The Best Portable Hot Tubs and Spas

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    How to Find the Right Portable Spa

    hot tub with view
    A hot tub with a view. Kelly Funk/Getty Images

    A portable spa comes equipped with pre-assembled plumbing, electrical, and filtration systems, making it easy to set up outdoors or in. Because it is not considered a permanent outdoor structure, the spa usually doesn't require a city building permit, which means it also won't raise property taxes.

    Types and sizes vary, from smaller 125-gallon models that fit two, to larger 500-gallon hot tubs that seat six or more adults. Some portable spas operate on 110 or 120 volts, making them...MORE "plug and play" types that can be up and running in an hour or so. Others operate on 240 volts, and will need to be connected by an electrician. 

    The Pros of Owning a Portable Hot Tub

    Obviously, a portable spa is not going to have that built-in, customized look that so many of us like. You can't use a portable spa for an integrated pool/spa combination. If you want to use the same architectural materials as your home, that's not going to happen with a portable model.

    However, there are distinct advantages to buying a portable spa. Among them:

    • A portable model often provides more options with jets. In fact, some have more than more-permanent models.
    • Ergonomic seating accommodates people of different heights and provides various lounge seating options. It can be easier to target specific body parts for hydrotherapy with portable hot tubs.
    • All-in-one convenience: these hot tubs come with a spa, support equipment, and skirting that conceals the equipment.
    • Easy to install: they can be plugged in and running within a couple hours.
    • Size: small models work for small yards and spaces; larger ones for more ample yards. In other words, there's something for everyone.
    • Newer models are designed with energy efficiency in mind.
    • Economical: the variety of sizes, materials, and accessories makes portable models more affordable.
    • Because they are portable, this type of hot tub makes it possible to move with you. Can you do that with your in-ground swimming pool?

    On the following pages, let's look at some of the best portable spas for your needs and budget. Hot tubs are presented alphabetically.

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    Bestway Lay Z Spa

    bestway lay z spa
    Bestway Lay Z Spa, Palm Springs. Bestway

    Brand: Bestway

    Model: Lay Z Spa, Palm Springs

    Type: Inflatable

    Seats: 4 to 6 adults


    An "As Seen on TV" product, the Lay Z Spa comes in several different models, each with its own set of selling points. The Palm Springs line, pictured, features:

    • Easy set up; no tools required.
    • Digital control panel
    • Heats up to 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).
    • 254 gallon/963-litre water capacity.
    • 220-240 volts.
    • Cushioned air mat floor.
    • Includes Leatheroid cover with clips.
    • Digitally controlled pump.
    • Lay-Z-Massage...MORE system

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    Coleman Lay-Z Spa

    Coleman Lay-Z-Spa
    Coleman Lay-Z-Spa.

    Brand: Coleman

    Model: Lay-Z Spa

    Type: Inflatable

    Seats: 4 to 6 adults.


    From Coleman, the outdoor company known for tents, coolers, and other outdoor gear, this inflatable spa features:

    • Easy set up; no tools required.
    • Tri Tech™ three-layer material.
    • Rapid heating system.
    • Water filtration system.
    • Adaptable for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Features I-beam construction.
    • Air pad floor.
    • Inflatable cover.

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    homex spa
    Homex portable spa.

    Brand: Homax

    Type: Inflatable

    • Easily inflates to Convert Any Space
    • Portable for easy transport.
    • Features a standard 110-volt plug.
    • Wide temperature range for customized comfort.
    • 130 air jets for all around massage action.
    • Cover Included
    • Leather-like texture.

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    Home & Garden

    home and garden spas
    Home and Garden 5-person spa.

    Brand: Home & Garden

    Model: Tranquility Series

    Type: Portable

    Seats: Up to 5 adults


    This model, known as the G-14 from the Tranqulity Series, seats five and includes a lounger. Other features include:

    • 106 stainless steel jets with 4 to 7 jet massage inserts.
    • Factory-installed ozone system.
    • Includes MP3 hookup with two built-in speakers and sub-woofer.
    • Blue-tooth enabled.
    • Factory-installed ozonator
    • Spa controller by Balboa Systems.
    • Deluxe locking hard cover.
    • Multi-layered fiberglass...MORE reinforcement.
    • Synthetic cabinet available in mocha or coastal gray.
    • Full foam insulation.
    • Neck, shoulder, calf and foot jets.
    • Comfort-cushion headrest.
    • User-friendly system controls
    • Surround LED lighting.

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    Intex PureSpa

    coleman purespa
    Coleman PureSpa portable spa. Coleman

    Brand: Intex

    Model: PureSpa Jet & Bubble Deluxe Massage Spa

    Type: Inflatable

    Seats: 4 to 6 adults


    You might be familiar with Intex and its line of above-ground swimming pools and inflatable toys. The company also makes spas, including the PureSpa line. This one features:

    • A user-friendly interface and easy set-up.
    • Insulated cover to minimize heat loss.
    • Puncture-resistant three-ply laminated material.
    • Fiber-Tech™ construction, for comfort and support.
    • Convenient carry bag.
    • Water temperature...MORE range: 68 degrees to 104 degrees.
    • Chlorine dispenser.
    • Built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on skin, clothes and the entire spa system.
    • Four high-powered adjustable water pressure massage jets for relaxation.

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    Lifesmart Rock Solid

    lifesmart rock solid spa
    Lifesmart Rock Solid spa.

    Brand: Lifesmart

    Model: Rock Solid

    Type: Portable

    Seats: 5 adults


    Constructed of a sturdy thermo-plastic shell, known as the RockSolid shell. This non-inflatable model operates on 110 volts, making it a plug-and-play style hot tub that sets up quickly. Other features include:

    • 22 jets with stainless steel covers.
    • Factory-installed ozone system.
    • A six-color LED digital lighting system.
    • Espresso siding.
    • A waterfall.
    • LCD control panel.
    • Locking spa cover.
    • Efficient heat recovery system helps keep the...MORE water hot.
    • Holds 260 gallons of water.

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    The M Spa

    m-spa camaro spa
    M Spa Camaro portable hot tub. M Spa

    Brand: M Spa

    Model: Camaro/Super Camaro

    Type: Inflatable

    Seats: 4 to 6 (depending on the model)


    • LCD touch screen
    • Built-in heater: up to 104 degrees F; 42 degrees C
    • Patented built-in control box with touch-bottom controls
    • Premium three-layer laminated PVC
    • Extra seat cushions on spa floor
    • Water capacity: 184 gallons
    • Number of air bubble jets: 118 to 138
    • Variable-speed blower lets you adjust massage intensity between three levels
    • Integrated spa ozone generator

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    spa 2 go
    Spa-2-Go hot tub.

    Brand: Comfort Line Products

    Model: Spa-2-Go

    Type: Inflatable

    Seats: 4 adults


    • Size: Outer diameter: 82 inches; inner diameter: 58 inches; height: 28 inches.
    • Features 127 Micro-Air jets.
    • Holds up to 250 gallons of water. 
    • Insular thermal cover included.
    • Wave massage system is 1.3 horsepower turbo.
    • Dual filtration system.
    • Thermostatically controlled heater.
    • Features a 110-volt ground fault circuit protector.

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    Let's Go Hot Tubbing!

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    Four friends enjoy a hot tub in snowy weather. Chris/Getty Images