Need Pool Supplies? The Best Places to Buy Them

Do you have a local swimming pool or spa supply or equipment retailer that you frequent for all of those sanitizers, chemicals, filters, test kits, and even advice. But are you getting the best prices and selection? Check out this list of pool stores and online retailers that might have just what you're looking for—or what you never realized you needed.

All of the retailers listed have supplies available for online purchase.

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    Aqua SuperCenter

    Pool Chemistry Testing
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    What's Available: Pool chemicals, equipment, liners, covers, accessories, parts, toys, floats, games, parts, above-ground pools, spas, fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor furniture, garden structures, outdoor recreation, pet supplies, etc.

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    Best Buy Pool Supply

    What's Available: Cleaners, chlorinators, chemicals, purifiers, heaters, filters, cartridges, pumps, control systems, lights, spa ozonoators, blowers, filters, switches, etc.

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    Big Box Stores and Major Retailers

    Some people have abandoned their local mom-and-pop pool supply store in favor of big box stores like Costco, Sam's Club, Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart. Supplies vary according to season; check with your local retailer.

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    Doheny's Pool Supplies

    Outlet Store: 502 Green Bay Road, Kenosha, Wisconsin

    What's Available: Pool chemicals, equipment, cleaners, liners, covers, accessories, pool-opening kits, above-ground pools, spas, etc.

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    Family Leisure

    Store Locations: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas

    What's Available: Pool chemicals, covers, equipment, liners, accessories, patio furniture, above-ground pools, grills, pool tables, tanning beds, and other outdoor items.

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    The Great Escape

    Locations: Several stores in Illinois, along with Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa

    What's Available: Everything from above-ground pools, hot tubs, chemicals, and accessories, along with outdoor furnishings, billiards, ping pong tables and sets, fire pits, and even mailboxes.

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    Horizon Pool Supply

    Location: 2125 Energy Park Drive, St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

    What's Available: In addition to chemicals, equipment, and supplies, Horizon offers local services like replastering, water management, repair, and renovation.

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    In the Swim

    Outlet Store: 320 Industrial Drive, West Chicago Illinois

    What's Available: Cleaning supplies, accessories, opening kits, filters, liners, equipment, pools, spas, toys and floats, parts, etc.

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    Inyo Pools

    What's Available: Replacement parts, pumps, heaters, filters, cleaners, motors, pool covers, salt systems, cartridges, grids, and more.

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    Leslie's Pool Supplies

    Store Locations: More than 850 stores and online

    What's Available: Chemicals, parts, accessories, equipment, parts, hardware, pools, hot tubs, toys, games, floats, etc.

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    MKM Pool Spa

    What's Available: Shock, algaecides, chlorine solutions, maintenance equipment, automatic and hand-held pool, and spa cleaners.

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    Store Locations: Eastern U.S.

    What's Available: Pool accessories, liners, toys, equipment, cleaning supplies, chemicals, winterizing kits, above-ground pools, outdoor furniture, accessories, billiards, bars, etc.

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    National Discount Pool Supplies

    What's Available: Spa chemicals and accessories, ozonators, steps, cover lifters, covers, pool and spa filters, above-ground pools, fencing, heaters.

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    The Pool Factory

    Location: 58 50th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232

    What's Available: They specialize in above-ground, semi-inground, and saltwater pools. Equipment and supplies include lighting, pumps, skimmers, filters, decorative pool liners, covers, replacements parts, and toys.

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    Pools of Fun

    Locations: Several locations in Indiana, including Greenwood, Plainfield, Noblesville, Brownsburg, and Fishers.

    What's Available: Structural wall vinyl liners custom-made for any size or shape of swimming pool, solar and automatic pool and spa covers, Big Green Egg and Louisiana grills. Services include pool openings, sand changing, pump and fill, drain installation, service packages, and weekly pool care.

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    Pool Plaza

    What's Available: Pool supplies, cleaners, chemicals, filters, lights, heaters, chlorinators, equipment, parts, above-ground parts, and supplies.

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    Pool Supply 4 Less

    What's Available: Pool supplies, cleaners, equipment, parts, spa supplies.

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    The Pool Supplies Superstore

    What's Available: Equipment, above-ground pools, chemicals, accessories, covers, liners, toys