Top Paint Colors for Rustic Decorating

A rustic bedroom
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Rustic decor has an easy and elegant style that makes it simple to create in your home. The most iconic features of rustic decorating are the use of natural materials and colors. Furniture and architectural details are often unfinished and look as though they were brought in from outside with little alteration. The colors of rustic style are deep and natural, with a relaxed and welcoming vibe.

Here are our picks for the best rustic paint colors.

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    Rockwood Red SW 2802 Sherwin-Williams

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors

    Deep, warm red colors are the cornerstone of many rustic color palettes, because of their versatility with warm and cool colors. Sherwin-Williams Rockwood Red has a strong presence and can stand up to the boldest architectural details, and natural elements. 

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    Shelburne Buff HC-28 Benjamin Moore

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors | Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore

    In the quest to find the perfect gold, Shelburne Buff makes a compelling argument. This color has a hint of gold but is toned down to make it a popular neutral that works with a variety of styles. 

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    Warm Stone SW 7032 Sherwin-Williams

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors

    Sherwin-Williams' Warm Stone is a warm brown with just a hint of gray. A greige, deep or light, works well with natural stone. Most natural stones appear to have gray and brown woven in naturally, so a deep greige like Warm Stone can pick up those colors easily.

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    Hazelnut Cream 750C-2 Behr Paints

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors |
    Behr Paints

    Not every color in your rustic palette should be deep and rich. A pale neutral, like Behr's Hazelnut Cream, creates a breathing space for your palette. Choose pale neutrals with a warm undertone, to keep your colors working together beautifully. Hazelnut Cream is a warm off-white, that would look gorgeous with rustic furniture and wood beams.

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    Rainy Afternoon 1575 Benjamin Moore

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors
    Benjamin Moore

    Not quite gray, not quite green, Benjamin Moore's Rainy Afternoon has just enough green to make it an excellent match with natural gray stone, but enough warmth to work with natural woods. The complex colors of Rainy Afternoon would be dramatic as an accent wall or front door. 

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    Antiquity SW 6402 Sherwin-Williams

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors

    Sherwin-Williams / HGTV Home

    Sherwin-Williams' Antiquity is a fresh color from the HGTV Home Rustic Refined palette. While less traditional than most rustic paint colors, Antiquity can give your rustic room a contemporary spin. When you choose an unexpected or quirky color, be sure to choose it carefully with consideration of your other colors, to give your room a pulled-together look.

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    Peruvian Violet 660F-6 Behr Paints

    Best Rustic Style Paint Colors
    Behr Paints

    Yes, violet can be rustic. Paired with the deep wood tones, and golds, a brooding color like Behr's Peruvian Violet can round out a rustic color palette with style. A smokey violet works well in a rustic room with romantic features, like a crystal chandelier or soft white slipcovers, paired with the traditionally rough-hewn details.

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