The 8 Best Paint Rollers to Buy in 2018

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HomeRight Paint Stick EZ-Twist Paint
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Looking to paint a new, perfect finish on the walls of your home? A good paint job requires the right tools. While brushes are important for fine, detailed work, the real workhorse of any painting kit is the roller. Paint rollers take a lot of the difficulty out of covering large areas of walls with a clean and even coat, making the work faster and more uniform. For the best final result, you need to know what kind of paint roller is best for your project.

The most important difference between paint rollers is the size. Rollers come in widths varying between three and twelve inches. Wider rollers let you cover more area with less strokes, while smaller ones are good for tighter spaces. Sometimes, a project will require multiple sizes, so a good kit might be your best option.

For some help in choosing your next paint roller, read on for our top picks.


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    Best Overall: Stanley Premium Paint Kit

    A typical paint project will often require several steps to produce a nice finish on something like an interior wall. The top pick earns its spot, in part, by providing all the paint rollers you will need along the way from primer to finish. The Stanley Premium Paint Kit will give you two rollers to use at any point of the project. Both rollers are nine inches wide and are constructed with the same hardened plastic handles and metal wire rollers.

    Having a pair of rollers is handy for long projects since you can immediately apply two types of paint at once. If you are using two different colors or multiple types of paint, this means you can easily reach for either roller when you need. At the very least, you will have a good spare roller if necessary, saving you time from having to go back to the garage or store to buy a new one. A metal tray is also included to provide a complete painting package.

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    Runner Up, Best Overall: Bates Choice Paint Tray Set

    A quality paint roller can last you years if it's built well and handled with care. Just like any other brush or tool, paint rollers become invaluable the more you get used to them. The Bates Choice Paint Tray Set makes it easy for you to get comfortable with this roller almost immediately. The long, curved plastic and rubber handle is easy to hold for long periods of time without fatiguing your hand.

    One thing that is often overlooked is the quality of the paint tray. While trays are readily available at any paint supply store, having a long lasting tray can save you time and money. This metal tray will last years with some basic washing and care after you are done with each project.

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    Best Budget: Wooster Brush R501-9 501

    While most paint rollers won't break the bank, budget rollers can be handy if you are wanting to save a few bucks here and there. At the very least, they make great additional or backup rollers for larger projects. The Wooster Brush R501-9 501 is a nine inch basic roller that will get the job done with a fine result. Despite the budget price, Wooster has taken extra steps with its design to make painting for long periods of time easier.

    The handle has recently been redesigned so it is more comfortable to hold. It features a thumb groove to comfortably grip the handle along the non-slip, polypropylene surface. When using an extension rod, the roller will also resist twisting thanks to an additional, solid rim at the very bottom of the grip. Finally, the roller itself has five separate metal wires to keep the paint cover true and round as you paint.

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    Best for Poles: HomeRight C800952.M

    The main area where paint rollers really shine is on a pole. Extending your reach with a metal paint poll reduces the need for a ladder, making your projects safer. Most paint rollers come with a threaded bottom to accept any typical pole, but few place more emphasis on designing the right one like the HomeRight C800952.M. The handle can reach up to standard nine foot ceilings and will cover a 8’x8’ square space in under a minute.

    The real secret to this roller’s quick results is Paint Stick’s EZ-Twist paint draw. Hook up a paint can to the mount on the stick, then twist the handle. Paint will slide from the can, through the stick, and onto the cover, eliminating the need for a paint tray. This will save you extra time from having to raise and lower the roller anytime you need more paint on the cover.

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    Best Multi-Kit: Quali-Tech 612-WV6FQ

    One good multi kit can replace the need for several different paint rollers. Since a typical paint project can require more than one type of roller, a multi kit will usually give you everything you need: multiple different rollers and at least one paint tray. The Quali-Tech 612-WV6FQ will allow you to choose the most appropriate type of roller at any given time during a paint project.

    The set comes with two six inch rollers with different types of cover surfaces. Choose the traditional foam cover for normal paints and finishes. The cover includes rounded tips to eliminate the common track lines that can appear as the paint dries. Choose the woven fabric roller for drywall and plaster walls when you want a unique finish on the surface.

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    Best Mini Roller: Alazco 3" Mini

    Small still works when it comes to paint rollers. The trick is to know when to use a mini roller over the larger options. The Alazco three inch Mini roller won't cover an entire room in a single day. Instead, it is meant for the smaller, harder to reach spaces that larger rollers often can't handle without leaving paint everywhere. A three inch roller is the perfect size for painting edges and trims, as well as narrow objects like frames and corners.

    The cover itself is also designed to last. It features a woven fiber design to make it extra absorbent. A shed resistant surface will keep the cover lasting long after the first use as well. This kit comes with one roller and three covers for different paints.

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    Best Large Roller: Wooster Brush R017-14

    When surface area does matter, usually the more area a roller covers the better. The Wooster Brush R017-14 makes painting large areas of wall easy with a massive 14 inch span. The roller is made from heavy duty metal and fiberglass to resist twisting and distorting as you paint. For tall paint surfaces, the handle includes a threaded lock on the bottom to keep the pole and roller straight and steady as it extends up.

    The construction quality of the roller also makes it a perfect option for professional applications. The roller is built with internal bearings to make the rotation smooth and consistent.

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    Best Power Roller: Wagner 0530010

    For maximum efficiency and quality, the only option to consider is a power roller. Adding some electricity into the equation is perfect for larger or multi room projects where you need to maintain a constant finish without breaking your hand. The Wagner 0530010 does this by drawing paint directly from the can and onto the cover. The roller can fit any one to five gallon can and will provide a constant supply of paint.

    With the flexibility to use any standard nine inch cover, you can keep this roller on the wall almost continuously until the paint runs out. Changing cans and covers is easy, so you won't waste time transitioning to new paints or covers when the old ones are used up.