The 7 Most Popular Kids Toys to Buy in 2018

What to buy the over five set

Broom broom!
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Want to know what the most popular toys for kids' are? Our list of the top toy picks for boys and girls age five to eight includes stuff they will actually use, like a silly board game, an interactive monkey and a remote-controlled car. If you have a grade school child at home — or in your...MORE life — that you need to get a toy for a holiday or birthday choose an option from our most popular kids' toy list and they won't be disappointed. 

  • Hasbro Games Toilet Trouble

    Potty talk is the universal language of kids this age, so it’s no wonder this game is a hit with the grade school set. There is no ordinary game board at play here, but rather a toilet takes center stage in this game.

    Players spin the toilet paper roll spinner (because, of course), which tells them how many times they must flush the toilet. If they simply hear a flush sound from the battery-powered toilet (2 AA batteries are required), then phew, they’re safe. Sometimes, however, the flush produces a gush of water that shoots out and at the unlucky player, who is then out of the game. The last player who hasn’t been sprayed wins… in more way than one.

    Full of suspense and sure to produce plenty of potty humor this is a silly game the whole family can play.

  • Remote Control Building Kits for Kids

    Remote control cars are cool on their own, but one you build yourself completely ups the cool factor. This kit comes with everything kids need to build their own remote control car or motorcycle all by themselves, though it’s so fun, mom or dad may want to get in on the action.

    There are detailed instructions that include diagrams so they can see step-by-step how to build the vehicles. They can also ditch the directions and come up with their own creations. Who knows just what they’ll create.

    The kit comes with 117 building block pieces, motors, a mainboard and a remote control It requires two AA batteries for the remote control and four AAA batteries for the mainboard, which aren’t included. Once their creations are finished, kids will love showing them off and letting everyone know just how they built the whole thing from the ground up.

  • Qingo Building Blocks Tape

    This is one of the toys that leaves us wondering how on earth nobody thought of it sooner. Generations of block-building kids missed out, but lucky for kids today, it’s here now. It’s basically tape that’s equipped with a surface on which many popular building blocks like LEGOs and Mega Blocks, can be stacked.

    This pack comes with four colorful self-adhesive rolls (green, blue, red and black), and each contains 3.2 feet of tape per roll. This tape can be cut and stuck on pretty much any surface (it promises little to no residue upon removal), which offers limitless opportunities for creations. Minifigures hanging from your ceiling, a building clinging to the side of your dresser or climbing up your wall? The possibilities are endless.

  • Fingerling

    Fingerling Monkey with Monkey Bars & Hammock

    Fingerling monkeys are popping up everywhere. These cute little critters interact with their owners and respond to touch, sounds and movement. They love to hold onto fingers, but this set gives yours somewhere else to monkey around too — their own monkey bars.

    It comes with one Fingerling, “Liv,” who’s a sassy little blue money with pink hair. She’ll babble, blink her eyes and turn her head, all in response to the sounds and movement around her. Liv and her friends can climb the bars, swing upside down and swing on the detachable hammock swing. Four LR44 batteries are required, but they’re included, so the fun can begin right out of the box.

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  • Nintendo Switch - Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con

    For video game fans, the Nintendo Switch is where it’s at. In fact, it’s where you can take it that makes it so cool. Small and portable, this hybrid system is easy to take gaming on the go. There are two detachable wireless controllers equipped with buttons and a joystick, and there’s a flip stand, so you can prop it up and play alone or with a friend. When you get home, you can pop it into a docking station and play on your television screen. Basically, you can play anywhere (or anywhere teachers or mom and dad say it’s okay).

    Games can be purchased in cartridge form, but they can also be purchased and downloaded directly from the online Nintendo game store. Looking for even more great toy ideas? Read reviews for the best toys to buy 9-year-old boys.

  • L.O.L. Surprise! Doll Series 2 (3pk)

    Everyone likes a surprise, and these little balls are full of them. Each one is packed with a SurpriseTots doll that looks like… well, that’s the surprise. You won’t know until it’s opened (there are more than 35 to collect in Series 2). Also included with the doll is a secret message sticker, a collectible sticker sheet, a water bottle charm, and shoes, an outfit and an accessory for the doll. Each is layered around the doll and provides clues as you unwrap them until you get to the final surprise doll in the middle.

    Then it’s time to find out just what your doll can do by getting her wet (a nice bath, perhaps?), and you’ll find out if she cries, spits, tinkles or changes color.

    Don’t toss the balls into the trash though, they’re great for carrying or displaying the dolls or playing with in water. This pack comes with three separate balls for lots of surprises, and it’s great for sharing with friends.

  • Oonies

    Oonies Starter Pack

    Are they a bubble? Perhaps a balloon? Not quite either, Oonies are something altogether new and fun. They start as small pellets, then once you place them in the inflator, they morph into colorful little air-filled balls of fun. Better yet, they all stick to one another without any glue or tape so kids can stack them and build them into all sorts of creative patterns. They can make shapes, animals, vehicles and anything else they can think of.

    This starter pack includes 36 pellets and the inflator, plus a variety of connectors and decorative items, such as googly eyes, to bring their creations to life. More Oonies pellets can be purchased separately.