The 7 Best Poufs to Buy in 2018

A place for your feet or an extra seat

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Despite the fluffy-sounding name, the pouf is a workhorse piece of furniture! Part pillow, part ottoman, a pouf offers a flexible seating option when you need it or a comfortable footstool that can fit in just about anywhere. Use it in the living room to pull up extra seating when you have guests over, in a kids’ room to create a spot to read a book or in any space just to put your feet up.

The best pouf for you will match your decor, either as a piece that perfectly matches your existing furnishings but can also add a stylish contrast to the pieces in the room. If you have kids or pets, look for more resistant fabrics like leather or indoor-outdoor material or opt for a pouf with a removable cover you can throw in the wash. When in doubt, choose a pouf on the smaller side so that it doesn’t overwhelm your living space, and one that can tuck under a table and can be a decorative element until you need to pull it out for guests. In general, taller poufs are more comfortable for adults to sit at, while lower poufs work better as a footstool or coffee tables. From there, it’s up to find a style you love — and we have a roundup of the best poufs for any style that you can consider!

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    Best Overall: Cotton Craft Hand-Knitted Dori Pouf

    With a cover made from hand-knitted 100% cotton cord, this pouf has a cozy cable-knit feel that will add warmth to any room. It’s available in 14 colors, including neutrals like off-white and grey and fun colors like turquoise and pink. At 20” diameter and 14” tall, it is an average-sized ottoman that works as a footstool or for extra seating, and it can tuck under the coffee table.

    With more than 700 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s one of the most popular poufs on the site. Customers love the value and overall looking making it both practical and stylish to boot. 

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    Best Moroccan: Moroccan Flair Stuffed Leather Pouf

    If you are looking to go "classic" pouf — a round, stitched-leather pouf made in Morocco with a decorative flourish on top, is the way to go. This leather pouf comes in 21 shades of leather, from demure neutral colors to bright pinks, oranges and blues. What gives it character is that it is made from 100% genuine leather and takes seven artisans to make it through the eco-friendly process that uses recycled resources and the sun to dry the leather — making each unique from one another. Plus, over time this will look better with age as the leather breaks in. The stool is 20” diameter x 14” tall, so it is short enough to tuck under a coffee table when not in use.

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    Best Kids Pouf: 5 Stars United Storage Bean Bag

    Genius: This playful pouf isn’t stuffed with filling — your child stuffs it him- or herself using their own stuffed animals! Available in four lively prints, this extra large pouf (it measure up to 38” wide when fully stuff) can hold more than 90 stuffed animals to act as both a comfy spot to sit and a storage spot for all of your child’s soft toys, blankets or decorative pillows. The pouf is made of cotton canvas with hidden double zippers for stuffing the toys in and taking them out, and includes a handle to move it around the room. Here's to hoping this helps them keep their room tidy! 

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    Best Indoor-Outdoor Pouf: Majestic Home Goods Navajo Cube

    A pouf outside? You bet. While you might not think of upholstered furniture as having a place on your patio this ottoman is a great buy for anyone who likes to entertain outside because it is portable and comfortable. This pouf has a zippered slipcover which makes for easy cleaning after a rowdy party or unruly weather. The outside material is made of polyester that is made with UV protection so it won't fade if you leave it out in the sun. The insert is filled with polystyrene beads that dry easily when they get wet and are made of up to 50% recycled material, plus the beads conform to you when you sit making them a comfortable seat. 

    The design of this in navy and white or teal and white, giving it an energetic but not overwhelming pattern, a good one to mix in a space that might already have a lot going on. 

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    Best Design Pouf: Safavieh Black and White Pouf

    Ottomans Blue White - Safavieh
    Courtesy of Target

    In a trendy ikat design, this pouf adds the high-contrast black and white pattern that many stylish decorators enjoy now. When used in any room this will make a statement that guests will adore. This pouf is an 18” cube, taller than some other poufs, which some find more comfortable for sitting. The pouf comes with an integrated handle to move in around, and is made with a cover in a linen-polyester blend. Inside, it’s filled with foam, making it a lightweight four pounds. For those who plan to use this as extra seating it is only suitable for​ the weight of 150 pounds so be wary who perches on it. 

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    Best Woven Pouf: MagJo Natural Woven Sea Grass Pouf

    This pouf is available in either round or rectangular styles, with two different, subtly striped patterns woven in. It’s hand-made by weaving together seagrass and corn husk fibers for the textured neutral appeal you often find in baskets or woven rugs. This versatile pouf complements many kinds of decor, from casual traditional spaces to eclectic ones to beach house styles. The poufs are 16” diameter and 16” tall, making more to work as a seat than a footrest, and reviews find it to be lightweight and sturdy. A pair of two in front of a fireplace or next to an upholstered chair will give a relaxed feel to any space. 

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    Best Eco-Friendly: Waterglider International Zafu Meditation Pillow

    Available in six rich jewel tones, this pouf has an outer cover made from organic cotton and an interior pillow filled with American-grown buckwheat hulls. It is a great option for busy households because the exterior can be removed and washed in the machine. The company that makes these pillows is dedicated to supporting recent immigrants to the USA with decent wages and a profit sharing program, so you can feel good about your purchase.

    While the cushion is marketed as a meditation pillow, the low pouf (it’s 18” diameter and 6” tall) works just as well for a floor pillow or footstool in any space. It can be made softer by opening the zipper and pouring out some of the buckwheat husks.