The Best Outdoor Storage That an Expert Gardener Recommends

Our top picks include a large storage shed and deck box

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Best Outdoor Storage

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Outdoor storage keeps your lawn equipment clean and damage-free, plus makes it easier to find your tools.

We researched dozens of outdoor storage solutions, rating them on sturdiness, capacity, and versatility. All of our top picks, including a large storage shed and a small deck box, are made of quality materials, can hold various tools, and are built to last.

Here are the best outdoor storage solutions for any yard.

Our Top Picks

Best Large Storage Shed

Arrow Newport 2-Tone Eggshell and Coffee Galvanized Metal Shed

Arrow Newport 2-Tone Eggshell and Coffee Galvanized Metal Shed


Large outdoor storage sheds are the perfect place to store lawn mowers and other oversized equipment. If you're looking to add a storage shed to your outdoor space, you’ll be amazed at the affordable price of the Arrow Newport Galvanized Metal Shed. This shed is 10 x 8 feet, and it has a 444-cubic-foot capacity that can accommodate tractors, snow blowers, and other tools and equipment that should be stored out of the elements. 

This shed has a lockable sliding door with a 55-1/2 inch doorway, and its interior peak is just under 6-1/2 feet, allowing most people to walk inside comfortably. The shed’s galvanized steel construction is able to withstand wind and snow, and its pitched roof helps ensure precipitation runs off, preventing standing water and leaks.

The unit comes with a foundation kit that you can use to install plywood floors (wood not included), and while assembling the shed is time-consuming, it’s a worthwhile purchase, especially considering the reasonable price.

Price at time of publish: $699

Best Deck Box

Keter Brightwood 120-Gallon Resin Deck Box

Keter Brightwood 120-Gallon Resin Deck Box


Deck boxes are extremely versatile—you can use them to store everything from gardening tools to grilling supplies and kids’ toys—and one of the best models is the Keter Brightwood 120-Gallon Resin Deck Box. This extra-large storage box is made from weather-resistant resin, and it measures in at around 24 x 57 x 27-1/2 inches. 

This deck box comes in two neutral finishes, and its exterior is both UV- and water-resistant, so you can place it just about anywhere in your yard. The interior of the box has a 120-gallon capacity, and the whole unit has a faux-wood appearance that’s classic and stylish. Its lid has a soft-close mechanism that will prevent any smashed fingers, and you can even use this deck box as a bench, as it can support up to 800 pounds!

Price at time of publish: $185

Best Hose Reel

Suncast 225 ft. Swivel Smart Trak Hose Hideaway

Suncast 225 ft. Swivel Smart Trak Hose Hideaway

The home depot

To keep your garden hoses in tip-top shape, you should store them in a secure reel, such as the Suncast Swivel Smart Trak Hose Hideaway. This boxed-in hose reel provides protection for your garden hose thanks to its durable resin construction, yet your hose will be easy to access thanks to the unit’s Smart Trak hose guide and swiveling base. 

The Suncast Hose Hideaway includes two stakes for you to secure it in place, but its unique swiveling base allows it to turn in any direction for easy reeling with less effort. The reel can accommodate up to 225 feet of 5/8-inch hose, and the unit’s patented “Easylink” system provides a secure connection between the hose reel and your garden hose.

Price at time of publish: $89

Best Storage Bench

Leisure Season Solid Wood Storage Bench

Leisure Season Solid Wood Storage Bench


Whether you need additional storage on your porch, in the gazebo, or by the pool, the Leisure Season Solid Wood Storage Bench is the perfect solution. It looks like a traditional cedar bench, but the seat flips up to reveal a hidden storage compartment where you can put outdoor pillows, toys, or other supplies. 

This storage bench is 33 x 45 x 24 inches, and the storage section is 38 inches wide and just over 20 inches deep. The unit is made from solid cedar wood in a weather-resistant finish, and it features a full back, wide arms, and louvered panel sides on the base. The bench can support up to 400 pounds, and it gets top marks from reviewers, as well. Just keep in mind that the storage compartment isn’t water-tight, so it won’t keep your supplies from getting wet if it’s exposed to the weather.

Price at time of publish: $230

Best Vertical Tool Shed

Rubbermaid Big Max Vertical Resin Storage Shed


Home De Pot

Prefer to store your tools upright? Then the Rubbermaid Big Max Vertical Resin Storage Shed might be a better choice for your yard. This upright storage shed is ideal for long-handled tools and other garden equipment, as it measures 81 x 52 x 30 and has a 53-cubic-foot capacity. 

This vertical tool shed has double doors that you can lock if desired, and the whole resin unit is leak-, dent-, and weather-proof. It has a slanted roof to direct water away from the unit, and you can purchase separate adapters that allow you to add shelving, pegboards, and other organizational aspects inside. Overall, the Big Max Shed is perfect for storing shovels, rakes, and gardening tools, and the price is reasonable for such a well-built unit.

Price at time of publish: $600

Best Pool Float Storage

Pottery Barn Outdoor Cushion Storage Cabinet

Pottery Barn Outdoor Cushion Storage Cabinet

Pottery Barn

Once your pool is closed for the season, you can stash all your toys and floats in the Pottery Barn Outdoor Cushion Storage Cabinet. This oversized storage unit is made from powder-coated aluminum with an aluminum mesh bottom, and it measures 39 x 70 x 33 inches, making it spacious enough to hold even the largest pool floats. 

The beige cabinet features a hydraulic top that opens effortlessly, and the lid is slightly crowned to allow water to run off. The unit has a handle on one side and wheels on the other to increase its portability, but the whole thing weighs more than 100 pounds, so this isn’t a storage chest that you’ll want to be moving around frequently.

Best Lawn Tool Storage

Suncast Glidetop Resin Storage Shed

Suncast Glidetop Resin Storage Shed


As your collection of lawn tools grows, you’re going to need somewhere to store your mowers, trimmers, and other equipment. The Suncast Glidetop Resin Storage Shed is an unbeatable choice for these items, as it includes two doors for quick access, and its roof also slides off, allowing you to walk into the unit. 

This shed is 52 x 80 x 57-1/2 inches, and it's designed to sit below a 6-foot fence line—essential for anyone who is part of a homeowner’s association. It offers 98 cubic feet of storage space, and the all-weather resin construction is water-resistant to keep your tools dry. It typically takes a few hours to build this shed, according to buyers, but most agree it’s worth the effort, as the unit is a great spot to store yard equipment and other items that might be clogging up your garage.

Price at time of publish: $549

What to Look For


For large equipment such as a riding lawn mower or snow blower, you will need a large walk-in shed. Garden tools only require a smaller tool shed, and depending in your available space, pick one that’s vertical or horizontal. For something in-between—a storage unit that does not take up the space of a full shed but also lets you walk into it—a shed with a removable roof is a convenient solution. For smaller items such as grilling or pool supplies, there are deck boxes. To keep garden hoses stored in a neat and tidy way, there are special boxes with built-in reels. For small spaces and just a few small items such to store, look for a bench that doubles as a storage unit. 

Permitted Size

For large walkable storage units such as a full shed, make sure that its size complies with the rules set by your homeowner’s association, or find out if you need to apply for a municipal permit. 


To keep your stored items dry and protected from the elements, the unit needs to be waterproof. In addition to the material being waterproof, a slanted or leak-proof roof also helps keep things dry inside. 


If the storage unit requires assembly, make sure it is something you can handle. Carefully read the assembly instructions that are part of the product description, which also lists the tools needed for the assembly, such as safety glasses, gloves, the type of screwdriver, and drill. 


A lockable unit not only prevents your stored items from theft, but also keeps items out of the reach of children. Some units have a built-in lock and others are lockable but the lock must be purchased separately.

  • How do you clean outdoor plastic storage bins?

    Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 gallon warm water, or 1/4-cup distilled white vinegar with 1 quart warm water. Give the container a good scrub with a brush. An old toothbrush works well to clean corners and rims. For pesky stains, rub them with undiluted vinegar or spray them with water, then sprinkle them with baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes before removing the stain.

  • How do you waterproof an outdoor storage box?

    Resin boxes for outdoor use are water-resistant by design. Wooden boxes can be sealed by filling any cracks and joints with silicone caulking. Once it has fully dried, seal the wood with a coating of polyurethane.

  • Can you paint plastic outdoor storage?

    It depends on the material. Resin storage units, whether it’s a shed or a box, cannot be painted. You can get paint that is specifically formulated to adhere to plastic, or use a plastic primer before painting, which prepares the plastic so paint will stick. Whichever product you use, check the production information to make sure it works for plastic.


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