The 7 Best Planners to Buy in 2018

Keep your life on track this year

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Being more organized is one of those resolutions many of us make, only to be derailed by the seemingly endless number of events and commitments that pile up and often overwhelm us. Fortunately, there are personal planners that can help.

They offer pages of possibility to prioritize and organize your life, all in in one neat little book. Sure, there are apps and online calendars and other electronic options, but there’s something about physically writing things down in a personal organizer that’s...MORE just more effective for many.

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to personal paper organizers that offer various ways to organize your life, and one is sure to be right for you. Here are the seven best planners that will help you manage whatever life brings your way.


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    While this compact personal organizer from Filofax is a bright and cheery berry color on the outside, it’s all business on the inside. It’s great for mixing business and your personal life all in one place.

    It comes with a six-ring binder that has a calendar with each week laid out over two pages. There are slots for business cards, credit cards or other cards you use frequently, and a place to slide in a notepad for taking notes during meetings or jotting down random thoughts and lists.

    Among...MORE other features, it has a section for contacts, pages for your to-do list and index tabs for keeping things straight. It measures 7 2/5" x 4 9/10" so it’s a great one to throw in a purse or computer bag for organization on the go.

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    This planner promises to transform your life in a number of ways by focusing on three areas — time management, goal setting and accountability. It has daily, weekly and hourly slots for planning, as well two pages before and after each month to help you plan ahead and evaluate each one.

    It also includes a gratitude journal section, a goal journal and a two-page vision board. Inspirational quotes are peppered in along the way for motivation, and there are stickers for extra fun.

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    In the last couple of years, bullet journaling has become a way of life for its devoted fans who use rapid logging to organize their lives. This journal set contains everything you need to get started on or continue your bullet journaling journey.

    The journal itself has a hard, black leather cover and measures 5.7" x 8.3". It has 120 dotted pages, and comes with 12 fine liner pens in a variety of bright colors and 12 rolls of solid-color and patterned Washi tape to customize the pages...MORE according to your needs. You can track everything from your budget to travel to how much you exercise in any way you like to track it. There are plenty of online tutorials and information to get you started. 

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    For a creative take on organization this planner doubles as an adult coloring book. There are 144 pages in all, including full-page images to color and an open notes section in addition to the two-page weekly planning spreads.

    The planner measures 7" x 8.5", and each month has a nature-themed doodle for your artistic endeavors. The paper is thick enough that markers won’t bleed through, and the cover is sturdy enough to take on the go all year long. Once your creations are complete, you...MORE can share them with the world, or at least the world of Facebook, as each month comes with a Facebook banner to make sharing fun.

    Color yourself organized, and take a nice, relaxing step away from the hecticness of life by channeling your inner kindergartener and start coloring as you plan your days.

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    With all the craziness life brings, the cover of this organizer reminds us what we all need to remember more often: “Just breathe.” Inside there are daily and weekly calendars to keep track of appointments and occasions, but what sets this planner apart from others is that it also has space for planning your priorities.

    It has pages for recording your priorities each month for both your professional and personal life. There’s also space to record your goals, why they’re important to you, and how...MORE you intend to accomplish them. There are also prompts to help you reflect on areas of focus for all aspects of your life from family and loved ones to finances and physical and mental health. It’s a great way to really reflect and move forward with purpose through the year. It’s 8.5" x 11", has a clear spiral binding, soft cover, and will take you through December 2018.

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    Zip up your organization goals with this junior binder. It measures just 6 ¾" x 3 ¾", so it’s small enough for your purse or computer bag, but has everything you need to stay on top of your events and commitments.

    It’s a bargain too. It includes 25 schedule/action item pages, and there are also free DIY printable planner refill pages you can print to organize the way you like. Inside, there’s also a pocket that can hold cards, additional paper, your phone or whatever else you need. Just...MORE zip it up, and you have everything you need for school, work or meetings in one neat, organized pouch.

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    This hardbound lifeplanner is as pretty as it is practical. The cover has a chic, satin finish with a choice of one of three patterns: Painted Petals, Watercolor Splash or Floating Florals. Inside is everything you need to keep on top of the events of 2018.

    It measures 5" x 8" (an 8" x 10" version is also available), and includes weekly calendar pages spread out over two pages. Additionally, there are pages for goal setting, blank pages, dot-grid pages and lined pages for whatever...MORE else you want to record. There's also a mini 2019 calendar for those future plans, and a satin bookmark to keep track of just where in the year you are at any given time.

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