The 7 Best Personal Blenders to Buy in 2017

Shop for the best personal blenders for smoothies, shakes, and more

Never again skip out on your morning shake just because you don’t want to haul out your big blender. These compact personal blenders—made popular by the as-seen-on-TV Magic Bullet—are just the thing you need to make it easy to blend and go. Not only do these make single serving smoothies or blended drinks, but many of the jars act as to-go mugs once they are removed from the blending base.

But smoothies aren’t the only thing these mini blenders are good for. They are also pros at whipping up...MORE salad dressings, making baby food, or even chopping nuts. They’re also incredibly easy to use. Drop your ingredients in, push a button or press the container down, and everything will be blended smoothly in no time.

If you’re in the market for a personal blender, here are the seven best options currently available.

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    Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set
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    It's no surprise that the brand that popularized the personal-size blender is at the top of our list. This 17-piece set from Magic Bullet comes with two cups and four handled mugs along with several different lids and colorful rings to tell your drinks apart. 

    The blender is operated by simply pressing down on the jar or mug once it is nestled in the blender base. That means that while it's easy to use, you don't have adjustable speeds like you might with a standard blender. 

    In...MORE addition to making smoothies, it can also grind nuts or coffee beans, mince onions and garlic, and even make whipped cream. How's that for versatile? 

    The two blades included in the set make it even more versatile. The flat blade is ideal for blending drinks and smoothies, while the cross-blade is better used for grinding nuts or mincing veggies.

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    BELLA Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender, 15 Piece set, stainless steel
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    If you need a personal blender with a bit more power than our main pick, you’ll want this model from BELLA. The 700-watt blender is the most powerful on the list and makes blending chores a breeze. From salsas to nut butters and soup to crushed ice, nothing is beyond this blender’s reach.

    The 15-piece set comes with both a cross blade and flat blade. The cross blade is better for chopping and grinding, while the flat blade works better for blending. You can also tackle coffee beans, spices and...MORE nuts with this model as well. The four included cups and five lids and two rings make this set incredibly versatile. To operate it, simply add ingredients to the cup, screw on the lid, set it on the base, and twist to blend.

    The one drawback is that it’s not very quiet. You can chalk that up to the powerful motor, but the good news is that because it blends things quickly, it won’t be noisy for very long.

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    Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Green (51126)
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    If you don’t have a lot to invest in a personal blender, but you still want something to make your morning smoothie, this is the right pick for you. Even better, it comes in a rainbow of colors including light green, emerald, raspberry, and Monaco blue. If you prefer, you can also get it in an all-white version that comes with two blending jars.

    The narrow blender won’t take up much space on your counter, but still has plenty of power with a 175-watt motor. Being a budget pick, this blender come...MORE with just one blade and one jar, and has a single speed. But that’s still enough to tackle most tasks. The BPA-free blender jar is also sized to fit in most cup holders.

    Since it’s so small, it’s easy to leave out on your countertop, but if you do store it away after each use, the cord wraps around the base for easy storage. You’ll also appreciate that the lid and blender jar are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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    Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Light Powder Blue
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    The most common use for personal blenders has to be the morning smoothie. The ability to blend and go is a must for most people investing in this appliance, and that’s why this model from Oster is a winner.

    The sport bottle is perfectly designed for drinking your smoothie or protein shake after it’s blended. In fact, the jar looks more like a travel mug than a traditional blender jar. We especially like that you don’t have to leave the blades in the jar when you take it to go, like you do with...MORE some other blenders.

    You’ll also get a range of color options with this model—including blue, green, pink, orange, red, and teal. The colorful 20-ounce bottles are both BPA-free and dishwasher-safe making them safe to drink from and easy to clean.

    The one-touch operation makes blending easy, and you can rest assured that the 250-watt motor can handle ice and frozen fruit as well as softer ingredients. You can also blend individual portions of soup in this blender, just so long as the liquids aren’t boiling hot. Finally, this is one of the quietest blenders on our list.

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    Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System
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    If you’re already a farmers’ market regular, making your own baby food isn’t too big of a leap. Not only can you make sure you know exactly what your baby is eating, but you can save money by whipping up your own blended carrots, peas, bananas, and more. This personal blender, designed with baby food in mind, makes it even easier. If you already have a personal blender, you don’t necessarily need another one, but if you don’t have one this is the one to consider.

    The 200-watt blender comes with a...MORE batch jar for making the pureed fruits and veggies, plus six storage cups with lids that mark the date you made the food. That way you won’t run the risk of feeding your child a puree that’s past its prime. The set also includes a mug that can be affixed right onto the blending base for immediate meals. And all the plastic in this model is BPA-free, so there’s no worry about chemicals leaching into the food. And all the cups and containers are dishwasher safe to save on cleanup time.

    The one drawback is the cutesy design—especially if you plan to keep this appliance out on your countertop. But if you can overlook that, it’s a solid choice for anyone with small children.

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    Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad with LED Indicator Lights
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    If you want a personal blender that can sit out on your counter and match the rest of your stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, then this combination blender and chopper from Cuisinart is for you. The blender comes with a main 32-ounce blending cup that has many features of a traditional blender—measuring lines, a top opening for adding extra liquid, and an easy-to-grip groove. But unlike a traditional blender, it also comes with four 16-ounce travel cups that can be used directly on the...MORE blender then taken on the go, and an 8-ounce blending cup perfect for dressings and marinades.

    What sets it apart from the other personal blenders on this list—in addition to the sleek black and silver or all white design—is the fact that it has multiple blending speeds. No, it’s not as fully featured as a Vitamix, but it’s a bit more versatile than other personal blender models.

    The set also comes with two blades for chopping and grinding, and all the cups and lids are made from shatter-resistant, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic. And if you need a little inspiration when you first get your new blender, the included recipe book should give you a few ideas.

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    Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456)
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     If you’re looking for a blender that can break down whole fruits and vegetables into a smooth, drinkable smoothie, this is the personal blender that was designed to do exactly that. It can crush ice easily and blend smoothies, shakes, or blended cocktails. The cups are BPA free and have Sip and Seal lids so you can blend and go. This includes one 24-ounce cup and one 18-ounce cup. You can buy more cups separately. The cups and lids are dishwasher safe.

    If you’re not sure what to make with your...MORE new blender, this includes a recipe booklet with 75 recipes to keep you busy. 


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