The 11 Best Nursery Paint Colors Beyond Basic Blue or Pink

Your baby will sleep in style with these unique color ideas

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Picking a generic nursery color is hard enough. Pulling the very best shade from the vast and ever-growing sea of tiny paper paint chips taking over your house? Well, that’s even harder.

Need an intervention? Step away from the sample cards! These popular nursery paint colors offer a no-fuss, no-fail solution to all your nursery color problems. Whether you’re tickled by pink, pondering neutrals, or digging something a little more dramatic, we’ve got your next color crush right here. 


  • Color Family: Varies. Mostly soft, subtle pastels and neutrals but some bold hues.
  • Complementary Colors: Varies
  • Pairs Well With: Varies. Many pair well with white accents and other neutrals.
  • Mood: Calming, gentle, mentally stimulating
  • Where to Use: Nursery walls, cabinetry, accent walls

Here are a few things to keep in mind when narrowing down a color for your nursery:

  • Long-Term Appeal: If you don't want to redecorate drastically as your child grows up and continues living in this room, consider a more sophisticated shade that will work for any age. Neutral shades will have staying power.
  • Calming Color Considerations: If you want your baby to sleep through the night, think about selecting soothing shades. Earthy neutrals, soft whites, and pastels are among the colors that tend to keep a child calm.
  • Gender-Neutral Factors: There are many reasons you may opt for a gender-neutral nursery. Perhaps you are waiting to be surprised about the sex of the baby. Or you may find stereotypical baby colors limiting. Many couples who go this route want a practical nursery that will work for additional children they may have in the future. Whatever the reason, gender-neutral nurseries are popular, and it's something to consider when picking a color scheme.

These are our picks for the best nursery paint colors.

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    Best Pink: Sherwin-Williams Intimate White

    Sherwin Williams Intimate White SW 6322

    The Spruce

    Looking for the perfect combination of sweet and chic? You can’t go wrong with a rosy blush hue like Sherwin-Williams' Intimate White. Classically feminine without being overly girly, this subtle hue will stand the test of time, taking your pink-loving princess (or prince) well into their teenage years.

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    Best Blue: The Spruce Best Home Breezy Beach

    Spruce Paint swatch color in Breezy Beach

    The Spruce

    A muted shade of baby blue, Breezy Beach offers a softer, more soothing version of this classic nursery palette staple, adding a touch of sophistication that will allow your child’s room to grow with them. It pairs well with many colors, including bright white furnishings.

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    Best White: Benjamin Moore Crisp Linen

    Benjamin Moore Crisp Linen CSP-305

    The Spruce

    Want to bring a little warmth and cheer to your neutral nursery space? Try Benjamin Moore’s Crisp Linen. This sunny shade of soft, butter-colored ivory could almost be mistaken for a very pale yellow. Pair it with clean white accents to bring out the color’s rich and creamy goodness.

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    Best Greige: Valspar Silver Shimmer

    Valspar Silver Shimmer W68

    The Spruce

    In search of the perfect nursery neutral? Clean and versatile, Valspar’s Silver Shimmer is a dependable color. With just a touch of brown, this popular shade of greige offers plenty of warmth without seeming muddy.


    Painting the ceiling a soothing color or enhancing the ceiling with decals or a mural can help your baby relax.

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    Best Coral: Behr Watermelon Slice

    BEHR Watermelon Slice P180-5

    The Spruce

    Love bold color? Try Watermelon Slice by Behr. This vivacious shade of coral combines the femininity of pink with the refreshing vitality of orange for a rich, energizing hue that’s perfect for your little star. When considering decor for the room, this vibrant color pairs well with neutrals, making enough of a statement on its own.

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    Best Navy: Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh

    Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh 9179

    The Spruce

    Navy is the must-have nursery neutral for lovers of bold, statement-making color, but finding the right shade can be tough. Looking for a weighty, color-saturated hue with a touch of cooling violet? Look no further than Sherwin-Williams’ Anchors Aweigh.

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    Best Aqua: Benjamin Moore Morning Sky

    Benjamin Moore Morning Sky 2053-70

    The Spruce

    When it comes to colors that soothe and refresh, you can’t beat aqua. And when it comes to aqua, you can’t beat Benjamin Moore's Morning Sky. Clean and cool, this soft blue-green hue pairs beautifully with bold citrus accents for an energetic palette that’s perfect for any gender.

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    Best Peach: Behr White Peach

    BEHR White Peach 220C-1

    The Spruce 

    Often overlooked, peach is one of the most flattering and versatile shades of pink. Looking for that peachy perfect color? Try White Peach by Behr. Warm and comforting, this pretty hue never fails to create a cozy space.

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    Best Lilac: Benjamin Moore New Age

    Benjamin Moore New Age 1444

    The Spruce

    Need a no-fail solution to the difficulty of choosing a purple? Try New Age by Benjamin Moore. A fresh and feminine shade of lilac, New Age boasts all the soothing powers of blue with just enough pink to keep things from feeling gloomy. 


    Washi tape is budget-friendly and removable, making it great for decorating the walls of a nursery or kid's room.

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    Best Mint Green: Valspar Mint Hint

    Valspar Mint Hint 6004-9A

    The Spruce

    Soft and refreshing, mint green is a wonderful gender-neutral option for the nursery. Digging the minty goodness? Why not freshen up your little one’s space with a few coats of Valspar's Mint Hint. This versatile shade looks great with pastel accents but also pairs nicely with black, white, gray, and even gold.

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    Best Taupe: Behr Malted Milk

    BEHR Malted Milk 700C-2

    The Spruce

    Warm, neutral, and oh so sweet, Malted Milk goes over as smoothly as a chocolate milkshake. Pair with creamy white accents and sherbet-inspired hues for a perfectly delicious nursery combo.

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