The 6 Best Playroom Colors From Benjamin Moore

It's so much fun to decorate a playroom in your home. This is an area that kids can contribute their ideas and tastes to the color choosing process to make it a family affair. You are not bound by any color rules for a playroom unless that room is open to another common area. With the changing way we use our homes, formal dining rooms have now become playrooms in many homes. We're more casual at home, and needing those formal spaces much less than before. If you're using a formal dining or living room space for a playroom, you can still choose a fun color.  Be sure that your playroom color works well and flows with an open adjacent room. It's clear that this is a play space, but you do want to maintain color harmony in your home.​

If your playroom is a separate and dedicated space, like a basement, you can have so much fun choosing the color without regard to nearby spaces. If you are decorating a room for more than one child, you can try an accent wall to accommodate differing tastes. There is also the option to use two colors on the walls, either splitting color above and below a chair rail, or alternating walls for a fun effect. The secret to using more than one color on playroom walls is to be sure that those colors are reasonably coordinated. You can also use accessories to bring a favorite color into the room.

If the playroom space will grow with your kids, a neutral color scheme can make a great backdrop for colorful accessories that will change as they age, and have new tastes. A playroom with plenty of customization options as they grow will be the easiest to transition in the future.

Here are favorite playroom colors by Benjamin Moore. All of the paint colors are suitable for boys and girls, and playrooms that are shared by both.  

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    Benjamin Moore: - Sausalito Sunset 074

    Best Playroom Colors
    ©Benjamin Moore

     Orange or coral is a fun choice for a playroom. This is an energetic and warm color that keeps energy high, which is important for a room with little natural light, or in a cold area of the home.

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    Benjamin Moore - Easter Hunt 554

    Best Playroom Colors
    ©Benjamin Moore

     Mint green is a refreshing and natural choice for a playroom. This light and bright color work well in a small play space. Accented with white and yellow, it's has a very summery feeling.

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    Benjamin Moore - Picture Perfect 743

    Best Playroom Colors
    ©Benjamin Moore

    Playrooms should be fun, but they can also be soothing and relaxing. A soft blue with green undertones, like Benjamin Moore's Picture Perfect, is just right for play, but also for nap time. 

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    Benjamin Moore - Counting Stars 212

    Best Playroom Paint Colors
    ©Benjamin Moore

     Counting Stars is a soft and pretty yellow that isn't too bright for a playroom. Be careful choosing yellow for a kid's space, as it can be overstimulating and harsh after long periods of time. 

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    Benjamin Moore - Spring Lilac 1388

    Best Playroom Colors
    ©Benjamin Moore

     Lavender encourages creativity and cooperation. Spring Lilac will is a happy and natural color that stands up well to time, as your child grows. 

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    Benjamin Moore - Blue Haze 1667

    Best Benjamin Moore Playroom Colors
    ©Benjamin Moore

    If you'd love to capture a beachy feeling for the playroom, a dreamy blue/green like Blue Haze is a perfect choice. By choosing a blue with a green or gray undertone, you avoid the baby blue color that will become dated as soon as your child leaves elementary school. Blue colors with green undertones, like aqua, are wonderful for children and teens.

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