The 7 Best Plug-In Light Fixtures to Buy in 2018

The hassle of installing lighting is finally over

Puccio 2-Light Wall Sconce
Courtesy of Wayfair

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Proper lighting in a room adds both form and function to space. Good lighting will provide plenty of illumination with an added degree of style and visual appeal. While many people think you need special and unappealing wiring for permanent lighting such as pendant and track fixtures, wall plug-in lights are a great alternative option (they're sometimes also referred to as lighting without wiring, even though they have a cord, it's just discreet). With these lights, you will be able to install and use the fixture in no time.

Like wired lights, plug-in lighting comes in many different forms. Pendant and track lights are great options for permanent ceiling fixtures. Sconces are common for wall lighting and come in several different styles to match any interior decor. Accent and outdoors lights are also good for adding some additional flair inside and out of the home.

Want some advice on which ones might work for your home? Here are the best lighting options you won’t have to wire up to use.

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    Best Overall Light: Mercury Row Zara 1-Light Swing Arm

    Zara 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    The best lighting is a personal preference that depends on individual tastes and style. Since plug-in lights are all about easy installation, however, this top pick earns its spot due to a simple design. The Mercury Row Zara 1-Light Swing Arm light easily mounts directly to any wall for optimal coverage and placement. Use this as a primary light source or as an accent light to add some unique flair to the interior space.

    This swinging arm sconce has a metallic finish made of brushed steel or oil rubbed bronze. The head is adjustable for optimal placement and works great for bedroom settings. The head will also pivot side-to-side for angled use as well. A single knob switch on the light provides easy access, while the cable cover will channel the cord and keep everything clean.

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    Best Budget Light: Globe Electric Amris

    Budget lights without wires are great to use around the home if you want to multiply the amount of affordable lighting you have. Combined with some outlet strips, you can take care of the bulk of your lighting needs and stay well within your overall budget during interior renovations.

    The Globe Electric Amris light is a ceiling fixture with a single white lampshade. With a 15-foot cord, you can place this light wherever you want on the ceiling without worry.

    The lamp shade is frosted white plastic combined with brushed nickel. Together, the look of the light is elegant without being too modern. Installation is as simple as hanging the light from swag hooks and routing the cord to a nearby outlet. Connect it to a switch-controlled power outlet for a setup similar to wired-chandelier or pendant lights.

    For another budget light option, consider and read reviews about the best string lights.

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    Best Wall Light: Latitude Run Puccio

    Puccio 2-Light Wall Sconce
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Wall lights such as sconces are very common in spaces that have length (namely basements and hallways). The shape of the light can help to illuminate the wall’s surface and hanging items as well. Latitude Run’s Puccio light is a versatile wall light that adds a metallic touch to any space. For spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms, the rectangular shape of the shade will maximize the illumination as well.

    The Puccio light has a small profile on the wall that casts a large area of coverage. Using two separate bulbs, the light’s white, boxy shade keeps the coverage focused on the wall and surrounding areas. The metallic supports and cord cover offer a clean look that goes with many design styles. For mood lighting, these fixtures are dimmable to control the overall atmosphere of the space.

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    Best Pendant Light: Globe Electric Skylar

    Pendant lights are unique plug-in options since they can act as a primary or accent light source at the same time. Pendant lights create visual appeal in many spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens where height is available for extra style. The coverage of the light will determine how much illumination you will gain. The Globe Electric Skylar is a perfect choice for people wanting a modern pendant light that will be at home in many different styles.

    This light sports a vintage-inspired look with a clear shade and exposed bulb design. As an accent light, the fixture creates a focused illumination directly under the bulb. Used in multiple numbers, you can use these pendant lights to create focal points around the room or provide primary illumination around areas such as kitchens or dining tables. The light comes with a 15-foot cord for extra reach.

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    Best Track Light: Lithonia Lighting LTKMSBK

    Track lights give some versatility to your lighting options in a space. Made up of individual, pivoting lights, you can position each light to highlight specific areas of a room from overhead. Track lights also made great focal points in a room since they tend to have modernistic touches and neutral color tones. Plug-in track lights are also advantageous since you aren’t limited by internal wiring to optimally place the light.

    The Lithonia Lighting LTKMSBK includes three independent light bulbs mounted in place to the track. Each bulb can be rotated for optimal placement, allowing you to add light to specific objects or focal points around the room. Use this as a primary light source or as accent lighting for things such as furniture or artwork. The light comes with a six-foot power cord that is also compatible with a standard 12V porcelain lock socket.

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    Best Accent Light: Globe Electric Vintage Edison Mini Pendant

    Accent lights add a touch of illumination for extra visual appeal in a room. You can also use accent lights to illuminate objects and areas of interest without using the room’s primary light source. The Globe Electric Vintage Edison Mini Pendant provides a retro, almost steampunk-like style using a series of Edison bulbs hanging from a wire. The exposed nature of the lighting is great for styles ranging from industrial to traditional.

    This lighting kit comes with three independent mini-pendant bulbs. Lacking any shade, each pendant has a clear bulb that exposes the internal filament. Use swag hooks on the ceiling to install these lights. All three lights connect to the central black power cord so you can minimize the number of wall outlets you need to operate the bulbs. All of the necessary hardware and swag hooks are included for quick installation.

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    Best Design: Trent Austin Design Aidan 1-Light Swing Arm Lamp

    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Just because you are opting for an easier type of installation doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style. This plug-in style lamp has a trend-forward setting with its rubbed bronzed metal finish and of the moment Edison bulb. With this vintage industrial look you'll be able to get your nighttime reading in without disturbing your partner. What's more, installation is super easy. 

    This swing arm lamp gets glowing reviews on Wayfair for its affordable price, easy installation and ease of cleaning. Some note it is a little lightweight but at this price, you shouldn't expect something so solid, plus it makes it easy to mount to your wall without fear of falling. Be sure to pick up a few of these special bulbs so you always have a spare on hand.