3 Best Outdoor Toys to Get Kids for the Holidays

Most of the time as parents, we're shopping on a budget. But sometimes, especially around the holidays, we find ourselves hunting down a really cool splurge item—one that will wow in size and in "awesome" factor.

Some of these great gifts just so happen to be outdoor toys. While the weather may be snowy in the coming months, these gifts will make kids look forward to spring!

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    GFD Fury, from Razor

    Razor GFD Fury
    Razor GFD Fury.

    Go-karts are awesome—and Razor has quite a few to choose from. One of my favorites is the GFD Fury. This kart adds a spark of something special... literally. The Spark Bar lets kids (safely!) leave a shower of sparks in its wake as they drive around. This kart travels up to 12 mph and can ride for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

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    S Glide, from Glitek

    Glitek hoverboards
    Glitek S hoverboards.

    Hoverboards are all the rage this year, so it’s important to buy one that is safe and reliable. At the Toy Insider, we’ve been riding around on S Glides for months. The S Glide travels up to 12 mph, and can go up to 12 miles in one charge. What we love most is that it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that lets you blast your favorite tunes while you glide.

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    Supercycle Ridgeway Bike, from Dynacraft

    Dynacraft Supercycle Ridgeway Bike
    Dynacraft Supercycle Ridgeway Bike. Dynacraft

    A bike is a great WOW item on Christmas morning, and Dynacraft has a huge selection of bikes for kids of all ages. This Supercycle Rdigeway Bike is for our older kids—those teens in our lives that are so hard to buy for. Its a trendy blue color and style has that retro feel to it that is so popular. Plus, like all Dynacraft bikes, it's durable and safe.