The 9 Best Paints for Interior Doors

Keep your entryways looking fresh and stylish

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Our Top Picks
"Choose from 32 different shades and three versatile finishes."
"Offers additional protection from fingerprints and other stains."
Runner Up, Best Overall:
Diamond Brite Paint 80000 at Amazon
"A good option for households with children and pets."
"It dries to a smooth, low shine finish without a lot of hassle."
Runner Up, Best Budget:
Rust-Oleum 7798502 at Amazon
"Rust- and corrosion- resistant for wood, concrete, metal, and more."
Best High Gloss:
Valspar 65001 at Amazon
"It provides a high amount of protection and it's easy to apply."
"One of the only options with a metallic finish."
Best for Touch Ups:
soto Touch Up at Amazon
"You can use this on virtually any surface in your home."
Best Primer/Sealer:
Kilz 2 Multi-Surface at Amazon
"Offers excellent protection against mild to medium stains."

Best Color Selection: The Spruce Best Home by KILZ The Spruce Best Home Interior Paint & Primer in One

The Spruce Best Home by KILZ Interior Paint & Primer in One

After years of working with and testing various paint products, we’re thrilled to introduce The Spruce Best Home Interior Paint & Primer in One, a versatile acrylic paint that’s super long-lasting. After listening to all of your feedback and concerns (odor, formula, application, color), we worked with KILZ to produce a paint that has truly remarkable qualities.

The Spruce Best Home Paint is perfect for high traffic areas that need to withstand a lot of abuse. The long-lasting formula will glide onto doors and provide protection against dirt, mildew, human oils, and more. Because it’s a paint and primer in one, you can start painting right away—no need to prime the door with a separate formula. When we tried this paint ourselves, we noticed that only one coat was needed because the coverage was thick enough to cover any existing imperfections!

You can use this paint with either a small paint roller or wide brush, depending on personal preference and the lines of your door. Choose from 32 different shades and three finishes (matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss). We curated our paint colors carefully, making sure that every choice offers a beautiful and rich hue that will bring joy to your space. All of the finishes are low VOC/low odor, which means there are smaller amounts of harmful chemicals in the paint. It’s healthier for you and the environment, and you won’t have to deal with that “new paint” smell for very long.

Our paint is editor approved and available exclusively on Amazon.

Best Overall: Diamond Brite Paint 31000

Although many types of interior paints can be used on doors, choose a paint that will offer additional protection from fingerprints and other stains. The right paint should protect against dirt and human oils, as well as the force from opening and closing which can cause dry paint to crack. For interior doors, we recommend the Diamond Brite Paint 31000, which is specifically designed to protect high-traffic surfaces. It's so effective, it's a common choice for other harsh environments like industrial and commercial spaces with a lot of machinery.

As an oil-based paint, it dries to a solid, semi-gloss finish more quickly than other oil-based options. This one has a 6 to 8 hour drying time. The finish will provide adequate protection against common types of scuffs, cracks, and peeling or fading. It is also easy to apply with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. This means you can choose between different tools to get into the nooks and crannies of doors with intricate paneling.

Runner Up, Best Overall: Diamond Brite Paint 80000

Some people just absolutely love the reflective quality of high-gloss paint. If you're looking for this option for your doors, the Diamond Brite Paint 80000 is an excellent top dog alternative. The finish will appear a lot shinier than other alternatives, meaning it can highlight both perfections and flaws of the door underneath. Choose this one only if you're capable enough to carefully prepare and sand the door before applying the paint.

For protection, this option is meant to resist both natural contaminants like human oils as well as general washing and cleaning. This makes it a good option for households with children and pets since you can reliably clean undesired marks off of the door without damaging the paint. It is also moisture resistant for more humid environments. Use either a brush or roller when using this paint.

Best Budget: Glidden Premium HDGWN52D


Since gallons of paint can quickly add up in cost, it can be smart to go with a budget option when you don't have use for a lot of paint. For single door projects, for example, the Glidden Premium HDGWN52D offers a lot of the same protection as more expensive options in a single gallon can that will cover 300 to 400 square feet. It dries to a smooth, low shine finish without a lot of hassle when painting.

The paint creates a mildew resistant coating for troublesome areas near water such as kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms. The finish is scrubbable and washable while both wet or dry so you can easily clean off marks with a little bit of soap and water. With a single gallon, you can apply the paint to several doors without to head back to the hardware store for more.

Runner Up, Best Budget: Rust-Oleum 7798502

For a bargain price, Rust-Oleum’s 7798502 is another great option for your door. While weather resistant paint has its obvious uses for exterior surfaces, it can also be equally effective inside. This is especially true in rooms that experience a high level of traffic like kitchens and bathrooms. Rust-Oleum’s 7798502 is rust- and corrosion- resistant for multiple surfaces including wood, concrete, metal, and masonry (if you're looking for a paint that's best suited for concrete surfaces, we rounded up the best concrete paint here). The semi-gloss finish also provides the type of subtle shine many people look for when they don't want to go overboard with the reflective surfaces.

Drying in just two to four hours, this paint is an excellent choice for more hostile environments in the house. The oil-based finish provides excellent resistance against physical damage like abrasion and chipping, as well as more corrosive damage from rust and fading.

Best High Gloss: Valspar 65001

For the best type of reflection on your doors, you have to go with high-gloss paint. Nothing else short of using metal or glass on the door will give you that high degree of shine that is commonplace in many interior design styles. Higher gloss paint can also bring out the natural beauty of certain types of door materials. The Valspar 65001 is one of the best high gloss finishes because of the high amount of protection it provides and its easy application.

However, one of the downsides of oil-based, high-gloss paint is the odor. Oil-based paints tend to contain more VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which create a strong odor that can be potentially harmful to your health. When painting, use extra protection like masks and make sure that you're working in a well-ventilated area. The paint dries in one hour, limiting the amount of time you'll spend exposed to potentially harmful contaminants. Once dry, it's completely non-toxic and scratch resistant.

Best Accent Paint: Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents

Most people are fairly conservative with the type of look they want with their doors. Whether it is a simple egg white color or semi-gloss finish, most doors simply blend into the background. For people wanting a little pop, however, the best choice is an accent color paint. The Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents paint not only comes in a variety of unique, noticeable colors, it's also one of the only options with a metallic finish.

Common with automotive finishes, metallic paints provide an extra type of shine that mimics metal surfaces. When applied to a door, the wood or metal underneath pops out for an almost 3-D like effect. As a water-based paint, this is also easy to use and clean up if things get messy. One pass with the brush or roller is usually enough to provide adequate coverage.

Best for Touch Ups: soto Touch Up

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of touchup to make a door look new again. If the door is old or has seen a lot of abuse, it will no doubt have certain areas on its surface that are more scratched or faded than others. Instead of spending a lot on a quart or gallon of paint, touch up paint is all you need. The Soto Touch Up paint is one of the best touch up options for the most common colors and finishes on walls and doors. Because you can use this on virtually any surface in your home, one bottle is typically enough to use on several doors and walls at the same time. Coming in nine shades of white, it is also versatile enough to match over 90 percent of the most common paint shades.

Using this touch-up paint is fairly straightforward. A mess-free brush tip is included to give you extra precision wall painting. The paint is non-toxic and ultra-low odor so you don't have to wear heavy masks or open up your entire house to remain safe. Beyond home surfaces, you can also safely use this paint on things like windows, ceiling panels, and furniture.

Best Primer/Sealer: Kilz 2 Multi-Surface

For the best results while painting you may want to use a sealer. Many times, the primary color or finish is just one step. For doors that have older paint layers, you will need a good primer to help the paint stick to the old layers. The KILZ 2 Multi-Surface acts as a glue between old and new paints while also offering excellent protection against mild to medium stains that may seep through while the primer is wet.

To properly use paint like this, you have to prepare the door ahead of time. While it is easy to paint using a brush, roller, or spray, you will want to make sure the surface underneath is free from debris like dust. The paint dries quickly in under 30 minutes, so you'll be able to start on the primary coats almost immediately. 

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