The 9 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts to Buy Her in 2018

Because your wife deserves the best

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Congratulations - you’ve made it through a full year in your marriage. You’ve built a home, a life and a future together, and that’s worth celebrating and cherishing. As your first major milestone, it’s important to mark it with a day you’ll always remember. And while you’re probably still unwrapping all those registry gifts, there are many meaningful surprises to show your wife just how much you care.

The traditional gift is paper, symbolizing the blank pages you’ll write together over the course of your lives. The more modern choice is a clock, similarly marking the time you will spend with your loved one. Here we’ve picked some of the best gift ideas, from traditional to modern to “just because,” to show her just how much you care.



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    Best Traditional: Minted Watercolor Wash Personalized Stationery

    watercolour wash personalized stationery
    Courtesy of Minted

    Now that your house has been transformed into a home, give her something to make that desk feel a little more like her own home office. Minted is a great resource for personalized stationery, cards, artwork and more, and a great resource to celebrate your one-year paper anniversary. We love this personalized watercolor wash stationery set that you can customize to fit her style. It’s simple, chic and perfect for business letters or those “remember to pick up eggs” fridge notes.

    If watercolors aren’t her jam, there are virtually endless options for personalized stationery, ranging from romantic florals to trendy cityscapes, so you can pick the one that’s the perfect match for her personality and taste.

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    Best Custom: Custom Couple Print from Etsy

    Custom portrait of couple, Custom couple illustration, personalized portrait, family illustration with pets, wedding gift, wedding portrait
    Courtesy of Etsy

    Another lovely paper idea, this custom print by PrintableWisdom on Etsy is a beautiful way to decorate the walls of your new home. Even if you’ve lived in the same place for a while, your first anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to add a piece of artwork you’ll cherish for years to come. This artist does stunning hand-drawn portraits of you and your spouse (and anyone else in your little family, furry or not) to create a totally personalized piece of art.

    If you’re looking for a gift that comes straight from the heart and will be a conversation piece for everyone who comes into your home, a custom portrait is a great option to celebrate your first big milestone.

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    Best for Photos: NIX Advance 12 inch Digital Photo

    So you haven’t gotten around to putting those wedding photos in frames yet, huh? No worries: This NIX Advance 12-inch Digital Photo Frame gives you instant payoff with very little effort. Rather than spend the next few weekends sorting all those images from your big day, upload them to a memory drive and voila! You’ve got a high-resolution, rotating photo frame full of your favorite memories. The 800x600 resolution frame turns on when you enter the room and automatically turns off when you leave, so you don’t waste energy when no one is home.

    If the over 2,800 5-star reviews on Amazon aren’t enough, the company offer a full one-year warranty—so if the frame has any issues before your second anniversary, it will fix it free of charge.

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    Best Tech: Sony S50G Smart Speaker With Google Assistant

    Sony - S50G Smart Speaker with the Google Assistant built in - White
    Courtesy of Best Buy

    While the modern gift is a clock, how many of us still have mechanical, tick-tocking clocks in our homes these days? Instead, try this Sony S50G Smart Speaker with Google Assistant. This little machine both displays the time and fills your home with music, offering omni-directional sound for any room in your house and allowing you to change a song with voice control or even hand gestures. It works with wifi or Bluetooth, so you’re free to take it with you to a picnic or the beach (it’s even splashproof!). Ask Google for the time, the weather or to tell you a joke, all without lifting a finger (or even opening your eyes, if that’s your thing).

    Reviewers love the built-in Google assistant and say that the speaker quality is on par with other big-name competitors. Give her the gift of great music with the Sony S50G and relive that first dance song every night.

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    Best Watch: Shinola Runwell Blue Dial Tan Leather Watch

    Shinola is a Detroit-based lifestyle brand that specializes in high-end watches, bags and more. This Shinola Runwell Blue Dial Tan Leather Watcher is a stunning way to give her the gift of never being late, without sacrificing all-important style. With a dark blue dial and tan leather band, the Shinola Runwell is scratch-resistant and water-resistant up to 165 feet. This is a watch she’ll want to wear every day and one that will last for many anniversaries to come.

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    Best for Home: iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

    A year in, you’ve both probably realized there are many gifts on that registry you never use and many others you wish you’d asked for in the first place. Enter iRobot Roomba 690 Vacuum, a little powerhouse that will end all those arguments about whose turn it is to sweep up after dinner or clean all that old dog hair beneath the couch. Compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the iRobot Roomba allows you to clean any room with voice control or via the iRobot app. With built-in sensors, the Roomba can maneuver around furniture and focus on high-traffic areas of your home, like living spaces and entryways, to remove heavy dirt.

    Reviewers say the iRobot Roomba has totally transformed their homes. If you own a pet, you’ll never know it from the clean air and fuzz-free floors. For your first anniversary give her the gift of never plugging in a push vacuum ever again.

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    Best for Entertaining: Martha Stewart Collection Domed Cake Stand Collection

    Martha Stewart Collection Domed Cake Stand Collection, Created for Macy's
    Courtesy of Macy's

    It’s traditional for you and your spouse to celebrate your one-year with a piece of frozen wedding cake from your big day. Surprise her with that slice of cake sitting in a beautiful Martha Stewart Domed Cake Stand to share this and many other desserts for years to come. Beautiful enough to show off right on your countertop, this stand is styled with vintage-inspired scallops and a clear glass top. If she’s a diehard baker, there’s no better way for her to display her future creations than in this beautiful stand.

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    Best for Comfort: 206 Collective Women's Pearson Shearling Moccasin Slipper

    A pair of cozy, well-made, slippers is a great way to pamper her and remind her just how happy you are she didn’t end up getting cold feet 365 days ago. The 206 Collective Women’s Pearson Shearling Moccasin Slipper is made with lamb shearling to keep her warm all year long. The rubber sole is great for running outside to pick up the mail or taking the pup out without getting wet. They come in seven different colors, so you can pick one that suits her best.

    Reviewers note that they run a little small, so size up. They also get incredibly high marks for warmth and coziness, key elements to a great pair of slippers.

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    Best for Coffee Lovers: Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box

    The first year of marriage is filled with challenges that you two have surpassed and grown from. For your first anniversary, you want to buy a gift that tells her you appreciate her every day and gives her a surprise to wake up to. The Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Box lets you pick between nine roasts and a 3, 6 and 12-month subscription. Each month she’ll get four new 1.8 oz bags of coffee from some of the biggest Seattle roasters. The box also comes with brewing tips, tasting notes and a special treat to enjoy along with the whole bean coffee.

    If she needs a cup of coffee to get through the day, this is the perfect choice for her. Why get her a single gift when you can give her a surprise every single month?

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