The 10 Best Party Games for Adults to Buy in 2018

Take your next game night up a notch

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Have an adults-only gathering coming up? In addition to food and drinks, you definitely need some entertainment to make it an unforgettable event. Luckily for you, there are dozens of incredibly fun party games for adults that will take your gathering to the next level.

The majority of “adult party games” have an inappropriate twist, whether it’s raunchy questions or pitting players against each other. Many also include profanities or sexual content, making them unsuitable for kids. However, these games are sure to provide hours of laughs with an adult crowd, making them ideal for parties!


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    Best Overall: Cards Against Humanity

    If you haven't heard about Cards Against Humanity, you've probably been living under a rock. This hilarious card game, advertised as a “party game for horrible people,” has a built up a cult following thanks to its endlessly entertaining and wildly inappropriate gameplay.

    Cards Against Humanity is recommended for players 17 and up and has close to 30,000 5-star reviews on Amazon—that many people love it! To play, one Black Card containing a fill-in-the-blank sentence is put down, and every player must then put down a White Card from their hand to fill in the blank, trying to create a hilarious, raunchy or gross statement. The “Judge” for that round picks their favorite combination.

    Overall, reviewers agree this is an amazing party game—but should be reserved for an older crowd, as things often get inappropriate.

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    Best for Social Media Lovers: What Do You Meme?

    Memes are all the rage right now, which is what makes this next product such a great party game. If you and your friends are into meme culture, you have to play What Do You Meme?, which lets you create your own hilarious, inappropriate memes as you compete against your friends.

    To play, everyone gets a handful of caption cards, and then you put a classic meme image up on the easel. Each player has to put down the caption they think works best with that image, competing to create the funniest meme. It may sound relatively tame, but many of the caption cards include raunchy, sexual, and explicit phrases, making it best for players 17 and up.

    Overall, reviewers say this game is great for pop-culture lovers and perfect for parties, and you won't want to stop playing at!

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    Best for Quick Thinking: 5 Second Rule Uncensored

    The original 5 Second Rule is a popular family-friendly game, but if you want to make it a little more fun for your next adult party, you should invest in the uncensored version, which will bring out your inappropriate side.

    Just like in the traditional 5 Second Rule, each player has five seconds to list three items in a given category. However, this particular version, recommended for players over 17, includes sexual and inappropriate categories that force you to dig into the smutty corners of your mind. For instance, you might have to name three uses for your tongue, three erogenous zones, or three ways to hide a fart!

    According to reviewers, 5 Second Rule Uncensored is a perfect party game for adults who don't mind crude subject matter.

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    Best Ice-Breaker: Hot Seat

    Want to get to know your friends better? Then you have to play the Hot Seat card game, which will help you find out who your friends really are—you may even discover a few things you didn't want to know!

    In each round, a question is asked, such as, “What's the trashiest thing you’ve ever done?” Whoever is in the Hot Seat has to answer the question honestly, and everyone else makes up a fake answer for them, trying to fool the group. Everyone writes down their answers, and players then try to guess which is the true answer, leading to some potentially awkward situations!

    Reviewers love that this game is unique, perfect for parties, and a genuinely good way to get to know your friends better. While many of the questions are inappropriate, there are also some relatively tame questions, so it’s not all raunchy all the time.

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    Best Non-Political, Political: The Voting Game

    Remember in high school where you picked superlatives for your classmates, guessing who was most likely to be a millionaire by your five-year reunion? The Voting Game is like that, but for adults! 

    This adults-only game is perfect for parties, and it will uncover hilarious truths within your friend group. To play, a question is revealed, such as, “Who would survive the longest in the zombie apocalypse?” Players vote anonymously for the person they think best fits the question, then the results are tallied up. You earn points by guessing who voted for you, and everyone will be laughing as you discover funny stories about each other.

    Reviewers say this is a great game for parties, but make sure you play with people who have a good sense of humor, otherwise things might get awkward.

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    Best Competitive: Quickwits

    If your friends are rowdy crew, they’ll love QuickWits, which encourages people to shout over each other as they try to be the first to answer questions.

    During this fast-paced card game, you have to match symbols on the displayed cards and then shout out examples from the category to win points. Things are guaranteed to get loud and rowdy as you get the hang of this addicting game!

    There are adult themes involved in QuickWits, which is why the game is recommended for ages 17 and up, but reviewers love that it forces you to think quickly and brings out the competitive side of people.

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    Best Drinking Game: CoolCats & AssHats

    Want to add an extra level of interest to your typical party card game? CoolCats & AssHats does just that, forcing the loser of each round to complete an embarrassing task—many of which involve drinking.

    In each round, players have to guess whether the round’s “Master” likes or dislikes six random Subject Cards containing things like cold pizza, Big Bird, and condoms. The person who gets the most right is that round’s winner and gets a CoolCat card, and the person who gets the most wrong is the loser and gets an AssHat Card. Both cards will force the players to complete tasks that will leave everyone laughing.

    Reviewers say there’s a lot of drinking, laughing and posting to social media when you play CoolCats & AssHats, making it a fun activity for any adult party.

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    Best Drawing Game: Telestrations After Dark

    So many people love classic Telestrations, a fun drawing game, that they decided to make an adults-only version of the party game.

    If you’re not familiar with this game, it’s a twist on the classic kids’ game Telephone. You start out with one prompt, and players go around the circle drawing the object then guessing what it’s supposed to be. As you go around the room, the original prompt gets misconstrued in hilarious ways, leading to weird, awkward, and inappropriate outcomes.

    Reviewers say this game is only appropriate for an older crowd, as there are lots of sexual drawing involved. However, if you friends have a raunchy sense of humor, they’ll love this entertaining party game.

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    Best for Laughs: Watch Ya' Mouth, Adult Bundle

    You might have seen pictures on social media of a game where people wear awkward mouthpieces that pull back their cheeks, making them look ridiculous. Well, that game is called Watch Ya’ Mouth, and there’s an adults-only version that’s ideal for your next gathering.

    To play, one person puts in the clear cheek retractor, then they have to say naughty words for their teammates to guess. You’ll end up laughing for hours thanks to both the awkward mouthpieces and inappropriate content.

    Reviewers say the game is totally hilarious when you play in groups. However, some do say the mouthpieces are uncomfortable—but isn’t that a small price to pay for hours of entertainment?

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    Best Secret-Revealing: Never Have I Ever Best Card Game

    “Never Have I Ever” is a classic game among teens and adults alike, and now it's been turned into a hilarious party game. As you play, you'll find out things you never knew about your friends, so be prepared to share your most embarrassing and awkward moments!

    In this card game, you use Play Cards and Rule Cards to discover your friends’ deepest secrets as they answer crazy questions. The Rule Cards add a fun twist to the game, forcing you to do things like exchange cards. The first person to collect 10 blue cards wins the game!

    Reviewers say this game is hilarious and sure to keep you laughing, but many warn to be careful who you play with, otherwise it may end in hurt feelings or awkward situations.