The 6 Best Plastic Storage Bins to Buy in 2018

Keep clothing, toys and more neatly organized

Courtesy of Home Depot

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No matter what your living situation may be, chances are you could reduce clutter in your home or apartment with storage bins. Not only are they a great way to pack away your non-seasonal clothing and toys and outfits your children have grown out of, but they can typically be stacked on top of one another, making for a neat, tidy, and nonintrusive storage system. Plus, when it comes time to move, sturdy storage bins are a must — cardboard boxes just aren’t durable enough to withstand the moving process.

Let’s be honest: quite a few storage bins on the market share the same basic features like durable construction and transparent plastic — you’ll want to see what’s inside, especially if you’re living with friends or loved ones in your new place. But every storage bin boasts its own unique quirks, and it’s important to consider what you’ll be using your new bins for before dishing out your cash for the first set you stumble across at your local department store — virtual or otherwise. Don’t forget to keep your budget in mind too, as, believe it or not, heavy duty storage bins can be on the pricey side.

With these considerations in mind, let’s check out the best plastic storage bins to buy in 2018.


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    Best Overall: Sterilite Footlocker Storage Box

    Sterilite Footlocker Storage Box
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    When you think of storage bins, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a basic, clear container — but the Sterilite Footlocker Storage Box is anything but basic. Measuring 13.875" x 17.625" x 31.25", this storage solution combines the rugged plastic construction buyers have come to expect from Sterilite — a brand all but synonymous with storage solutions — with an affordable price tag and myriad features you’d expect from a product twice this container’s price.

    When it comes to ease of use, this storage bin delivers — after all, it boasts rolling wheels for easy transport, meaning it’s never been easier to get your precious possessions from point A to point B, even if they weigh more than you! But transportability isn’t the only benefit this bin boasts. Sterlite’s Footlocker Storage Box is a security nut’s dream, with two sturdy clasps and the option to increase security with a standard-size padlock (not included).

    While perfect for lugging around heavier items, this bin hosts a bail-style handle that allows users to easily transport lighter loads —meaning diversity is yet another feature satisfied customers get complimentary when they purchase Sterilite’s patented footlocker-style bin.

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    Best Budget: Sterilite Latching 64 Qt. Storage Box

    Sterilite Latching 64 Qt. Storage Box
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Not everyone needs a fancy footlocker to store their goods. For most, a basic, no-frills set of plastic storage bins can get the job done just fine. That’s where Sterilite’s Latching Storage Box comes in. There’s a reason Sterilite’s name’s already popped up twice on this list: they offer a variety of storage solutions, from the high-end and heavy duty to the inexpensive and bare bones. The Latching 64 Qt. Storage Box May fall into the latter category, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices quality for affordability. With an innovative latch to keep your possessions safe and secure and recessed lids that make stacking a breeze, it’s no wonder satisfied buyers sing these bins’ praises — some even claim they’ve purchased upwards of 40 to accommodate their many storage needs! Measuring 23.75" x 13.5" and boasting a transparent base so you’ll never mix your things up with your housemates’ possessions, the Sterilite Latching 64 Qt. Storage Box is a must-have for the organization-minded at a fraction of the price of the competition.

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    Best Flip Top: HDX 12 Gal. Flip-Top Storage Tote (4-pack)

    HDX 12 Gal. Flip-Top Storage Tote (4-Pack)
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Flip top storage bins offer an advantage over other types of containers: their lids remain attached to their frame, so there’s no chance of losing it in the chaos of the moving process. But HDX kicks the basic flip-top style storage bin up a notch, allowing users to remove their containers’ lids in case they need frequent access to their goods. Able to hold up to 12 gallons each, this four-pack of flip-top bins brings a total of 48 combined gallons of storage capacity to any closet, self-storage unit, or moving truck — enough room to store all of the family pack rat’s “treasures.”

    Measuring 21.25" x 14.94" x 13.19" HDX’s storage totes are spacious enough to fit a variety of items, yet compact enough to stack easily —though users otherwise happy with their purchases do report that every few units contained cracks after stacking. Always remember to arrange your storage totes with the heaviest at the base to reduce the possibility of damaging lighter, less densely-packed bins.

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    Best Snap Top: Sterilite 30 Qt. Ultra Latch Box (6-pack)

    Snap-top storage bins are an alternative to flip-tops with one major, and obvious, difference: as their names suggest, these storage containers boast removable lids that snap closed via two latches that click tightly into place on either side. Sterilite — yes, them again — sets a new benchmark in stackability and storage with their Ultra Latch Boxes. A total of six boxes, each measuring 18.1" x 12.2" x 11.5", means a combined storage capacity of 180 quarts—that’s a whole lot of space to store your things for a great price.

    Happy customers claim that Sterilite’s Ultra Latch Boxes are their favorite storage bins because they boast a number of important features including contents visibility and durable construction that can take anything you throw at them (within reason, of course). While we wouldn’t recommend purchasing these units to store larger objects, they’re a worthwhile investment for the fashionista looking to pack away her summer clothes or the mom who just can’t part with her child’s first few years’ worth of outfits.

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    Best Oversize: IRIS 169 Qt. Remington Store-It-All Tote Storage Bin

    IRIS 169 Qt. Remington Store-It-All Tote Storage Bin in Black
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    A big, durable storage bin with a name as over-the-top as its quality, the IRIS 169 Qt. Remington Store-It-All Tote Storage Bin is the container you opt for when you’ve got important things to store and no puny, small-change storage bin will do. As its name suggests, this behemoth packs a whopping 169 quarts into a 40.566" x 19.68" x 19.68" body. And while it can handle even your heaviest goods — from gardening supplies to camping necessities and everything in-between— the Remington doesn’t skimp on transportability, boasting a reinforced pull handle and wheels so that it’s ready to move as soon as you are.

    If security is a priorityn—nif you don’t exactly trust your roommates, for instancen—nIRIS has got you covered. Their heavy-duty storage bin, which looks more like a treasure chest the longer you stare at it, allows owners to outfit it with a zip tie or standard padlock so that unwelcomed guests know to keep their hands off. Users report sitting on their Remingtons, strapping them to the tops of cars — even exposing them to the harsh elements. But this top-notch product withstood it all.

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    Best Compact: Sterilite 6 Quart Storage Box (12-pack)

    On the opposite side of the storage bin spectrum is Sterilite’s 12-pack of super light, super compact containers. To be frank, these bins aren’t meant for the moving process — but they’re perfect for storing smaller objects like your crafts and art supplies, your kids’ favorite toys, your go-to jewelry pieces, or even your beloved shoes (so there’s no more temptation to kick them off into the closet after a long night of partying!).

    Measuring a mere 13.63" x 8.25" x 4.88", this value pack is worth every penny at just over $2 each. Don’t let the small size of these bins (or their low price tag) deceive you — for compact plastic storage bins, they’re all about durability, with satisfied buyers reportedly surprised at how well they hold up. And with a see-through base, you’ll never struggle finding exactly what you need in your containers.