The 8 Best Places to Buy a Washer and Dryer in 2021

Good service and sales are just the start

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Our Top Picks

Home Depot

"The major retailer has a large selection for you to browse, and will install and connect your washer and dryer for you."


"You'll be briefly walked through your appliance's features, after it's delivered and installed in a timely manner."

Best Buy

"While this retailer doesn't have a large in-store selection, it offers free consultations and Geek Squad protection plans."


"This online-only retailer carries modern, stylish, and portable washers and dryers, and frequently runs good sales."


"This retailer makes up for a lack of delivery and installation services with budget-friendly options and physical locations."


"Although the haul away policy is complex, a representative will reach out to you with a two-hour delivery window."

AJ Madison

"Free nationwide delivery and unique financing options make this retailer an underrated place to shop for a washer or dryer."


"Anyone looking for a portable or compact washer, or a laundry accessory, can benefit from the massive, online-only selection."

Purchasing a washer and dryer can be a daunting task. Not only are there dozens of options to choose from, but each model typically comes with a hefty price tag, long list of features, and the promise that you'll need a professional to deliver and install it. Knowing where to buy a new appliance can make the experience much easier, though, and help you get the very best machines, savings, and packages you need and deserve.

Now, the best place to buy a washer and dryer may look different for each household. While you might love to do your shopping in-person, your neighbor may want to snag an appliance online. Your town or city might have a local appliance shop, where you can negotiate with the owner, while your family in a different state may prefer heading to a national retailer, like Home Depot or Lowe's. Like the models on the market, there are plenty of options, so everyone can find their perfect fit.

Ahead of time, you'll simply want to ask yourself questions like, "What type of shopping experience do I want to have?" and, "What am I looking for in my new appliance?" You'll want to define your priorities, and then find a retailer with the strong return policy, large selection, or convenience you're seeking. In most cases, going through these motions will help you find the right retailer and the right appliances.

Here, the best places to purchase a new washer and dryer, whether your family seeks a stellar deal or an "add to cart" button.

Home Depot

Courtesy of Home Depot
What We Like
  • Detailed product listings

  • Has a No Lemon Policy

  • Offers free delivery and basic hook-up

What We Don't Like
  • Strict return policy

  • Uses third-party companies

For a large selection of washers and dryers, head to Home Depot. This retailer carries top brands like Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Maytag, GE, Amana, and Electrolux, and is fairly easy to shop in stores and online. On their website, each product is listed with a specifications chart, bulleted list of notable features, and several pictures for you to browse. While it's a good idea to see an appliance in person before making a decision, reading through these listings allows you to shop completely online if you'd like and know what you're in for.

Being a major retailer, Home Depot has front-load and top-load washing machines ready to shop, in addition to electric and gas dryers, laundry centers, and portable picks. There are competitive deals around holidays and three-day weekends you can take advantage of. Plus, the big-box store also offers free delivery and basic hook-up on purchases over $396, which includes most washers and dryers, and will haul away old appliances if you want to pay for this additional service.

Now, there are a few "catches" with Home Depot. First, since they're a national retailer, a lot of their services are provided by third-party companies. These third-party companies are vetted, but may take longer to settle a warranty claim or service your washer. Also, if you have any issues with your washer or dryer after it's been delivered and installed, you must return it within 48 hours of it being dropped off.

There is a No Lemon Policy, though. This policy protects your purchase if the same issue must be fixed for the third time during a protection plan term.


Courtesy of Lowe's
What We Like
  • Local delivery is timely

  • Online chat service

  • Gives brief tutorial of your new appliance after setting it up

What We Don't Like
  • Must purchase new connections from Lowe's

  • Can't install gas dryers for free

Lowe’s is another big-box home improvement store that carries a wide variety of laundry machines. Your local Lowe’s will likely have several models for you to see, from top-name brands you've come to know and love. They may also have exclusive models that are not sold at other retailers, despite being made by a top-name brand. The deals continue with their free local delivery service.

The service includes connecting your appliance, inspecting and testing it for any defects or damage, and a brief tutorial of its features. The team will also put your old appliance in another room or the garage of your home, so you don't need to worry about accessing all those features, but taking it away completely will cost an extra $30 if you're not a Lowe's Pro customer. Upon delivery, you can also not expect the team to install a gas dryer. This comes at an additional fee, since it requires a more extensive hook-up process. You have to also purchase new connections from Lowe's for the delivery team to use, whether you purchase a gas or electric model.

Other than that, Lowe's takes a lot of stress out of your shopping experience. Their site is easy to navigate, and you can chat with an online assistant at any time. Delivery is quick, and you can opt into a three-year or five-year protection plan at the time of purchase. (It will pay you back 30 percent if you don't use it for a service call.) Simply put: this big-box retailer has the feel, expertise, and dependability of a local appliance shop.

Expert Buying Tip

"I go in person to see it, open it, look at it. That way, I can purchase online confident. I would not purchase a large appliance without trying to go and see it in person first." — Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista and author of Get Good with Money

Best Buy

Courtesy of Best Buy
What We Like
  • Geek Squad is very helpful

  • Can set up a free consultation

  • Delivery includes unboxing

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't have a large in-store selection

  • Can't install gas dryer for free

When it's time to shop for new appliances, Best Buy is likely not the first place you think to look. But, this electronics retailer does in fact sell appliances like washers and dryers, and is competition for other home improvement stores, thanks to their in-home, virtual, and over-the-phone consultations. During these free consultations, Best Buy connects you with a home expert who will help you understand new trends and features, and find the right type of appliance for your household. From there, you can confidently buy your appliance online.

On their website, Best Buy offers a variety of washers and dryers from top-name brands, but their stores may not have a large selection on the floor, if they have any selection set up at all. For that reason, this retailer is a better option for anyone who is looking to shop a specific brand, or knows what model they want and is taking advantage of a sale. When checking out, there are two, free delivery options for purchases over $399. You can have your washer or dryer placed in a room of your choice and unboxed, or you can have Best Buy's team go a step further and hook it up. No matter which option you pick, you must have a clear path ready at the time of delivery, and purchase necessary extras.

For a washing machine, you need to purchase new fill hoses. An electric dryer requires a new 220V cord and vent kit. If you'd like to stack your appliances, you'll also need to buy the compatible stacking kit, in addition to the installation kit. Gas dryer installation is not free and may require a separate appointment, and these necessary "extras" may rack up the subtotal in your cart.

Otherwise, the Geek Squad—which is Best Buy's delivery, installation, and repair team—is helpful and attentive. You can also opt into Geek Squad Appliance Protection. This might cover any repairs the manufacturer's warranty wouldn't.


 Courtesy of Wayfair
What We Like
  • Carries modern and portable appliances

  • Frequently has good sales

  • Flexible return policy

What We Don't Like
  • Shopping is online only

  • Won't haul away your old appliances

If you prefer to shop for anything and everything online, you'll want to buy a new washer and dryer through Wayfair. This online retailer carries everything a big-box store does, in addition to more portable washing machine-friendly brands like The Laundry Alternative, Danby, Panda, and Black + Decker. Their website is easy to navigate, because they break down their stock into tight categories and mark notable sales with a red tag.

While you won't be able to open the swinging door of a particular machine until it arrives at your home, Wayfair is worth checking out because of their prices and access to other, equally-notable brands. You can talk with an appliance expert over the phone while you scroll or see if another customer has addressed your inquiry with the Q&A section under every listing. Thanks to Wayfair's partnership with Handy, you can also opt for your new appliance to be installed by a professional.

Now, compared to other retailers, Wayfair's delivery and installation package is dismal. If you want a professional to hook up your appliance, it's not free. A flat rate is tacked onto your subtotal at checkout. Plus, this professional will not haul away your old appliances. It's up to you to remove and recycle your former washer or dryer. However, Wayfair does give you 30 days to return your purchase. Just know: your appliance must be defective or damaged for the brand to skip over its "no returning after installation" rule.

Expert Buying Tip

"When you shop online, make sure to review and compare multiple page listings. Retailers sometimes pay for ad space on websites, meaning you will see their listings at the top, and might miss out on other deals if you don’t scroll through." — Brittney Castro, Mint CFP



Courtesy of Walmart

What We Like
  • Effective search filters

  • Physical locations to shop

  • Budget-friendly and newly-released products in stock

What We Don't Like
  • No delivery or installation services

  • No haul away services

Your local Walmart is the best place to find a washer or dryer that's budget-friendly. This major retailer not only has an easy-to-use website and physical store locations, but also carries popular and lesser-known brands you'd want in your laundry room. You can find a newly-released stackable set, in addition to "dated" models that are equally efficient and powerful, but come with a daintier price tag. Some notable brands include GE, Whirlpool, Panda, RCA, LG, and Magic Chef.

When shopping online, you can take advantage of search filters like price, fuel type, and width. You can also sort customer reviews. Once you pick out your item, you can decide whether you'd like to add Walmart's protection plan, made in a partnership with Allstate. The plan covers common malfunctions, in addition to mechanical and electrical failures. Walmart doesn't offer the installation of washers and dryers at the moment, so the plan is the only service you can really opt into.

However, if you have a good connection with a local appliance shop or handyman, then this may not be an issue for you. Plus, Walmart is also partnered with third-party sellers, so top machines don't go out-of-stock too quickly.


Courtesy of Sears
What We Like
  • Good delivery timing

  • Large selection of top brands

  • Frequently has good sales

What We Don't Like
  • Complex haul away policy

  • Restocking fee

Sears may not have a local location you can stop into, but this well-known retailer still has a large selection of washers and dryers you can shop online. When scrolling, you'll find a decent selection of appliances, organized into sections for front-loading models, top-loading models, and other defining qualities. Many of these models may also come at a discount, saving you hundreds of dollars during the shopping process.

At checkout, you'll be asked to select a delivery date from a calendar. The day before, a representative will contact you to confirm a two-hour window on that date, so you can plan ahead. Prior to the delivery team's arrival, you must clear a path. If you'd like Sears' team to also install your appliance at an additional cost, then you must have new hoses, cords, and hook-ups that are compatible with your machine. Sears does haul away your old appliances, but only on a replacement basis and at an additional charge. (Meaning, if you get a washer installed, they can remove your old washer.) As the customer, it's your job to prep your old appliance, so it's ready to be taken away.

During delivery, Sears will test your appliance, level it, and put the washer or dryer in the location of your choosing. If you have any issues, you can schedule a pick-up and return your appliance to the store that way. However, it's important to note, you might need to pay a 15 percent restocking fee.

Essentially, you'd want to shop at Sears for their prices, selection, and delivery timing.

AJ Madison

A Samsung washing machine from AJ Madison is front-loading.
Courtesy of AJ Madison
What We Like
  • Massive selection online

  • Free nationwide delivery

  • Partnered with Affirm

What We Don't Like
  • Only two physical locations

  • Installation services are only available for certain zip codes

AJ Madison may not be on your radar at the moment. The brick-and-mortar stores aren't typically household names. However, when shopping for a washer and dryer, don’t count this retailer out. Appliances ranging from kitchen sinks, to smart cooktops, and washer-dryer sets are their specialty, and you can add a piece from Whirlpool, Amana, Electrolux, and more to your cart. They carry 152 brands and frequently list products at sale prices, thanks to consistent promotions.

Notably, this retailer also has pre-purchasing tips on their site, so you can properly care for your appliance and hopefully extend its lifetime. They offer free nationwide delivery, despite only having two showrooms located in Washington D.C. and New York City. Now, if you live outside of the New York Metro Area, then you may have to wait a week or two to receive your appliance. In addition, you may have to pay more if your washer or dryer is getting delivered by ferry, to a remote location, or requires going up or down stairs. It will also be up to you to unpack the item.

Delivery services from AJ Madison doesn't include installation. But, you can pay more to have your new appliance installed, and your old appliance hauled away. During this time, you may want to double-check that the professional has placed your machine on a nice, flat surface, so it doesn't go out of balance after the first spin cycle.

AJ Madison is partnered with Affirm, so you can pay for your appliance over a three, six, 12, or 18-month period, if your credit is approved. This is a major perk.


Amazon washing machine
 Courtesy of Amazon
What We Like
  • Large selection of portable and compact units

  • Partnered with Allstate for protection plans

  • Great for laundry accessories

What We Don't Like
  • Home services are fairly new

  • Not many details included with product listings

Amazon is many people’s go-to retailer for everyday purchases, and can also be a great option for households looking for a new washer or dryer. The site carries most of the top name brands, and also many lesser-known ones. This type of selection can be helpful to shop if you're looking for a portable washer or dryer, a compact unit, or an accessory like a pedestal. (Not to mention, you can toss detergent in your cart at the same time.)

You will notice, though, that the product listings on Amazon are a bit difficult to read and digest. Typically, these listings don't include every specification you'd want to know, so it may be worth doing your own research before hitting "add to cart." When you have made a final decision, know that delivery and installation options are available. Delivery is often free, and you can select whether you want the appliance to be left at your front door, an inside entryway, or a room of your choice. Installation will cost extra, and depend on the model you purchase. A basic hook-up package includes unboxing, connecting the hoses or vents, and installing an anti-tip device. A hook-up and haul away package ensures the removal of your existing washer or dryer, on top of installation.

You can see available delivery and hookup options near the "add to cart" button on each product listing, once you enter your zip code. You can also add the Allstate 5-year Major Appliance Protection Plan. Now, if you do choose to shop Amazon, know that they're not known for their home services. If you're worried about the delivery and installation of the appliance, it may be better to shop at a local location or appliance giant.

  • Should you buy a washer and dryer together?

    Whether or not you should buy a washer and dryer together depends on your individual needs. If you have a functioning washer or dryer right now, you may only want to purchase the one that absolutely needs to be upgraded in order to save money. However, if you're renovating your entire laundry room, buying a full set may be more suitable for you. In addition, if you're hoping to buy machines that have smart features or a stackable design, you should buy a washer and dryer together to ensure the right fit and make use of amenities like dryer syncing.

  • Is it cheaper to buy a washer and dryer together?

    Most retailers will offer deals on washer and dryer sets, so it can be cheaper to buy a washer and dryer together. Before shopping, you'll want to look into any sales a retailer is running at the time, as well as what bundles they offer. These bundles may only be applicable for specific brands or new models, but include add-ons like free delivery and installation and a protection plan. To save the most money on a washer and dryer, bundle your set with other appliances, like a refrigerator or dishwasher—but, only if you absolutely need these appliances, too.

  • When is the best time to buy a washer and dryer?

    New washer and dryer models are usually released in January, so the best time to shop for this type of appliance is between September and November or during a holiday sale. In the fall, brands are pushing their soon-to-be dated models more, and typically run them at a discounted price. Plus, you can make use of Black Friday deals. If you need to purchase a washer and dryer in the winter or spring, don't add the most recent model to your cart, if you're looking to save money. Add the "dated" model, which may have a few less features, and wait for the President's Day or Memorial Day sales to drop.

Why Trust The Spruce?

Having tested, researched, and recommended dozens of washers and dryers, we considered both big-box and online retailers when recommending the best places to buy your laundry room appliances. We looked at each retailer's delivery and installation packages, return policy, and shopping experience. We also vetted for reliable warranty plans and helpful customer service teams, in addition to "extras" like a policy against "lemons," or appliances that are defective and proven to have limits in safety, value, and use. For insight, we spoke with Brittney Castro, certified financial planner for Mint, and Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista and author of Get Good with Money.

Marisa Casciano is the large appliance expert for The Spruce, and has researched the ins and outs of air purifiers, dishwashers, and more in the home space. She adores her Whirlpool top-loading washer that's undergone cosmetic repairs, and also has five years of retail management experience, so she's familiar with store policies, corporate jargon, and what consumers are looking for from their shopping experience. For this piece, she researched dozens of packages and plans, and read through hundreds of customer reviews on washer and dryer product listings from a variety of retailers.

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