14 Fun Pool Floaties for Summer

Sure, a backyard swimming pool is enticing, but add the visual pop of color and promise of good times floating on a giant piece of food or goofing around with your friends, and it becomes almost irresistable. Another use: as a fun and glamorous prop for selfies and Instapics on social media sites and apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and VSCO. 

Fill your pool or yard with a few of these inflatables, and get ready for an instant party and pictures. Who doesn't look adorable floating on a giant...MORE pink-frosted donut with sprinkles, or a big piece of pizza?

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    You've seen them in photos and at the grand openings of new donut shops and wished that you, too, could have a giant donut. Made by BigMouth Inc. 

    Also comes in a giant chocolate flavor with sprinkles.

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    It's a natural that a long Tootsie Roll would be the perfect thing to make into a giant noodle pool float. This one, from BigMouth, inflates to 5 feet long and includes a patch kit. 

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    Pizza lovers get their day in the sun, with this BigMouth giant slice-of-pizza pool float, good for one person to lounge on all day. Inflates to 5 feet long and comes with a patch kit. 

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    If you view your backyard pool as an oversized bathtub, then this giant rubber ducky might be right in scale. Unlike the bathtub version, your child can ride on this one - a dream come true! Made by Swimline, this yellow inflatable is 60 inches inches long by 48 inches tall.

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    Imagine the ice-breaking possibilities, photo ops, and crowd-pleasing fun of a giant classic beach ball! 

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    The pink flamingo has long been a staple Mid-century and retro yards, an iconic plastic image of the good life in suburbia. It only makes sense that she makes her way from the lawn to the pool as a pretty pink inflatable ride-in.


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    If the idea of luxuriating the day away on a really big ice cream sandwich tickles your fancy, then this float is perfect. It features cushioned.

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    With its twisting, loopy possibilities, a giant inflatable pretzel will allow you and your friends to look cute and each have a space to hang onto.

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    This swan is so big, it's like an island floating in your pool. Ample enough for two (small and lightweight) loungers.

    • Made of vinyl and super-sized at 75 inches long.
    • Swan's neck has a pair of convenient-grip handles.
    • Although two adults are pictured on the float, it has a 140-pound weight capacity, meaning it can only accommodate one adult or two kids.


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    Fruit lovers will be happy to be represented with this giant slice of watermelon. 

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    Decorate your pool with fun food floats, like the donuts, giant ice cream sandwich, and these smaller, yummy-looking ice cream cones for individual floats. 

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    More of a traditional round, donut-shaped (not literally a donut) float, the Day Dreamer is a durable inflatable that comes in several colors with a tropical graphic. 

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    This big sunflower by Swimline measures 72 inches in diameter and will have you sitting pretty in the pool or for pictures. Durable and built to last. 

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    • Measures 71-in long when fully inflated
    • Durable heavy-duty vinyl construction
    • Built-in cup holder to keep refreshments close at hand
    • Attractive blue stripped pattern
    • Flip flop strap headres