The 8 Best Poufs of 2021

A place for your feet or an extra seat

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Seating is a necessity in any space, but chairs and couches aren’t the only options on offer. So if you’re looking to switch up your seating selection, why not consider a more unique option, like a pouf? 

Poufs are floor cushions that can be used as seats, footrests, and sometimes even side tables. This versatility makes poufs a well-rounded pick in the seating space. After all, few seats can double as a footrest—and triple as a decorative object. 

When finding the perfect pouf for your space, you’ll want to consider what purpose you want that pouf to serve. Do you want it to expand your seating selection? If so, snag it in a seating-friendly shape and size—and make sure it’s made from a cozy material. Do you want it to double as a side table? Look for a pouf with a flat surface that’s big enough to accommodate all your go-tos. 

To help you find a pouf that meets all your needs, we’ve rounded up some of the most well-rounded—and stylish—poufs on offer.

Our Top Picks
Lightweight yet sturdy, this soft canvas pouf can easily be moved around your home to add seating wherever you need it.
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This classic option is round and flat—perfect for sitting or resting your feet on.
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With a smooth, faux leather exterior, this cube shaped pouf has exposed stitching for a sophisticated touch.
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Versatile and comfortable, this indoor/outdoor pouf is a great addition to a backyard, porch, or living room.
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With an eye-catching leather exterior, this classic Moroccan pouf has many interesting details and is filled with soft cotton.
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This pouf is available in a natural finish, but if you’d prefer a little more color, you can pick a two-toned option instead.
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Wrapped in a plush velvet cover, this pouf comes in three stylish shades and adds an extra level of comfort to any space.
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This braided jute pouf is 30 inches in diameter yet is still lightweight, soft, and versatile.
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Best Overall: West Elm Cotton Canvas Pouf

Cotton Canvas Poufs

West Elm’s Cotton Canvas Pouf makes for a versatile addition to any space. It's crafted from a blend of jute and cotton, making it feel both soft and sturdy. And since it's filled entirely with polystyrene beads—which are crafted from puffed resin—you can rest assured knowing it'll be lightweight, comfortable, and easy to handle.

This pouf was crafted with the indoors in mind, so keep it in your living room rather than the backyard. You can choose between soft white or a deep midnight blue, and you can purchase individually or as a set of two—or, just stock up on both.

Best Budget: Birdrock Home Braided Pouf

BIRDROCK HOME Round Pouf Foot Stool Ottoman

Looking for one of those knitted poufs you’ve probably seen everywhere? You can’t go wrong with Birdrock Home’s Braided Pouf. This classic option is round and flat—perfect for sitting or resting your feet. Its exterior is crafted entirely from hand-woven cotton, providing tons of visual and tactile texture and making it a dynamic addition to any space.

Since it’s available in a wide variety of colors, you can easily find an option—or a few options—that’ll look great in your home. Opt for a versatile neutral, like beige, gray, or charcoal, or go for a brighter hue to add some more personality to your space.

Best Leather: Simpli Home Brody Transitional Pouf

Brody Transitional Square Pouf

It may seem strange to call a pouf “sleek” or “sophisticated,” but the Simpli Home Brody Pouf genuinely is. This cube-shaped pouf boasts a smooth exterior made up of squares of faux leather. These squares have been pieced together neatly and sewn together with the stitching exposed—a detail that adds textural contrast to the piece, making it even more eye-catching.

This pouf is available in three striking finishes: a warm brown, an uneven gray, and a textured blue. If you’re craving versatility, the brown is sure to be an excellent pick, but the other shades could work just as well in the right setting.

Best Indoor/Outdoor: Juniper Home Chadwick Indoor/Outdoor Pouf

Juniper Home Chadwick Indoor/Outdoor Pouf

Looking for a pouf that will feel just as at home on your porch as it will in your living room? The Juniper Home Chadwick Indoor/Outdoor Pouf is here for you. This pouf promises to be as cozy as any other, but its removable cover is crafted from a synthetic weave designed to hold up to the wear and tear of the outdoors.

This pouf is available in four stunning colors (brick red, sage green, light gray, and blue-green), all of which feel bold and versatile all at once. Stock up on a couple, or add just one if you have a small balcony. Either way, you’re in for a striking seating selection. 

Best Moroccan: NuLoom Oliver & James Araki Moroccan Pouf

Oliver & James Araki Moroccan Pouf

The Oliver & James Araki Pouf is a classic Moroccan option that's sure to look great in any home. It's filled with soft cotton and boasts an eye-catching leather exterior, with geometric strips that have been sewn together using large, exposed stitches. These stitches are so prominent that they double as a design detail, forming a medallion pattern that makes the pouf particularly striking.

These textural elements are more pronounced in some versions of the pouf (like the brown, black, and gray versions) compared to others (like the pink and blue versions, which use matching stitching instead of contrasting stitching). No matter what, this is a stylish pouf that's made for boho and contemporary homes.

Best Jute: The Curated Nomad Camarillo Jute Pouf

Bungalow Rose Monestime Pouf

Jute poufs make an easy addition to any space, and this well-made option is no exception. This pouf is filled with soft, lightweight styrofoam beans, and its exterior is lined with a series of braided jute ropes. One of jute’s greatest strengths is that it’s durable and surprisingly soft, so you'll be comfortable whether you're sitting or resting your feet on it.

This pouf is available in a classic natural finish, but if you’d prefer a little more visual interest, you can pick a two-toned option instead. The pouf is available with a navy, brown, gray, or pink base—and of course, you can always flip the pouf over to move the color to the top.

Best Velvet: Everly Quinn Velvet Pouf

Everly Quinn Velvet Pouf

If you want a truly luxurious experience, why not spring for a pouf made of velvet? Wayfair’s Everly Quinn Velvet Pouf is exactly this. It comes wrapped inside a plush velvet cover, which offers its own take on the popular braiding of jute poufs. Thick strips of velvet are intertwined, creating a loose—almost fluffy—weave.

For practicality’s sake, this cover is removable, so you can easily take it off any time your pouf needs a spot-clean. Snag it in one of three striking shades—light gold, navy, or black—and rest assured knowing that it’s guaranteed to turn heads, no matter what color you choose.

Best Large: CB2 Braided Jute Large Pouf

CB2 Braided Jute Large Pouf

CB2’s Large Braided Jute Pouf is the kind of decor piece that looks great anywhere. And since it’s available in two neutral finishes—natural jute and black—you can make the pouf as striking or as subtle as you want it to be. At 30 inches in diameter, this pouf is right to call itself “large.” (For context, an average pouf may boast a diameter around 16 inches, so this one’s about twice as large as some of the more classic options on offer.)

This pouf comes loaded with lightweight polyfill, a fluffy material commonly used in the bedding industry. The braided cover promises to be both soft and durable, so much so, in fact, that it can even be used outdoors.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Cotton Canvas Pouf (view at West Elm), which is equal parts durable, comfortable, and stylish, no matter what kind of space you're decorating. For something more budget-friendly, we recommend the Birdrock Home Round Pouf (view at Amazon), which comes in nine different colors and has a textured knit cover.

What to Look for in a Pouf


Poufs come in a few different shapes, namely cubes, cylinders, and balls. This shape doesn’t just affect the way a pouf looks—it also affects the way it can function. Take cube-shaped and cylinder-shaped poufs, for example. Since these kinds of poufs are topped with flat surfaces, they can act as seats, footrests, and side tables. Ball-shaped poufs, on the other hand, are best as seats and footrests.


Poufs typically range between 14–16 inches in both width and height. That said, there are some smaller and larger options on offer. When shopping for a pouf, consider what you want that pouf to do. Smaller poufs may be best as footrests, whereas larger ones can act as comfortable seats and useful side tables.


Poufs are available in a range of different materials including leather, jute, canvas, and more. And naturally, a pouf’s material will affect the way it looks and feels. Be sure to consider your personal preferences while shopping. Do you want a durable pouf (like one made from jute), or would you rather have a super-soft pouf (like one made from velvet)?

  • Can you sit on poufs?

    Yes, you can sit on poufs. In fact, poufs can be a great way to add flexible seating to your space. Just be sure to snag a pouf that’s big enough and soft enough to comfortably sit on.

  • Are poufs comfortable?

    Poufs can be comfortable—but some are definitely more comfortable than others. If coziness is what you’re after, consider snagging a pouf made of a soft material, like plush velvet.

  • What are poufs used for?

    Poufs can be used in a few different ways. For starters, you can use a pouf like an ottoman or a footrest. And if a pouf is big enough and soft enough, you can also use it as a seat. Finally, if a pouf is flat enough, you can often use it as a side table, too.

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