The 10 Best Pegboards of 2022

The Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard is our top pick

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A great pegboard is a practical way to organize and store everything from tools to craft supplies and can even be a fun way to help kids display the items they use most.

We spent hours researching the top pegboards available online, evaluating quality, surface area, weight capacity, and value. Our favorite, the Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard, is customizable, easy to install, and holds up to 50 pounds of evenly distributed weight. 

Here are the best pegboards for every room in the house.

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Best Overall: Dorman Hardware 29993 Plastic Pegboard

Dorman Hardware Plastic Pegboard, 16 x 16 inches

Courtesy of Amazon

What do buyers say? 77% of 300+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

The Dorman Hardware Plastic Pegboard is straightforward and easy to organize, and that's why it's our top pick. This sturdy molded plastic pegboard measures 16 x 16 inches, which is a great size to house a few tools or craft supplies such as scissors, pens, and notepads. If you're looking for more space, multiple boards can easily be mounted next to each other for a larger pegboard area. Each board has a weight capacity of 50 pounds and accepts standard pegboard accessories, thanks to the typical ¼-inch holes.

What this pegboard lacks in flashy finishes or multiple color options, it makes up for in its versatility and sturdy design. Use this pegboard in your home to keep things organized by your entryway, in the garage for accessible tools, or in the garden for small trowels. This pegboard is also small enough to be used over a desk for your child’s study area, or it can be combined into a larger pegboard display for retail, trade shows, and more. Mounting is easy enough thanks to the built-in spacers located on the back of each pegboard panel. So if you're looking for an easy-to-use, straightforward pegboard, this one is for you.

Best Metal: Wayfair Basics Steel Pegboard Panel, Set of 2

Wayfair Basics Steel Pegboard Panel

Courtesy of Wayfair

A metal pegboard generally offers greater weight-bearing capacity and eliminates concerns over wood or plastic pegboard holes cracking under stress. This steel version from Wayfair Basics includes two metal pegboard panels that measure 16 x 32 inches each for a total pegboard area of 32 x 32 inches and an overall weight capacity of 400 pounds. The holes are a standard ¼ inch in diameter and spaced 1 inch apart—making it easy to use readily available pegboard accessories to customize this pegboard for any use you have in mind.

One thing that also adds to the versatility of this metal pegboard is the variety of colors it's available in—aside from a shiny galvanized steel, you can pick from red, blue, yellow, green, and other colorful hues. If you want a metal pegboard for your kitchen or office space that coordinates with your décor, this is a big bonus.

Best for Garages: Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re shopping for solutions for garage organization, then put a heavy-duty pegboard on your list. A metal pegboard like this version from Wall Control is a top option for storing tools, lawn equipment, small hardware, and more. The Wall Control Metal Pegboard Pack includes two 16 x 32-inch metal pegboards that can be mounted side by side or end to end for horizontal or vertical placement. With a sturdy flange design that allows the pegboards to mount securely to the wall, these pegboard panels each have a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds and a total storage area of 7 square feet.

Top uses for these pegboard panels in the garage include installation behind a workbench or on the wall for storing hand tools and lawn equipment. If you frequently do repair work, a Wall Control metal pegboard is a great way to keep small tools like ratchets and wrenches within reach and out of a messy toolbox. These pegboards for the garage can save space while reducing clutter, and Wall Control also offers plenty of hooks and accessories to customize your storage solution. 

Best for Tools: Seville Classics Steel Pegboard Set, 24 x 48 inches

Seville Classics Steel Pegboard Set, 24 x 48 inches

Courtesy of Walmart

A pegboard is a useful way to organize tools and keep them within close reach. This steel pegboard and accessories set includes two 24 x 24-inch powder-coated panels and 23 hooks of varying shapes to hold items like hammers, handsaws, pliers, and more. There are also six bins included that are great for holding nuts, bolts, and washers.

Mount this pegboard above your workbench for an easy way to clean up the clutter while keeping all your tools handy and accessible. It’s also worth noting that this pegboard for tools includes spacers that make it easy to mount the system to the wall while still leaving enough room to install the hooks and pegs that make the board functional. 

Best for Kitchens: Umbra Peggy Adjustable Storage System For Kitchen

Umbra Peggy Adjustable Storage System For Kitchen

Courtesy of Amazon

A pegboard offers plenty of organization opportunities in the kitchen, including bringing order to your cupboards, drawers, or pantry. The Umbra Peggy Adjustable Storage System is a great pick for kitchens since the adjustable peg placement lets you use this pegboard for holding plastic food storage containers, utensils, dishes, and more in place.

Each set includes 16 pegs that measure 3.5 inches in length; you can easily reconfigure peg placement as your needs change. You’ll receive a set of two adjustable-width plastic pegboards that span spaces ranging from 17.75 to 20.75 inches, with a width of 6 inches—no trimming or cutting necessary to make these kitchen pegboards fit your drawers or shelves.

Best for Kids' Rooms: Ikea SKÅDIS Pegboard

Ikea SKÅDIS Pegboard

Courtesy of Ikea

The Ikea SKÅDIS pegboard system offers affordable and practical plastic pegboards with plenty of add-on accessories that are great for keeping kids organized. These storage solutions are a good option if you need to declutter your child’s desk or give them a spot to store their essential items in the bedroom or bathroom. Plus, this plastic version doesn’t have any sharp metal edges.

Available in white, with options like hooks, bags, and shelves to store many different items, these pegboards are great for a child’s room or for extra storage in the bathroom and kitchen. 

Best Budget: Lowe's Hardboard Pegboard


Courtesy of Lowe's

Available in large sheets that can be cut to the size and specification you need, this basic pegboard from Lowe's is an easy, affordable way to get organized. Made of Signature S2S hardboard, this pegboard has a hardness rating of 2,200 pounds per square inch—though keep in mind that it is slightly thinner than standard pegboard material. You will also need to mount the board to strips of wood or somehow provide enough clearance between the board and the wall so that you can insert any pegboard hooks or accessories you wish to use.

The holes are spaced a standard 1 inch apart from each other and accept common pegboard hooks and accessories, though you may need to be mindful of how much weight you apply to a single hook. This budget pegboard is a great option for garages, workshops, or DIY projects where you need a simple start to cutting, painting, or finishing the pegboard to meet your specifications. 

Best for Gardening: Wall Control Garden Tool Organizer Kit

Wall Control Garden Tool Organizer Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

A pegboard is a simple way to keep your gardening gear within easy reach, no matter what season it is. This kit from Wall Control is specially designed to meet the needs of gardening gurus with two metal pegboard panels that are strong and weather-resistant—perfect for meeting the dirty, damp needs of yard and garden tools. Unlike wood or particleboard pegboards that may warp or split with exposure to moisture or heavy loads, these metal pegboards are perfect for a garage, shed, or other outdoor applications.

A long and thin pegboard panel measures 8 x 32 inches and is ideal for use with the included handle hooks and U-hooks for hanging items like a rake, shovel, or broom. The other pegboard panel is 16 x 32 inches and can be used for general tools and garden supplies, with included accessories like a 9-inch shelf, a 4-inch shelf with a dowel rod, and assorted garden hooks.

Best for Crafting: Azar Pegboard Organizer Kit, White

Azar Pegboard Organizer Kit

Courtesy of Staples

Controlling craft clutter can be a challenge, but this sturdy pegboard includes plenty of space to organize your supplies and keep everything within reach. Designed with creative needs in mind, this pegboard for craft room organization keeps items like scissors, paint, brushes, and more in easy reach with plenty of open pegs for hooks, baskets, and bins.

This crafting pegboard includes all the accessories you'll need to get organized, including two divider bin trays, two 3-inch cups, and 14 total hooks. Measuring 13.5 inches high and 22 inches wide, this pegboard is made of durable plastic and comes in 10 different colors.

Best Freestanding: SSWBasics 4-Panel Pegboard Display

SSWBasics 4-Panel Pegboard Display

Courtesy of Amazon

Not every pegboard must be mounted to the wall. For a large, freestanding pegboard, consider this four-panel wood version. Each hinged panel measures 60 inches high and 14.5 inches wide. It easily folds for storage but sets up quickly to display items using standard ¼-inch peg hooks.

A freestanding pegboard like this is a good option for organizing frequently used hats, scarves, coats, and other clothes, or it can be used as a portable pegboard to set up a display at a craft or trade show quickly and easily.

What to Look for


One of the major differences between pegboards is the board material. Typical choices for pegboards include wood, composite wood (like MDF or particleboard), plastic, acrylic, or metal options. Each type of pegboard has advantages. Metal versions are great for garages or shop environments due to their increased weight capacity and resistance to rust. Plastic and acrylic pegboards are often used in the home for craft or kitchen organization. Wood or particleboard options are versatile enough for use anywhere and can be the most budget-friendly.


Many pegboards measure 16 x 32 inches or 24 x 24 inches. However, there is no standard size, so you can find larger and smaller options. If you have specific space requirements, you can use multiple pegboards side by side for more surface area or have a wooden or particleboard pegboard cut to size.

Regardless of what size pegboard you choose, the grid will almost always have holes spaced 1 inch apart. However, the pegboard holes themselves can be either 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch in diameter. Pay attention to this specification since it will determine what size pegboard hooks and accessories you need to buy.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a pegboard is important to keep in mind since you don't want to load it up with tools, supplies, or other objects and have it come crashing down. Many pegboards designed for use in a garage or workshop have higher weight capacities since they're designed with tool storage in mind. However, if you plan to use a pegboard for lightweight objects, like craft supplies, weight capacity may not be a major consideration.

  • What is a pegboard?

    Pegboard is a panel made from wood, composite, metal, or other materials that has pre-drilled holes spaced evenly apart. Typically used to store or hang objects, a pegboard uses hooks and other accessories to keep items accessible and organized.

  • How do you mount a pegboard?

    Locate the spot you plan to hang your pegboard. You'll need to use furring strips or pegboard spacers to ensure a gap between the pegboard and the wall. This space is necessary for using pegboard hooks and accessories.

    When mounting a pegboard using furring strips, start by making a frame that matches the dimensions of your pegboard from the furring strips. Mount this frame to the wall; it's best to anchor them to wall studs. Alternatively, you can use wall anchors. For large pegboards that may bear a lot of weight, mount one or two additional furring strips horizontally inside the frame.

    Once the furring strips are in place, mount the pegboard to this frame. Secure the pegboard with screws placed about every 6 inches or so. Take note that the screws can be drilled through the pegboard holes or in between holes.

  • How do you paint a pegboard?

    Transform the look of your pegboard with a simple paint job. Start by using a solvent-based paint primer on your wood or MDF pegboard. Then, use a spray can of paint or a paint roller to apply a thin layer of paint evenly across the board. Keep in mind that you don't want to apply the paint too heavily and fill in the holes of the pegboard. 

    If you opt to use a paint roller, choose one with a short nap and after coating the roller with paint, run it across scrap cardboard or paper once or twice to expel excess paint. Once the first coat is dry, follow up with a second coat of paint. Take note that dark-colored pegboard will require more coats of paint for a color transformation.

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