Feng Shui Positioning of the House on Land

Where to position your house on land for best feng shui

Feng shui house positioning land
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Question: We are looking to buy a new house, and would like to know what is the best feng shui positioning of the house on a land. Is it best feng shui when there is more space in front of the house or at the back of the house?

Answer: There are many variables to consider when assessing the feng shui of the land and the house on it. 

First, no matter you are buying just the land or the house already built on the land, you will look at the Chi quality in the land itself.

Does it look and feel vibrant, is the vegetation lush, in other words, is it full of life? When you see land that is dry with hardly any vegetation thriving on it, this is a sign of low, or inhibited Chi. 

Best feng shui positioning is when the house has a slightly raised land behind it or slightly higher as compared to the land in front of the house. This will resemble the classical feng shui land positioning of the Turtle - one of the celestial Feng Shui Animals - as protection and good backing for the house.

The worst feng shui backing of the house is with sloping land behind it or land that is on the lower level that the front of the house.

The symbolic arrangement of the Classical feng shui positioning of the house on the land is the following (when you are looking at the house from outside):

House Front: The Phoenix - open space to allow good Chi to gather and nourish the house.

Right Side of the House: The Dragon - slightly higher that the left side to allow for good support and prosperity.

Left Side of the House: The Tiger - slightly lower as compared to the right side.

Back of the House: The Turtle - raised land behind the house (the mountain shape in classical feng shui)

If the land is flat on both sides, this is not considered bad feng shui. However, often a better feng shui arrangement can be created by the design features of the house.

For example, the chimney on the right side of the house will make the right side higher. Landscaping can certainly create good feng shui, as always; and in this case, a tall vibrant tree, or several trees on the right side of the house, will create the same feng shui effect.

As for the shape of the land, a natural shape resembling square or rectangular shape is considered best feng shui. These shapes allow for a harmonious gathering and accumulation of energies. Worst feng shui shapes are considered the triangular shape and the lot shapes that have considerably missing, or cut corners.

It is also best when you have more land in the back of the house as compared to the front. In classical feng shui, this is considered auspicious as it allows the energy of wealth to accumulate.

As for other features, generally a body of water at the back of the house - when very close to the house - is usually not ideal in feng shui. This applies mostly when the body of water is quite big as compared to the size of the house.

A body of water in front of the house, though, such as a lake, a river or a well-taken care of pond, is excellent feng shui.

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