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Sandusky, Ohio - The Best Place to Live Cheaply

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Where are the best cities to move to if your goal is to live inexpensively? Well, the experts from Forbes have done a fair deal of research to ascertain this. They looked at housing costs, costs of living, average income, to arrive at the cheapest cities. But they also determined if the city is worth living in despite the low costs by checking out crime rates and quality of schools. And when all the points were tallied, Sandusky, Ohio, topped their list of The Best Places to Live Cheaply.

With a violent crime rate sitting at a low 247 per 100,000 residents, half the national average, it is unsurprising that Sandusky claims the top spot on Forbes's list of best places to live cheaply. Good schools, low unemployment as well as cost of living are the other reasons that make this city Forbes's number 1 choice. Need another reason to move to Sandusky? Housing is affordable.

What about a house that comes with an in-ground swimming pool for under $130,000? This relatively new 1900 square foot 3-bed, 2-bath home was built in 1996 and is listed at $129,900. Besides the pool, the multi-level home features a fenced yard, thermo pane windows, and is located on a cul-de-sac.

Here's one that is sure to impress. This stately-looking 4-bed, 3-bath home has loads of living space. Valued at almost $215,000, this 2592 square-foot home is listed for $179,900. That is a lot of square footage for the money. The taxes for all that space in this home built in 1991 is $352.32 per month. This house is listed as a foreclosure.

Affordable housing and the myriad other factors mentioned above may very well all be compelling reasons for naming Sandusky the best place to live cheaply. But remember to look at the things that appeal specifically to you in a location as well. We all have many varying wants and needs, and it is sometimes not possible to zero in on one place and declare it the ultimate move for everyone, as attractive as all the reasons may be. Things that appeal to someone else may not be as attractive to you. You are the one that should decide what's best for you, and we can help you with these 10 Steps For Finding the Best Place For You.