The 12 Best Plant Starter Kit Essentials of 2021

Everything you need to flex your green thumb indoors

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Our Top Picks
You'll get eight seed packets for growing various indoor-friendly plants including a Swiss cheese plant and a serpent tree.
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This started tray has 10 compartments with drain holes and a clear domed lid with adjustable vents.
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The starter set comes with four small succulents, which you can transplant into larger planters.
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The ceramic pots each have a drainage hole on the bottom and a bamboo tray for collecting water.
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This potting mix is made with coconut coir, a naturally absorbent fiber that helps indoor plants thrive.
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When placed at the bottom of planters, these super-absorbent lava rocks can help correct for overwatering.
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This organic plant food comes in a little shaker bottle, making it easy to use and even easier to store.
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Thanks to the long-stem spout, this watering can allows you to water hard-to-reach areas with ease.
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These breathable bamboo gardening gloves will keep your hands comfortable while protecting you from pokes and scratches.
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This grow light has three gooseneck arms, 60 red and blue full-spectrum LEDs, and six dimmer modes.
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There are many reasons to keep plants inside your home. They help purify the air, add color to a space, lend to an organic aesthetic, and can even improve your mood. And while you can always buy pre-potted plants, why not try your hand at growing them from scratch?

It's a good idea to do your research about how to grow houseplants before getting started. But to set yourself up for success, you'll also need the right supplies. This includes seeds, a starter tray, planters, potting soil, plant food, gloves, a watering can, a mister, transplanting tools, and maybe a grow light for good measure. We scoured the internet to find high-quality, affordable options in every category and rounded up our top selections.

Scroll down for the best plant starter kit essentials available today.

Plantflix Houseplant Seed Collection

Houseplant Seed Collection

First, you'll need some seeds. We recommend the Plantflix Houseplant Collection, which comes with eight packets of various indoor-friendly species. You'll get seeds for growing a Swiss cheese plant, a hope selloum, a serpent tree, dwarf umbrella plants, and paperplants, plus three types of hypoestes phyllostachya seeds for red, white, and pink polka-dot plants.

MIXC Seedling Starter Tray

Seedling Starter Tray

We also suggest getting a seed tray, like the MIXC Seedling Starter. It has 10 compartments, each a 1.5-inch square with a drain hole at the bottom. This tray has a clear domed cover with adjustable vents, allowing you to regulate the temperature and humidity level and giving you a clear view of your seedlings.

Urban Outfitters 2" Live Assorted Succulents Set of 4

Assorted Succulents

If you want to skip the seedling step, you can always get small starter plants, like this set from Urban Outfitters. You'll get four live succulents, each rooted in soil in a 2-inch square plastic container. When they arrive at your doorstep, you can transfer them into slightly larger planters and give them the nourishment they need to thrive indoors.

HomeNote Indoor Planters with Drainage Hole Bamboo Trays

Indoor Planters with Drainage Hole Bamboo Trays

Speaking of slightly larger planters, you'll also want to have some small-to-medium options on hand. When your seedlings become sprouts and eventually transform into little plants, they'll need to be transplanted into bigger pots so they can continue growing.

This stylish modern set comes with three ceramic planters, each with a drainage hole and a bamboo saucer for collecting water.

Miracle-Gro 6 qt. Indoor Potting Soil Mix

6 qt. Indoor Potting Soil Mix

When it comes to gardening, Miracle-Gro is a household name. The brand's Indoor Potting Mix is blended with nourishing ingredients to support a wide range of houseplants while resisting gnats and aphids. This potting soil contains coconut coir, a natural fiber that absorbs and then releases water, which helps it retain moisture so plants can thrive.

The Sill Organic Lava Rocks

Organic Lava Rocks

You might want to get some lava rocks as well, as the porous substance absorbs moisture and then slowly releases it, helping to correct for overwatering. This 4.25-liter bag from The Sill contains nothing but pure organic lava rocks. You'll have enough to cover the bottom of up to five small planters.

Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Food

Organic Plant Food

It's good to have plant food on hand as well, which you can use each time you water. We suggest Joyful Dirt, an organic formula that's the perfect balance of gentle and nourishing for fertilizing houseplants. It comes in a little 2-ounce shaker, not unlike the spice containers you keep in your kitchen cabinet, allowing you to store it almost anywhere.

Coka Long Spout Watering Can

Long Spout Watering Can

This indoor watering has a convenient design and a cool retro vibe reminiscent of 1960s glassware. It can hold up to a liter of water and has graduated measurements etched into durable plastic, taking the guesswork out of plant care. The long-stem metal spout helps you access hard-to-reach areas, and the broad rim is designed to prevent spills.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Bamboo Working Gloves

A pair of gardening gloves will come in handy when you're ready to transfer your baby plants into bigger containers. This pair is made of breathable and absorbent bamboo with durable rubber on the palms. Your hands will stay clean while you work and be protected from pokes, scratches, and irritating residues.

Yoyomax Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Grow Light for Indoor Plants

A grow light can make a world of difference when growing plants in the winter or in low-light areas. This impressive multi-head option from Yoyomax has three adjustable gooseneck arms with 60 full-spectrum LED lights.

With 39 red and 21 blue LEDs, it delivers the optimal balance of photosynthesizing light for indoor plants. Plus, the heads can be turned off and on individually, and the six dimmer modes allow for customizable illumination.

OFFIDIX Glass Spray Bottle Plant Mister

Glass Spray Bottle Plant Mister

Many indoor plants don't need to be watered very often. However, misting them can provide a much-needed humidity boost and prevent overdrying.

We like the vintage-inspired design of this glass spray bottle. Place it on a shelf next to the retro watering can for an Instagram-worthy decor touch. At just over 6 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, this chic little mister is the perfect size for small houseplants.

BlueMake Mini Transplanting Set for Indoor Plant Care

BlueMake 12 Pieces Succulent Plants Tools

Transplanting houseplants can be tricky, especially if you don't have the right tools. Most gardening tools are designed for larger plants, but the BlueMake Mini Transplanting Set has all the tiny utensils you need for transferring your starters.

It comes with 12 pieces, including a couple of different soil scoops, two adorable little shovels, and a rake spade. You'll also get pruning and cleaning gadgets, including curved tweezers, a leaf trimmer, and an itsy-bitsy handheld dust blower.

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