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For many of us, art can seem a distant and incomprehensible part of the design process. It might be because we feel that art is inherently expensive and that anything good is likely to be out of our price range. Or it could be because we feel that we're not qualified to choose art for our homes and that without an extensive background on the subject we're certain to get it wrong. And for some of us, we may feel like art just doesn't speak to us, and that we won't find anything that we like. Fortunately for us, no matter which of those feelings we may have, there are plenty of online resources that are ready, willing and able to prove us wrong while introducing us to a world of art that will delight both our senses and our budgets. Here are seven of our favorites.

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    Jenn Singer Gallery

    The Jenn Singer Gallery is the destination of choice for global art from a woman's perspective. Named for it's owner, the delightful Jenn Singer, the gallery boasts a highly curated selection of works across a variety of media including paintings, collages and fine art drawings. This piece, Viaticum IV, by artist Kaylin Andres features pigment on silk organza and stretched felt. 

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    Uprise Art

    Uprise Art is one one of the most innovative online portals for bringing art to a new generation of collectors. Perfect for the first time art buyer, this up and coming art powerhouse not only forgoes the gallery experience in favor of an online approach, it puts power in the consumers hands by providing customers with a personal art advisor to ensure that they find exactly what they're looking for. And with features like their "Pay At Your Own Pace" installment plans, Uprise Art is the place to look for art that will fit every taste and every budget.  

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    Twyla is one of the more recent additions to the growing ranks of online art platforms. The site specializes in providing customers with access to exclusive limited edition pieces from artists such as Kristen Schiele and John Bauer. Supported by a team of experts, Twyla sources contemporary artists to create works exclusively for the site. Prints are made on demand for clients and framed using museum-quality materials. Depending on your location, customers can even have their art hung by a professional art installer - a luxury anyone who's ever hung art on their own is sure to appreciate. Finally, Twyla helps bring art to its audience at a steep discount by providing limited-edition prints from notable artists at a reduced price. 

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    Tappan is one of the leading names in online art. Also providing expert support to online customers, the online gallery offers clients the opportunity to commission work directly from the artist of their choice in addition to shopping the various collections. The site features a vast selection of sculptures, collages and photographs such as this nearly surreal work by Issac Zoller.

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    For those who love photography to the exclusion of all else in the art world, PurePhoto is the online art destination that is sure to catch their eye. A virtual fine art photo gallery geared specifically toward interior designers, it is the perfect place for finding photographs curated for their ability to work well in living or office spaces. And with framing options that encompass a variety of custom finishes, your favorite photos are sure to look their best in every light.

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    Saatchi Art

    Saatchi Art is one of the world's leading digital art galleries. Featuring a massive selection of art and artists working in sculpture, photography, collage and drawings as well as painting, it takes only a few minutes on the site to realize that the possibilities truly are endless. 

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    Artsy is an online art portal that is very highly regarded by collectors an designers alike. Visitors are guided through the gallery's massive collections through the power of what Artsy calls the Art Genome Project. This groundbreaking algorithm tracks more than 1,000 individual characteristics from the process and materials used to the age and period of the piece to create dynamic searchable collections of what the system deems to be related works. The result is a streamlined and thoroughly enjoyable art-hunting experience.