The 7 Best Pot Racks of 2019

Find a place for all of those pots and pans

Pot rack hanging in a kitchen

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Kitchen organization can make the difference between a warm and inviting cooking space and something that looks like a combat zone. Good organization keeps everything you need in its own space while cooking. This cuts down on preparation time and makes clean up easier when the meal is over. One of the most difficult things to keep organized is pots, pans and lids. To keep these things organized, you need a pot rack. Pot racks are not only functional, they also add to the overall look and style of a kitchen. Mountable on walls or the ceiling, it’s easy to find a rack that will give you additional space while freeing up your cabinets and shelves. Some racks even fit inside cabinets or come as freestanding units if wall space is at a premium. Regardless of the type, a good pot rack is a great choice to add a little more organization to your kitchen. Check out the seven best pot racks that will tidy up your space. 

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    Best Overall Pot Rack: Kinetic Classicor

    The best pot racks are a blend of form and function. First and foremost, they give you the extra space you need to keep your large cookware organized. Since they are often out in the open, good pot racks are also visually appealing. The Kinetic Classicor takes the top spot due to its classic look that will give any kitchen an upgrade on style and space at the same time.

    The Classicor is an oval rack made of durable wrought-iron. You can hang hooks from any number of places including the outer rim and metal grid in the center. The rack comes with twelve pot hooks. For installation, four hooks mount into the ceiling and carry the weight of the rack using large chains.

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    Best Budget Pot Rack: Old Dutch International Wall-Mounted

    Old Dutch International
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Resist the thought that you need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to have a great pot rack in your kitchen. For small apartments or even smaller budgets, a budget pot rack is a great choice if you can find the right one. The rack still needs to be well built so you can hang your cookware without worry. The Old Dutch International Wall-Mounted rack is the perfect choice for people who have more wall than ceiling space to use.

    The rack mounts to a wall using four separate points and two overhead braces for extra stability. The main shelf has a metal grid where you can hang any number of small to medium size hooks. The top of the grid also doubles as a stable surface if you want to place other cookware or decorations on top.

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    Best Hanging Pot Rack: Cook Standard Hanging

    The classic look of a hanging pot rack often takes the visual appeal of a kitchen up to the next level. Hanging racks often add an attractive focal point to a kitchen that ties an island, counters, cabinetry and lighting together. The Cook Standard Hanging is an attractive option that will also keep all of your pots and pans within easy reach as you cook.

    This rack option is a simple wooden rectangle with a metal grid in the center. The center surface means you can either hang cookware from the bottom or place things on the top. The wooden sides have eight tracks the primary hooks can fit into as well, giving you many options for the exact placement of your cookware.

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    Best in Cabinet: Simple Houseware Pantry

    It’s easy to organize pots or pans using racks since they often come with convenient handles and holes. The lids, however, can be a different story. A little more organization may be required if you want your lids to have a proper space in your kitchen as well. The Simple Houseware Pantry rack is small and slender, perfect for lids or narrow pans in kitchens with little space.

    This understated option supports its own weight on any flat surface like a kitchen counter or table. It is also designed to sit vertically or horizontally depending on how much space you have available. With five separate dividers, it’s large enough to hold a number of pans or lids at once. Its size makes it a great option for a dedicated lid holder or pot rack for smaller kitchens alike.     

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    Best Wall-mounted Pot Rack: Cook Standard Wall-mounted

    If you lack the ceiling space for a traditional hanging rack, the best alternative is the walls. Since kitchens usually have more wall space, wall-mounted racks can be more convenient and economical at the same time. Like a shelf, wall-mounted racks take up unused space so your pots are out of the way yet still in reach when you need them the most.

    The Cook Standard Wall-mounted rack is a modern-inspired shelf made of wooden tracks and two heavy duty metal braces. The braces screw into the wall at four points to distribute the weight evenly. Six hooks come with the rack and can be placed anywhere along each wooden track between the metal braces.

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    Best Apartment Pot Rack: Wallniture Hook & Rail

    Apartments present a unique challenge since space is always at a premium. Quite often, everything is shrunk in an apartment, including the kitchen. Unfortunately, your cookware is likely the same size as a standard set found in a home kitchen. Smart organization is often required to keep everything in reach without taking over your entire kitchen with hanging racks. The Wallniture Hook & Rail takes a slightly different approach to small space organization by reducing everything you need to just a few hooks and a rail.

    The Hook & Rack consists of a single metal tube and supporting braces. The overall profile of the rack is small and narrow which prioritizes wall space for small pots and utensils. In addition to walls, you can mount this rack to other vertical surfaces like cabinets or doors if the material can support the weight.

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    Best Shelf Pot Rack: Old Dutch International Cookware Stand

    Old Dutch International Six Shelf Cookware Stand
    Courtesy of Wayfair

    Do you have a kitchen with minimal ceiling and wall space? It’s not too uncommon, especially with smaller kitchens or cooking areas with a lot of cabinetry. If this applies to your kitchen, don’t fret. The Old Dutch International Cookware Stand offers the same amount of space and organization as a traditional pot rack in the form of a tall stand. Each pot or pan sits on its own shelf so you can find what you need quickly.

    As a stand, this option will fit into any corner or side of the kitchen and surrounding areas. The stand is a tripod design with six shelves increasing in size from top to bottom. Most of the shelves are large enough to hold a single pot/pan or a couple smaller items. Made of steel, the open design goes well with a variety of design styles as well.