The Best Paint Colors for Your MBTI

paint colors for mtbi illustration
Illustration: The Spruce / Alison Czinkota​

When deciding on a paint color that will set the tone for your everyday life, it's essential to consider how different hues make you feel. Maybe you're someone who wants to feel relaxed and at ease in your home, or perhaps you're more energetic and bold with your choices. Either way, it's important to have an idea of who we are and what we love to select the right color for our space. When checking with our personalities, the MBTI is a fantastic tool that gives us insight into what we are drawn towards and how we interact with the world around us. 

Check out your type below and see which colors sourced from The Spruce Best Home Paint line are perfect for you.

ENFP: Electric Kumquat 

You are energetic and full of boundless enthusiasm, so it's no shock that you're drawn to bright, warm colors. You don't mind making a statement, and going with a shade such as Electric Kumquat is a perfect fit for you. You like the energy this color brings, and that it stimulates your creative side. Plus, it's a color that is inviting but draws attention, which you strive for personally.

Spruce Paint color in Electric Kumquat
The Spruce

INFP: Breezy Beach

You're often stereotyped about having your "head in the clouds," but who can blame you? You enjoy the peaceful tranquility that comes with being alone with your thoughts and feelings; why wouldn't you want your home to do the same? Choosing a color like Breezy Beach gives the calming vibe that you crave, while also allowing it to feel wide open.  

The Spruce Paint color swatch in Breezy Beach
The Spruce

ENTP: Spectral Blue

Your mind is always working a mile a minute. You are often finding new unconventional ways to spruce up traditional mindsets. Selecting a shade like Spectral Blue on your walls is exactly the kind of boost you need. You aren't one to go the typical route of neutral or even regular shades of colors, but this darker tone pushes boundaries a little. Plus, it gives you a playful challenge to work with, and we know how much you love having to flex your creative muscles.

The Spruce paint color in Spectral Blue
The Spruce

INTP: Stone Quarry

You don't feel the need to make a big fuss over things like home interior colors, but that doesn't mean you don't want a put-together space. You lean towards neutral colors on the darker end of the spectrum because you want a no-nonsense atmosphere that still gives you some room to work with. Incorporating Stone Quarry for your walls is the perfect balance of a sophisticated space that can be paired with anything. Your possibilities are still open if you decide you want to change things up.

The Spruce Paint swatch in Stone Quarry
The Spruce

ESFJ: Rose Power

You're incredibly approachable in a classic way. You want your home to radiate the same energy you do, so selecting a shade like Rose Power is what you're looking for. With its pale pink hue creating a dreamy and elegant atmosphere, you can rest assured anyone who steps into your home will feel welcome and relaxed.  

The Spruce paint swatch in Rose Power
The Spruce

ISFJ: Minimalist Look

You might spend a great deal of time alone, but that doesn't mean you want to be closed off or make others feel unwelcome in your space. You want something traditional that won't draw too much attention and gives a clean, polished look. Minimalist Look is the perfect shade for you. This color provides a warm, muted vibe to the typical white color, so it feels more like a home than an office. You want to create an inviting space, both for yourself and for anyone who might visit.  

The Spruce paint swatch in Minimalist Look
The Spruce

ESTJ: Gravity Grey 

You aren't one to mess around, especially when it comes to getting things done. You are a firm believer in going with something classic, so it makes sense that you would lean towards a hue like Gravity Grey. Whether you want to stick with all neutral options or throw in some pops of color that you choose, this paint color is a perfect backdrop that doesn't feel over the top when you walk in. 

The Spruce Best Home swatch in Gravity Gray
The Spruce

ISTJ: Winter Wreath 

You may like things to be a particular way, but that doesn't mean your stodgy when it comes to your paint colors. You prefer to go with hues that create a space that's time-honored and polished, given that your personality reflects those same traits. Winter Wreath is a color that would fit you well. With its small hint of green coming through, it works well with just about any color and gives a simple vibe that doesn't scream for attention. 

The Spruce paint swatch in Winter Wreath
The Spruce

ENFJ: Lilac Sand

You love to ensure that everyone else is taken care of before yourself, and you thrive whenever you're in a cozy space. Choosing something like Lilac Sand will bring the balance and harmony you so often strive for in your life while also radiating a peaceful, welcoming environment. 

The Spruce Best Home paint in Lilac Sand
The Spruce

INFJ: Moody Teal 

You don't like to fit in with the crowd, but you aren't dying for attention. You are reserved and contemplative, and you aren't afraid to embrace your individuality. Moody Teal seems like the perfect color choice for you. With its slightly off-beat color combination that still looks sophisticated without being bland, you'll find yourself feeling right at home with this color on your walls. 

Spruce Paint color swatch in Moody Teal
The Spruce

ESTP: Persimmon Orange 

You're adventurous and not one to go by the book when you're decorating. You prefer bright, energetic hues that show off your passionate side, so it appears Persimmon Orange would be your perfect shade. You aren't afraid to be bold and spontaneous, and you want your home to reflect the same thing. 

Spruce Paint color swatch in Persimmon
The Spruce

ISTP: Antique Teal 

You're creative and love finding new ways to go about things, but tend to have a distant personality. You aren't afraid to try something new, mainly if it works out to be a better fit in the long run. It makes total sense for you to embrace a shade like Antique Teal. Despite your quiet nature, you do love being in an environment that showcases your inventiveness. You want to be around a color that will inspire you. This light version of an already unique color is a surprise to most who stumble upon it, so why not step a bit outside of the box?  

Spruce Paint swatch color in Antique Teal
The Spruce

ESFP: Wax Pepper 

You have a bright and outgoing personality, and you aren't afraid to show it off. While others shy away from the spotlight, you often welcome it, so it's no surprise you would resonate well with Wax Pepper. You are a warm and open individual, and you aren't afraid to make a bold statement. While most might shy away from a yellow shade, you know exactly how to make it work in your home. You're not given enough credit for your ingenuity, and what better way to show it off than to add this color into your home?

The Spruce paint swatch in Wax Pepper
The Spruce

ISFP: Cosmic Sapphire 

You're artistic and a bit of a dreamer, but find yourself guarded with how you feel. You are drawn to colors that are a bit eclectic yet on the darker end of the spectrum. Look no further than Cosmic Sapphire. You are at your best when you're able to embrace the deep, intense emotional aspects of your personality without feeling constrained. Seeing this color on your walls will give you the very atmosphere that you crave. 

The Spruce Best Home paint in Cosmic Sapphire
The Spruce

ENTJ: Cold Brew 

You are focused, goal-oriented, and you don't like to waste time. You lean towards neutral colors that are easy to work with that also show a sense of power. It makes sense why Cold Brew would suit you. You aren't afraid to do what you need to get things done, so a bold color that radiates influence is precisely what you need to stay motivated and at the top of your game. 

The Spruce paint swatch in Cold Brew
The Spruce

INTJ: Matcha 

You're introspective and analytical, and prefer to keep to yourself more often than not. You don't like to feel closed off from the rest of the world, though, and you gravitate towards earth tones in your day-to-day life. Matcha is a perfect color choice for you. Its green hue makes you feel balanced and stable, while still letting you feel open and aware of the world around you. It stimulates your mind and your curiosity; two things you find particularly meaningful. 

The Spruce Paint color swatch in Matcha
The Spruce