The 5 Best Places for Home Decor in Austin, Texas

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    Where to Buy Stylish Home Decor in Austin, Texas

    Kristin Hillery is a design-obsessed writer and photographer based in Austin, Texas. Currently the editor of Modernize, Kristin has written for Apartment Therapy, That Other Paper, The Onion A.V. Club, and was a contributing author to the humor book, “Please Fire Me.”

    I’m thrilled to merge two of my most favorite things into one post: Austin and home decor. If you’ve never been, are new to town or you’re visiting for the first time, it’s tough to pick a place to start. It’s an amazing city full of fantastic food, art, shopping, nice folks (hipsters included), and of course, lots of live music. Austin seems to be included in just about every Top Whatever list these days, but what really stands out to me is the unique take the city has on home décor. While interior decorating is probably not the first thing to spring to most people's minds when thinking about Texas in general, Austin has an amazing sense of style — something that comes through in the number of chic and interesting stores that call the Texas capital home.    

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    Take Heart

    Careful going into this understated shop in East Austin — you’re going to want to go home with everything inside. Owner Nina Gordon stocks the tiny boutique’s shelves with carefully chosen handmade items, modern pieces, hard-to-find products, and absolutely perfect gifts. SOMA water filters, Japanese candles, postcards, and jewelry are just a few examples of what you’ll find inside. And don’t forget to say hello to the adorable shop dog — Willie Mae.

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    The 5 Best Places for Home Decor In Austin, Texas

    Wouldn’t shopping for home decor be a million times better if you could sip wine and take a break to snack on an artisan cheese plate? Aviary is both a wine bar and a home decor store, which is proof that dreams really do come true. And if the items in the store seem like they were expertly picked out during someone’s amazing globetrotting adventure, you’d be right: owners Marco Fiorilo and Shanna Eldridge opened Aviary to showcase (and sell!) the beautiful things they’ve picked up while traveling around the world. If you’re looking for something unique, cultural or unexpected, this is the place to go.

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    Great Outdoors

    If you like to add a little of the outdoors as you're decorating indoors, Austin has just the place for you. Located on the southern end of the city, Great Outdoors is easy to miss, which is all the more reason to be on the lookout for this amazing shop. It’s the best place to pick up air plants, colorful pottery, metal sculptures, gorgeous little succulents and all the supplies you’ll need to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your abode. And should your design efforts spill out into the yard, they offer an extensive package of landscape consulting services from in-store planning of space design and necessary supplies, to at-home consultations with experts.

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    Minimalist, rustic, and a total treat for the eyes, visit Spartan for gorgeous high-end treasures like solid brass bookends, vintage textiles, and olive wood cutting boards. This place is filled with lots of perfect gifts for your ultra-stylish friends, but I dare you to leave without picking up something special for your own home.

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    Austin Antique Mall

    If you ever want to lose an entire afternoon, the Austin Antique Mall is the place to go. As big as a warehouse, this place features hundreds of vendors who’ve packed an insane number of very cool objects into their little booths. Looking for a bingo sign from the 60s that still lights up? A pair of bright red vintage cowboy boots? A typewriter cart? With vintage and antique finds ranging from jewelry, to furniture, to clothes and even old sports gear, Austin Antique Mall has you covered.