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Shipping a live plant and ensuring it arrives unscathed is no easy feat, but the best plant delivery services have developed their own shipping methods and packaging to ensure their greenery arrives in top condition and thrives upon delivery.

With filters for growing conditions like light, difficulty, size, and whether the plants can mix with pets, it’s easier than ever to purchase plants online and begin cultivating a green thumb. Continue reading to learn more about the best plant delivery services.

Best Plant Delivery Services of 2023

Best Overall : Bloomscape



Why We Chose It: Bloomscape’s intuitive and easy-to-use website layout, customer support, and ethos make it rise above the rest.

What We Like
  • Ongoing support after delivery

  • Wide variety of plants

  • Boxes made of recycled and/or biodegradable materials

What We Don’t Like
  • Packaging during winter produces lots of waste

Bloomscape was started by fifth-generation greenhouse grower Justin Mast, who set out to create a memorable plant-buying experience. The Detroit-based company has perfected the art of shipping live “teenage” plants—plants that are somewhat matured, but haven’t yet reached their peak—with a specially composed soil that helps them thrive. The brand also provides support to buyers long after the greenery leaves the nursery.

For Bloomscape, having plants is about creating a positive atmosphere at home. "Plants help create gezellig. It’s one of those words with no English translation, but it means coziness, an intimate social feeling that you get when you’re in spaces you love with people you love," Mast told Vogue shortly after the company launched in 2018. "I realized that shopping for plants is not gezellig at all." Hence, Bloomscape was born.

Perusing Bloomscape is a cinch with its simple categories. Buyers can shop indoor or outdoor plants that come sized from extra small to extra large. The filters also allow buyers to whittle down options based on the intensity of light, difficulty, pet friendliness, and whether or not the plant helps to clean the air. Its outdoor offering called Bloom Kits offers a potted combination of plants meant to thrive together outside.

Bloomscape also sells gardening tools and maintains a helpful blog with tips and tricks for keeping its plants flourishing. Bloomscape will replace any plant purchase for free if it dies within 30 days of delivery.

Best Indoor Plants : Lively Root

Lively Root Logo

Spruce Eats

Why We Chose It: Lively Root takes an eco-friendly approach to delivering house plants year-round.

What We Like
  • Eco-friendly plants and packaging

  • Plants are grown and shipped from the nursery

What We Don’t Like
  • plants come in grower pots, the pots shown in images are an additional cost

Lively Root grows and ships its eco-friendly plants from its nursery in San Diego, California, and developed a proprietary boxing and shipping system to make sure the greenery arrives to its customers as fresh and with as little soil spillage as possible.

Lively Root’s goal is, in part, to create a community around its product: "we have a keen interest in developing a community, and really becoming a horticultural resource as opposed to simply a marketplace,” Lively Root co-founder Jon Ewing told Garden Center magazine shortly after the company’s launch in April 2019. “Our idea is that we don't see ourselves necessarily as a home decor site, but more as a horticultural lifestyle site.” Lively Root’s blog features plant education and inspiration tips to help stoke that lifestyle component.

Lively Root sells potted, hanging, green, and flowering varieties sized small through extra-large. The site helps shoppers hone in on the right variety for them through filters such as care, water, light, humidity levels, and pet-friendliness. While Lively Root’s focus is mostly on indoor plants, it does offer seasonal outdoor plants and bulbs as well.

Best Succulents : Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay

Why We Chose It: Leaf & Clay has won accolades for its wide variety of offerings and bare-root shipping method that ensures plants arrive in great condition and ready to pot.

What We Like
  • Wide variety of offerings

  • Shipping method reduces cost and waste

What We Don’t Like
  • Pricier than other options

Leaf & Clay is known for its huge variety of succulent and cacti options and its nearly foolproof shipping method that means plants arrive in pristine condition. The brand has a slightly higher price point than comparable online succulent purveyors, but it makes up for it with over 100 varieties of succulents on offer and its high rate of shipping success. It also offers succulent and cacti packs (priced from $30) that can kick-start any desert houseplant garden.

Leaf & Clay started as an Instagram account by brother and sister team Nick and Lauren Sandford before becoming the eCommerce destination it is now. The site ships its plants dry-root (meaning without soil) and without the original nursery pot in order to protect the plant and reduce shipping costs. Plants are shipped Monday through Friday via the U.S. Postal Service. The customer is responsible for purchasing a heat pack if the plant is shipping to a cold-weather climate.

Best Plant Box : The Sill

The Sill

The Sill

Why We Chose It: The Sill will make a nurturing plant parent out of almost anyone with its monthly deliveries.

What We Like
  • Offers one-off plants and subscription services

  • Easy way to build up a plant collection

What We Don’t Like
  • Packing method produces a large amount of waste

Trendy online plant store The Sill’s end goal is to deliver plants as healthy and happy as possible each month. Some plants are delivered fully potted and others will require a little more TLC upon arrival. The brand offers one-off plants, but has also built a following around its monthly delivery boxes.

The Classic Plant subscription ( from $50 per month, including shipping) delivers a medium-sized easy-care plant in a 6-inch diameter grow pot with a 7-inch wide ceramic planters (cream or black) each month. Starting at $55 per month, you can select the Pet Friendly Plant subscription to get a non-toxic medium-sized plant and planter. Subscriptions can be paused or canceled anytime after the first three months.

One thing that many people like about The Sill is that the plant deliveries arrive intact; however, safely packaging the plants often generates extra packing materials that are not the most planet-friendly. According to CEO Eliza Blank, The Sill is aware and working on improving the packaging waste. "We are making strides towards removing all plastic from our packaging, which we are transitioning to be fully recyclable," it reads on the company blog.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

There are many options when it comes to buying plants online, but what sets these companies apart is the variety of offerings and their commitment to ensuring the plants thrive beyond delivery. Leaf & Clay is noted for its vast selection of succulents and cacti, while Lively Root is notable for its method of shipping right from the nursery. Bloomscape, Lively Root, and Leaf & Clay have developed specialty shipping methods that aim to deliver their greenery to the doorstep as fresh as possible. But it’s Bloomscape's plants' quality and commitment to eco-friendly packaging that has won rave reviews from customers and makes it the best overall plant delivery service.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Are Plant Delivery Services?

    Plant delivery services are companies that allow customers to purchase indoor and outdoor greenery online. Here, we primarily focused on one-off purchases, but many companies offer subscription services as well.

  • How Much Do Plant Delivery Services Cost?

    The cost for ordering plants online varies depending on the type, size, and amount you're ordering, but it generally starts around $30. Shipping is sometimes included, particularly on orders over a certain price. With a subscription, you will pay an ongoing fee and receive deliveries of plants on a regular basis, usually monthly. These subscriptions are a more affordable way to receive multiple plant deliveries.

How We Chose the Best Plant Delivery Services

To determine the best plant delivery services, we took into account customer and published reviews, Better Business Bureau ratings, plant offerings, and specialties. We strove to include a wide variety of offerings based on plant varieties, environments, and services. While we weighed product cost, we put more emphasis on companies that consistently garner praise for delivering quality products.

Best Plant Delivery Services

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