The 9 Best Night Lights of 2020

Find the best device to illuminate your space

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Our Top Picks
Best for Baby:
Hatch Baby Rest at Amazon
"Functions as a night light and sound machine—two essential tools in one."
Best for Toddlers:
LittleHippo Mella at Amazon
"Gives little ones a sense of security and lets them know when to wake up."
"The vibrant plastic dog looks more like a toy or sculpture than a sleep aid."
"Serves as a night light, alarm clock, and speaker."
"Warm amber light helps create an environment more primed for sleep."
"It clips right onto your book and doubles as a page marker."
"Illuminate your home’s hallways with a soft glow."
"Light is powered by three AAA batteries for use in hallways, closets, and more."
"Clips onto the side of the toilet to illuminate the toilet bowl."

Best for Baby: Hatch Baby Rest Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Between diaper changes and midnight feeds, parents of infants find themselves up at all hours of the night. And if you’ve ever tried to change a diaper or find a rogue binkie by the light of the moon, you know how essential the right night light is.

The Hatch Baby Rest night light is both night light and sound machine, combining two essential tools in one. This dual-functionality ensures you can see what you’re doing when you need to be in the nursery, but also helps keep baby asleep when you’re not tending to them. The light also uses scientifically proven light colors to promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production.

As an added bonus, Rest syncs to your smartphone, so you can control both the sound machine and the night light remotely.

Best for Toddlers: LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer

When you’re a new parent, nothing is more precious than sleep. That’s why it’s so important to be equipped with all the tools you need to set yourself up for success. This night light serves two very important functions: it gives little ones a sense of security when it’s dark out and helps keep them in bed until a (semi) reasonable hour.

When it’s dark out, the night light glows one of five soft colors (you choose which one you like best) and can be programmed to emit one of three sleep sounds (waves, white noise, or a lullaby). Come morning, the alarm clock switches to yellow to let your child know to stay in bed and play. When it’s time to wake up, the night light switches to green to let your child know it’s okay to get out of bed for the day.

Best for Kids: DISC Balloon Dog Nightlight

When your kid is in that tricky stage—they’re too young to go without a night light, but old enough to feel self-conscious about having one in their room—this night light is a great option. During the day, the vibrant plastic balloon dog looks more like a toy or a cool sculpture than a sleep aid. At night, it emits a soft glow that not only helps them see, but also keeps them feeling safe and secure.

It’s the perfect transition light, as it only turns on when illuminated. Keep it close—on a night table or nearby shelf—and simply give the hind paw a gentle squeeze to activate the light for 30 minutes at a time.

Best for Adults: WamGra Night light Bluetooth Speaker

If you need a night light that multitasks just like you do, consider the WarmGra Night Light which serves as a light, alarm clock, and speaker. There’s no need to clutter your night stand with all three appliances, as these features are rolled into one compact device!

This bedside lamp has an impressive range of 48 colors to choose from. Activate the light with the touch of your hand, then choose from one of three brightness levels. A large digital clock tells the time, though it fades after two minutes of inactivity to conserve power. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to play music or take calls, too.

Best for Sleeping: Dream Salts Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

Do you toss and turn all night long? If you could use a little extra shut-eye every night, this Himalayan salt lamp night light is worth a try. They say Himalayan salt lamp night lights help purify and deodorize the air and expel negative ions to boost your mood and energy levels. Plus, the warm amber light helps create an environment more primed for a good night’s sleep.

While this all may sound a little woo-woo, countless reviewers give the Dream Salts Himalayan Salt Lamp night light two thumbs up. Though the air purification is a bonus to most, the majority of reviewers comment on the light’s aesthetic. Many reviewers call it a "gorgeous option" that illuminates their space at night.

Best for Reading: Gifts for Book Lovers Flexilight Flowers

If you and your partner are on different schedules—you love to read before bed, they prefer to hit the hay right away—a small night light for reading is an essential bedroom accessory. This book light is a great choice because it doesn’t take up valuable real estate on your night stand; it clips right onto your book and doubles as a page marker.

At only 18 grams, this night light won’t weigh your book down. Still, the light is bright enough to keep you from straining while devouring page after page of the latest thriller on your list. What’s more? A flexible neck makes it easy to get just the right angle.

Best for Hallways: iTimo Led Night Light Plug in Lamp

It can be dangerous to wander around your house at night in total darkness—stairs and floor saddles that are easily identifiable during the day turn into real hazards when the sun goes down. Keep your family safe by illuminating your home’s hallways with the iTimo LED Night Light.

Of course, any light that’s too bright will hurt sensitive eyes as they trek to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so opt for a small light that emits a soft glow like this one. It’s compact enough that it won’t detract from your decor. Plus, it’s equipped with a built-in light sensor, so it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

The iTimo LED Night Light comes in a pack of four, so you’ll have one for each hallway in your house.

Best Battery Powered: AMIR Upgraded Motion Sensor Light

Sometimes you really need a night light, but don’t have access to an outlet. It doesn’t make sense to run an extension cord down your hallway, so you need a battery-powered option.

The AMIR motion sensor light is an effective solution to this problem. The soft light is powered by three AAA batteries for use in hallways, closets, and other nooks and crannies of your home that have limited electricity. The light activates when anyone steps within a 10-foot radius, then shuts off 15 seconds later to conserve battery power.

The AMIR motion sensor light comes in a pack of three, so you’ll have enough for your whole house. A double-sided adhesive pad and a built-in magnet make installation hassle-free.

Best for the Bathroom: Ailun Toilet Night Light 2Pack

Instead of turning the bathroom light on, which can wake up those who have a nearby bedroom, opt for a night light that's motion activated. This clever light clips onto the side of the toilet to illuminate the toilet bowl and lets you choose from eight different colors (or color-cycle). It provides just enough light so you won’t stumble in the dark, but it's not too bright. When motion is detected it automatically turns on, then shuts off two minutes after the last movement. Even better? It's water resistant and can be cleaned with most household cleaners.

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