yookidoo Gymotion Activity gym

    This activity mat and gym will help a baby to develop visual skills as they watch the toys dangle above them and move when they lie underneath. Eventually, as babies are more interested, they will want to reach out and explore the toys dangling above them. These are great mats that also help promote tummy time. Playmats and activity gyms are generally used by baby from birth through 6 months.  Learn more about finding the best baby activity gym and play mat.

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    Cloud B. Peaceful Panda Sleep Toy
    Cloud B.

    There are toys that play beautiful lullabies to help a baby fall asleep at home or on-the-go. Soft, plush turtles, sheep, owls, giraffes, and panda bears play music that includes ocean sounds, heart beats and waves crashing. Many sleep toys also light-up, projecting images on the walls. Sleep toys are a great baby gift as little ones and their families learn about developing a routine to sleep through the night, whether they are at home, at grandmas or out and about running errands. Some even...MORE have velcro attachments, making them easy to secure to the side of a crib.

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    Infantino Wrist Rattles

    Simply attach these lightweight rattles with velcro to a baby's wrist, ankle, or even a car seat handle They crinkle, rattle, and encourage baby to reach, bring their hands together or grab at their feet. These rattles can be used from birth.

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    Suction Cup Toy for Baby
    Sassy Baby Toys

    Toys with strong suction cups are great to attach to a high chair at home or in a restaurant. Babies can learn about cause and effect play while entertaining themselves while parents keep their sanity after not having to pick up the toys baby learns to quickly drop off the side of the tray.

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    Lamaze Cloth Sensory Book
    TOMY / Lamaze

    Brightly colored pages that crinkle, rattle and interest baby are a great way to promote a love of reading and literacy as soon as they are born.

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    Olly Oinker Clip-On Toy

    Any toy with a clamp and clip-on is a life saver to a new parent. Attach these toys to high chairs, strollers, car seats, baby activity gyms and diaper bags. They are versatile, easy to throw in the laundry to wash, and provide a lot of entertainment for babies.

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    Green toys twist teether
    Green Toys

    Infants, as well as adults won't be able to put these sensory toys down! Great for teething babies, sensory rattles have all sorts of different textures for babies to explore by their eyes, hands or mouths! These toys are a great choice for babies 3 months and up.

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    Stack and Roll Cups

    Older babies will like to stack up the cups and knock the tall tower over, which helps them develop early problem solving skills and fine motor coordination.

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    Fisher Price Bright Beats Bow Wow
    Fisher Price

    Once babies learn to sit, they love cause and effect toys like Beatbo and Elefun. Anything they can drop a ball into, crawl after or push a button to earn a reward of fun music will be a big hit.

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    Corolle BabiCorolle

    Cloth baby dolls are easy to hug, fun to chew and able to be washed easily.

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    B. Toys Blocks
    B. Toys / Amazon

    There are so many reasons why blocks are a great baby toy. Babies love to hold blocks in their hand, bang them together, bang them on the table, chew on them, throw them and eventually learn to stack them on top of each other in a tower.

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    Water and Bath Toys

    Boon Jelly Bath Toys

    Babies love playing with water toys like floating boats and squirting toys. It's always great to have a small collection of fun bath toys that help expand playtime into a great nightly bath routine. Always supervise children near water.

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    Playskool Pop Up Play Sorter

    Easy to clean and collapsible, these portable cause and effect toys will store flat and can fit inside a diaper bag for travel. 

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    Mirari Glow To Sleep Trainer Toy
    PlayMonster / Amazon

    The Mirari Glow To Sleep trainer is not a toy that is in the crib with baby. However, it can help infants develop a predictable sleep routine. There are 10 included songs, but it is bluetooth compatible and has an expandable SD slot. Parents are able to use the connection to offer customized playlists and recorded stories.