Single Parent Dating: 10 Places to Meet Single Parents

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    Your Local Park or Playground

    Single dad and daughter at the park
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    One of the biggest complaints heard from single moms and dads is, "Where do I meet other single parents?" With 13.7 million single parents raising children in the U.S., it's not that you're the only single parent raising kids solo in your town. More likely, it's that you—like most single parents—are extremely busy and preoccupied. So if you're interested in dating a single mom or dad, start by paying a little extra attention the next time you visit one of these top 10...MORE places to meet single parents:

    Your Local Park or Playground

    One of best ways to meet single parents is while you're out and about with your kids. Not because they make you more attractive, but because you are more likely your true self when you're having fun with them. So the next time you head to the park or playground with your kids, make an extra effort to be friendly and open to those around you. Chances are, there will be other single moms and dads there too, enjoying a few moments with their own kids. Introduce yourself and take it from there!

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    The Gym

    Meet singles at the gym
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    Going to the gym might be something you do to take care of yourself, but it's also a great place to meet single parents—with or without kids in tow. But, again, actually meeting people at the gym will require you to be friendly and open, even if you're truly there to exercise! So consider taking the headphones off and striking up a conversation the next time you're there.

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    Dad at a mom's group
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    If you have young kids, consider joining a playgroup in your area. This is an excellent way to encourage socialization for your kids—and for yourself. It's true that you might not meet a lot of single dads in playgroup, but everyone you meet is sure to have friends, some of whom will be single parents. So this source of intergenerational fun can help you meet single parents, even if the group is small or meets only once a month.

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    School Events

    Meet parents at a school event
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    You're probably surrounded by single parents at your kids' school, even if you haven't met them yet. So make a point of attending school events, like PTA meetings, Back-to-School Night, and parent-teacher conferences. While you're there, introduce yourself and get to know the other parents in the room (or waiting in the hall). Yes, it will feel like you're back in school, but you might just meet a new friend... or more.

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    Community Events

    Father at amusement park selecting prize for daughter
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    Pay attention to your town's community newspaper for upcoming events, like free concerts, farmers' markets, carnivals, and holiday celebrations. Each event presents a new opportunity to meet single parents in your area—without changing your schedule or taking time away from your kids.

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    Community Classes

    Meet Single Parents at Yoga
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    Sign up for a community class, either with or without your kids. For example, your local community school or library may offer classes in yoga, cooking, art, writing, car repair, DIY home improvement, or even parenting classes. These offer an excellent opportunity to meet single parents who live in or near your town, as well.

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    You may not think of work as a 'pick up' spot, but you probably already work with several single parents, if not more. Try striking up a conversation at lunch or even organizing a single parent outing. You'll be helping develop inter-office friendships while also having a good time and meeting other single moms and dads.

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    Single Parent Support Group

    Meet Single Parents at Support Group
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    Joining a single parent support group is another great way to meet single moms and dads. Look for listing online or in your local newspaper, or check out the community bulletin boards at your local coffee shop. And if you have trouble finding one, try starting a single parent support group of your own.

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    Online dating sites are another way to meet single parents. Just be sure to take extra safety precautions, like not giving out your home address or phone number until you feel comfortable with someone you meet online. 

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    Parties and Social Gatherings

    Laughing group of friends eating dinner on deck
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    Finally, your own circle of friends offers another key way to meet single parents. So the next time you're invited to a holiday party or backyard bash, go! And while you're there, introduce yourself and get to know the friends of your friends. Chances are, there will be single moms and dads among them.