The Best Pegboard Accessories to Personalize Your Storage

Our favorite is the Spectrum Basket and Hook Station

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While picking a pegboard is a great start to organizing your home, office, garage, or craft room, the right pegboard accessories can amplify the usefulness of the board and are durable, versatile, and serve the purpose you need them to. There are hooks, baskets, bags, bins, and more that do a great job of organizing smaller items or things that won't hang neatly.

Our favorite pegboard accessory is the Spectrum Basket and Hook Station, which features a basket on top and hooks for hanging tools, keys, and more. Its made of steel and utilizes standard 1/4-inch pegboard holes.

Here are the best pegboard accessories on the market.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Spectrum Pegboard Wire Basket and Hook Station

Spectrum Pegboard Wire Basket and Hook Station

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

What do buyers say? 93% of 600+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Make more of your storage space with this multi-functional pegboard accessory. The Spectrum Basket and Hook Station is our top pick because it can hold a variety of items—from cans of paintbrushes to containers filled with your favorite spices—in the roomy basket on top. It also has eight hooks on the bottom for hanging storage, say, if you want to give your go-to scissors or a pair of keys a place to rest.

The basket itself measures 16 by 5.5 by 6.75 inches and can easily accommodate spray cans, bottles, or any other miscellaneous items that need a landing spot. In addition, the hooks underneath are great for holding tools or equipment in the garage or a garden area, especially since the station is made of durable steel. But, don't limit yourself to the outdoors. This pegboard accessory is also a good fit inside the home for organizing personal care products or jewelry, and the gray finish makes it fit in seamlessly with different types of decor.

The Spectrum Basket and Hook Station utilizes standard 1/4-inch pegboard holes, which also makes it a really easy option for a variety of homes. All in all, we love this option because it's so versatile, durable, spacious, and cost effective.

Best Hooks: Neiko 4-Inch Pegboard Hooks 53100A

Neiko 4-Inch Pegboard Hooks

Courtesy of Amazon

The most basic pegboard accessory is a hook. Designed to fit into pegboards with standard 1/4-inch holes and 1-inch spacing, these pegboard hooks will securely hold your stuff. Designed with a two-pronged peg attachment, these hooks occupy two holes on your pegboard but are much less likely to fall out.

Every hook extends 4 inches to provide a secure spot to hang tools, sports gear, kitchen items, or clothing like coats, hats, and scarves. 

Best Hook Variety Pack: Blue Hawk Steel Pegboard Hook Set, 20 piece

Blue Hawk Steel Pegboard Hook Set, 20 piece

Courtesy of Lowe's

Not all pegboard hooks are the same, as you’ll quickly see when checking out this variety pack from Blue Hawk. The hooks are made of heavy-gauge steel and are sized for standard, 1/4-inch pegboard holes.

Each set includes 20 hooks in six different styles, including J-hooks, double peg hooks, single peg hooks, and more. And while peg hooks sometimes slip or slide out of place when you remove an item from them, this set of peg hooks includes 14 peg locks to keep the hooks firmly in place—even when you lift a heavy item like a hammer quickly. 

Best Baskets: Right Arrange Wire Pegboard Baskets, Set of 4

Right Arrange Wire Pegboard Baskets, Set of 4

Courtesy of Amazon

Not everything hangs easily from a pegboard hook, which is why pegboard baskets are such a popular accessory. This top option includes a set of four baskets in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The smallest basket has a capacity of 10 x 4 x 2.5 inches—perfect for small items like scissors or gardening gloves—while the largest basket holds items up to 13 x 7 x 4 inches. You might use this larger basket to hold small hand tools or kitchen utensils.

Able to fit plastic, wood, or metal pegboards (including popular Wall Control versions), these baskets have attachments that fit into 1/4 or 3/16 pegboard holes. They can also accommodate pegboard holes that are 1/8 inch in diameter (on boards with a depth of 1/4 inch or less). 

Best for Small Items: Right Arrange Pegboard Bins, 12 pack

Right Arrange Pegboard Bins

Courtesy of Amazon

Bins are a popular accessory for pegboards since they make it easy to store even small items like screws, washers, beads, or buttons in your workspace. However, some bins require you to turn the bin nearly vertical to remove it from the pegboard—meaning you’ll spill the contents inside.

These plastic bins from Right Arrange stand out because of their wire-frame hangers, which attach to the pegboard itself and then allow the bin to slide onto the hanger. This makes it easy to slide even a full bin off its hanger, take it to your work area, and replace it on the pegboard—all without needing to empty the bin or spill the contents. 

Best for Small Tools: Everbilt Multi-Purpose Tool Storage Holder

Everbilt Multi-Purpose Tool Storage Holder

Courtesy of Home Depot

Keep hand tools within easy reach with this essential pegboard accessory for garages. The Everbilt Multi-Purpose Tool Storage holder is equipped with pegboard attachments and has more than 50 holes and slots of various sizes to store pliers, scissors, wrenches, hammers, and more.

Keep in mind that the weight limit on this pegboard accessory is 15 pounds, which can add up quickly if you start adding larger items like hammers. However, when it comes to smaller tools like screwdrivers and pliers, this pick is a winner for its ability to keep items sorted and easily accessible. 

Best for Large Tools: Everbilt 5 in. Peggable Vinyl Coated Power Tool Holder

Everbilt 5 in. Peggable Vinyl Coated Power Tool Holder

Courtesy of Home Depot

Power tools weigh more and are more likely to be damaged in the event that they are dropped from your pegboard. Keep them secure and organized with a heavy-duty pegboard hook for tools, like this 5-inch version from Everbilt.

With a soft vinyl coating that won’t scratch your tools and a double peg design for sturdy support, this accessory is a must-have if you plan to store your cordless drill, nail gun, angle grinder, or other heavier tools on your pegboard. 

Best for Wall Control Pegboards: Wall Control Pegboard Workstation Accessory Kit

Wall Control Pegboard Workstation Accessory Kit

Courtesy of Home Depot

To benefit fully from your Wall Control pegboard, this accessory kit offers essential items that make garage or tool organization even easier. The Wall Control Workstation Accessory Kit includes useful items like 16 slotted tool board hooks, several plastic bins, and two shelves (including one with dividers), as well as specialized holders for items like hammers and screwdrivers.

These Wall Control accessories have a patented hook attachment that makes them less likely to fall out of the pegboard compared to conventional peg hooks—saving you the hassle of bending down to pick up fallen hooks every time you lift a hammer or other heavy tool. 

Final Verdict

Our top pick for a pegboard accessory is the Spectrum Basket and Hook Station, which is durable, cost effective, and versatile. It features a top basket and hanging hooks for all your storage needs indoors and outdoors. If you're just looking for hooks for your pegboard, we also love the NEIKO 4-inch Pegboard Hooks Kit. A two-prong attachment takes up more holes in your pegboard, but will ensure that the product stays in place.

What to Look for in a Pegboard Accessory


What do you want the pegboard accessory to do, specifically? The function of the accessory is sometimes obvious from its shape or design, as in the case of baskets, bins, or shelves. In other cases, an accessory, such as a J-hook, may be useful for a variety of functions, such as supporting tools or for hanging cords, wires, or rope.


While most pegboard holes have a standard spacing pattern of 1 inch, the size of the pegboard holes will determine which accessories are compatible. Determine what size pegboard holes you have, and then choose your pegboard accessories to match. Most pegboard holes are 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch in diameter. If you have a "small hole" pegboard, then you'll need pegboard accessories with 1/8-inch hooks. Standard pegboards with 1/4-inch holes can usually use 1/4-hook accessories along with smaller 1/8-inch hooks.


Pegboard locks are used to hold pegboard accessories in place. Without a lock, pegboard hooks (or baskets, bins, etc.) may detach from the pegboard when you grab an item from the hook. Some pegboard accessories include locks for secure placement, and these are especially helpful when using pegboard hooks to hold heavy objects. Pegboard locks either attach to the front of the board using adjoining peg holes, or they secure pegboard hooks from the back of the board.

  • How do pegboard accessories work?

    Pegboard accessories make it possible to hang, store, and organize items on a pegboard. Whether it's a hook, bin, basket, shelf, or some other type, a pegboard accessory rests in one or more holes on the pegboard and can be moved or changed as needed.

  • How do you mount a pegboard?

    Identify the location where you want to hang your pegboard. Next, plan to use furring strips or pegboard spacers between the pegboard and the wall. Doing so provides a gap that makes it possible to use pegboard accessories to organize items on the board. If you opt to use furring strips, create a frame out of furring strips that matches the dimensions of your pegboard. Mount the furring strips to the wall, ideally anchoring them to wall studs. If that is not possible, use wall anchors to provide a more secure installation. When mounting a large pegboard, it may be helpful to mount one or two additional furring strips horizontally inside the frame for additional support. Finally, mount the pegboard to the furring strips using screws placed at regular intervals (for example, every 6 inches). You can put screws through the pegboard holes or in between holes.

  • What is a pegboard?

    A pegboard is a board with a grid pattern of holes that are spaced at regular intervals. It can be made from solid wood, MDF, steel, or other materials. The grid of holes allows pegboard accessories, such as hooks, to be used to hang and organize items like accessories, tools, or supplies.

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