5 Best Overnight Bags for Kids

Help your child prepare for, look forward to, and really enjoy overnight visits

Every child who will be visiting mom's house, or dad's house, or even grandma's house, for the weekend needs to have his or her own overnight bag. Not only does this simple, practical tool build excitement for the visit, it also helps your child learn how pack ahead of time and take responsibility for remembering all of the essentials.
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    This tote bag says "Going to..." and can be personalized with your child's name and location, such as "Mom's House," "Dad's House," or "Grandma's." It comes in two designs, one for girls and one for boys.

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    Skyway Kids' Gear Car Case

    This adorable overnight bag is just the right size for young travelers. It has plenty of space inside, along with separate pockets inside and out for those special items your child won't want to leave behind.
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    Skyway Gear Kids' Rolling Duffel Bag

    Duffel bags are convenient because they allow your kids to pack items in different compartments. This overnight bag from Skyway is also on wheels, to ensure that your child can pull it even when it's jammed with all the necessities he or she will pack for the weekend.
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    Skyway Kids 19" Vertical Case

    This 19" suitcase on wheels comes in two colors: blue and pink. There are plenty of pockets for items your child will want easy access to, like books and games. In addition, the level locking handle system and inline wheels make it easy to maneuver, even when the large interior section of this overnight bag is filled to capacity.
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    Timberland Kids' Upright Luggage

    This 16" upright on wheels comes with a sturdy pull-out handle so your child can easily pull his or her own gear. This convenient overnight bag also includes a large zippered compartment and internal netting to make it easy to divide clothing and items by day or occasion.