Feng Shui Positioning of an L-Shaped Office Desk

Is Your Office Desk in the Best Feng Shui Position?

Colleagues carrying desk in new office
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If you have been exploring feng shui for a while, you know how important it is to have your office desk positioned for optimum energy flow. Each space has its own power points, so why not benefit from their powerful vibes? This becomes especially important if you have to spend many hours in the office.

The better the placement of your office desk, the better the energy around it, so you get to maintain optimum energy levels at work! How do you find these power spots for the best placement of an office desk? And is it even possible to find the best positioning for an L-shaped desk?

Well, everything is possible, but of course, you have to work with what you have. Sometimes there are many hidden opportunities where you least see them, so let me share with you 2 important feng shui factors in finding the best positioning for your office desk. You decide if you can apply these tips in your own office space and with your own specific desk style and measurements. 

The 2 important factors for the best positioning of a desk for good office feng shui are the following:

  1. Facing one of your lucky feng shui directions
  2. In the commanding position/power spot of your office space.

Sometimes you can be so very lucky and easily implement both factors! And sometimes none of them is possible in your specific office, but you can still make subtle adjustments to improve the energy around your desk.

Let's look at these 2 factors one by one.

Good Feng Shui Direction

Basically, good feng shui direction means that each person has four good directions to face, and four not-so-good directions to face. This info is determined based on your date of birth and gender; you can find your good feng shui directions - called lucky feng shui directions - by first calculating your Kua number.

I know this might sound very complex, but it's not! It is just a matter of a few simple calculations to find your Kua number, which then clearly shows your lucky feng shui directions.

So, when you know your lucky feng shui directions, you can see if it is possible to position your desk to face one of these directions. It might be harder to reposition an L-shaped desk, but it is worth trying! 

The second aspect of a good feng shui positioning of your desk is within your specific room or office layout.

In feng shui, there is a popular concept of the so-called commanding position which refers to the best placement of an item, usually a desk or a bed.

This is the position that allows for most protective, as well as the powerful energy that will strengthen your own personal energy, thus improving your health and well-being.

It is best to apply the feng shui commanding position to both your bed and your office desk, just because the quality of your personal energy will definitely benefit from it!
Sometimes it is very easy to position your office desk, and sometimes you have to use all your creativity to find the best feng shui energy spot, especially if you have a small office and a big desk.
As a general rule, these are the 3 feng shui guidelines to follow when deciding on the best positioning of your office desk:

  1. Have a view of the door (the so-called commanding position)
  2. Have a solid wall behind you (for protection and stability)
  3. Enjoy open space and a good view from your working area (good Chi)

Experiment with the positioning of your office desk until you find the best spot because having good feng shui in your workspace is very important for your health and well-being.