The 8 Best Pool Cues to Buy in 2018

Take your game up a notch with this top-picks

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Buying a pool cue requires you to weigh a number of options and a handful of cues. These thin wooden sticks are often the most important part for any pool player to elevate his or her billiards game.

First, consider your skill level before purchasing a cue. Like golf clubs or tennis rackets, cues...MORE can come in simple starter varieties or advanced and professional types that will only be expensive and frustrating for beginners. Additionally, people looking for a new pool cue should consider the size and weighting. Most cues weigh between 18 and 21 ounces with 19 ounces being the most popular. Standard house cues are rear weighted, but shorter people may benefit from a front-weighted cue while highly skilled players opt for specialized cues for different situations, such as jumping. Most popular cues have a simple maple shaft, but some people prefer a low-deflection option instead.

Selecting the right cues for your game or your table will require you to understand your style of play, your skill level, and your budget. Look at the tip, the shaft and the wrap of each cue to get started. Check out some of the best cues people are buying today and find which one is right for you

  • Old western

    Best for Beginners: Old Western Saloon Pool Stick

    The Old Western Saloon Pool Stick is an excellent cue for players who are new to the game of billiards. The two-piece cues are slightly heavier than the average pool stick at 20 ounces but have great reviews from customers. The 58-inch long hardwood cues screw together at a brass joint for added portability. The Old West Saloon name refers to the design of the cue, which resembles the style of the old west where American billiards found a home.

    Unlike many cues on the market today, this cue is...MORE very inexpensive— which makes it a great option for beginners who want quality but may be hesitant to invest heavily at first. Also rare, the Old West cue features a screw-in tip rather than the glue tip found on many beginner cues. The hardwood is burgundy colored and boasts a slip-resistant grip. Standing at 58-inches when assembled, this cue isn't designed for juniors, but it is a great entrance cue for most adult beginners.

  • Best for Intermediate: Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

    If you’ve been playing pool with friends or at bars for a while now, but are only just starting to take the leap into competitive billiards, it’s time to upgrade to a better cue. The Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue is the perfect choice for an intermediate player.

    This cue is customizable, available in seven weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces with options at every half ounce. Additionally, rather than a classic shaft, the Players Technology HXT deflection shaft allows skilled...MORE players to have more power and more accuracy with each shot. The two-piece cue has a stainless steel joint and a Slimline index butt cap as well as a double-pressed Irish linen wrap.

    Additionally, this excellent intermediate cue has a Kamui black tip and is made with North American Rock maple that has treated with the stabilized Nelsonite and an anti-warping epoxy. When you carry this stylish cue into a competitive game, you can be confident in its component parts and its results.

  • Best Under $100: Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Cue

    Priced well below $100, the Imperial Premier Cyclone two-piece cue is a steal for players of all ages. Available in 42-inch, 48-inch, and 52-inch sizes, this hard maple cue is ideal for use at home or with beginners and non-professional players. The Imperial cue has become enormously popular due to its price and quality and features excellent online reviews.

    While you get a two-piece cue with the Premier Cyclone, its flat construction joint looks like a seamless one-piece design for home use. The...MORE North American Maple cues are manufactured with dowels that are shaved down for optimized straightness and stability. With a glue tip and a rubber butt cap, this cue has classic cue parts and a simplistic design. The no-frills cue will allow you and your family or friends to play quality games of ​pool without spending much at all.

  • Iszy

    Best Set: Iszy Billiards Set

    If you’ve recently purchased a pool table for your game room, man cave or house, you need to get the gear to outfit it for billiards right away. The Iszy Billiards Set is just the thing to get your home table ready for a friendly tournament. The four cue set includes two-piece cues at 18-, 19-, 20- and 21-ounce weights. The hardwood Canadian maple cues also feature the same designs on each cue, but with separate color flourishes for easy distinction.

    The two-piece cues have a steel joint as well...MORE as leather glue tips and fiber ferrules. The shafts are standard construction for people of all ages and skill levels and the cues measure 58-inches in length. This cue set is very popular and has a nearly perfect Amazon rating, with many reviews pointing to the balance and quality of each stick.

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    Best for Kids: Cuesoul 48-inch Junior Cue

    Kids will immediately be attracted the to design on the Cuesoul junior billiard cue. The colorful cue features comic book designs of stars, fireworks, and a “BOOM” graphic. However, in spite of the cool design, what they will come to love is the quality of this cue.

    Constructed with a light, kiln-dried eucalyptus hardwood shaft, this two-piece cue handles well. Young players will like the way the 12-millimeter leather tip plays without even knowing it. This cue also features a black ABS joint...MORE with a steel screw and a rubber bumper. The short cues come in blue, green, red, and orange designs, all with quality ferrules.

    This junior cue is the perfect thing to teach a child ages 6 through 9 about the game of pool. Proportional and lightweight at about 13 ounces, these cues all young beginners learn how to hit the ball well with a cue designed for their ability.

  • Best Pro-Style: Viking USA Pool Cue

    The Viking USA Pool Cue is a high-end professional-style cue that does not have a wrap, but includes just about everything else. Manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin, the USA name fits this great cue.

    Viking uses a V-PRO maple performance shaft that sports a 12-to-14-inch taper and low deflection. Viking credits its shafts with the cue’s precision and accuracy. Additionally, the cue is constructed with a leather tip and an “indestructible,” “Super” ferrule that simply does not crack no matter how...MORE many times you sink the 8-ball. This cue also has the quick release joint with a rounded metal thread for easy deconstruction after a few games. This cue also wears the protective and stylish 27-layer “glass-like,” glossy finish for added protection and style.

    The Viking USA pool cue is more expensive than many on the market, but it’s a great option for competitions, tournaments, and budding professionals.

  • Best Budget: Trademark Global Billiard Cue

    Unlike most of the maple and hardwood cues on the market today, the Trademark Global Billiard cue is unique for its metal composition. The cue is made with titanium and graphite for a more durable cue that still only weighs 21 ounces. Trademark Global’s metal cue is ideal for outdoor pool tables, where maple shafts would quickly warp, or in situations where a more durable cue is preferable.

    In addition to the unique metal design, the Trademark Global cue has many of the other common billiard cue...MORE features. The cue has a black diamond design and blue polished finish, a metal joint and a durable non-screw-in tip. This cue comes with a felt-lined, hard black carrying case. Due to its low price, this cue is an excellent gift option and perfect for younger players, although at 58 inches in length, it isn’t for young children.

  • TaiBA

    Best Travel Cue: TaiBA Hardwood Canadian Pool Stick

    Do you travel for work or like to play at tournaments far away? The TaiBA Hardwood Canadian Pool Stick lets you easily travel with a quality pool cue so that you can bring the best tools to the best competition. The two-piece cue comes with a handy leather carrying quiver with a shoulder strap and a small pocket for chalk or tips, making travel truly simple.

    The cue itself ranges from 19 to 21 ounces based on the adjustable bolts system. Featuring a 58-inch length and a 13-millimeter leather tip,...MORE the cue also has a reasonable price. The shaft is constructed with Grade A Canadian maple featuring nine levels of finish to prevent warping. Additionally, the cue has a rubber bumper, a simple brass joint, and a painted butt. The cue’s wrap is painted leather to provide friction and improve accuracy.