The 7 Best Pressure Assisted Toilets of 2020

Keep things flowing in the bathroom with these picks

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Our Top Picks


Best Overall: Zurn Vantage 2-Piece Single Flush Elongated Pressure Assist Toilet

The top spot for pressure assisted toilets goes to a pick that does the best job of blending high-pressure performance with a universal look. Pressure assisted toilets need to be as usable as their gravity-fed cousins, both in function and style. The Zurn EcoVantage is a two-piece, elongated pressure toilet that blends a design that fits with many bathroom styles with a higher-than-average performance.

Using an efficient pressurized design, the toilet helps to use less water per flush. Water usage is reduced by 40% compared to standard gravity-fed toilets alone. The elongated bowl offers a larger water surface area for waste containment. On the exterior, chrome accents blend with the white finish to create a slight modern look that works well in many design styles in the bathroom.

Best Heavy Duty: Toto Carlyle II Single Flush Elongated Skirted Toilet

Like gravity-fed toilets, pressure assisted toilets come in many different levels of performance. While they all will be a step above gravity alone, people wanting the max amount of performance need a heavy duty pressure toilet. Good for large homes and businesses alike, the Toto Carlyle II brings water to a high pressure to force waste material out of the bowl without the need of a snake or plunger.

The toilet uses a dual-nozzle design that forces water out through two openings. Together, these nozzles create a forceful cyclone motion that effectively removes waste matter from the bowl. In addition to the comfortable elongated bowl design, the toilet seat has extra padding to keep the throne soft while in use.

Best Round: American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise Toilet

The shape of a toilet is often a personal preference influenced by a person’s size. Round toilets are preferable to people who need a tight seal around the rim. For pressure assisted toilets, the round shape can also help direct the flow of water around the bowl to maximize the forces involved. The American Standard Baby Devoro is an elegant, round option that looks just like a gravity-fed toilet with more power under the hood.

The round seat provides a smaller profile that is particularly effective in tight bathroom spaces. The rounded front of the bowl directs the water jet directly into the bowl to quickly remove waste matter during each flush. Because of the high pressure, the toilet uses less water, making it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than gravity-fed alternatives.

Best Elongated: Saniflo SaniAccess3 Single Flush Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets provide a longer, somewhat narrower to sit on. This profile can provide extra surface area and water capacity to catch waste while funneling the flow of water during a flush. Saniflo’s SaniAccess3 is a great elongated option for people wanting this common shape with a design that can drop right into the existing bathroom’s decor without any issue.

The toilet uses a 1/2 horsepower pump inside the tank to generate pressures to drive the water flow. The high powered monitor will quickly remove waste without using additional water with each flush. Connecting directly to the water line, the toilet doesn’t require any additional steps to install.

Best Smart: Toto Neorest WaterSense Dual Flush Vitreous China Toilet

Since toilets are getting smarter and high tech every day, it’s only natural that a pressure assisted toilet follow suit. If you need some extra bells and whistles with your toilet, the best option is the Toto Neorest. Using the same motor and mechanics as comparable pressurized toilets, this one takes things to the next level with smart features to make the whole experience more comfortable.

The toilet features a unibody, one-piece design that hides a lot of extra features underneath its glossy exterior. In addition to the standard pump for pressurized flushing, the toilet also includes a heated seat, bidet jet for automatic washing, and a ceramic finish that fights off bacteria and mold. Together, these features offer a comfortable experience when nature calls.

Best Two-Piece: American Standard Cadet Pressure-Assisted Toilet

The design of the toilet can determine how easy the fixture is to install and clean. In general, toilets come in two forms: one and two piece. A two-piece toilet separates the bowl from the upper water storage, making it less expensive and more serviceable since everything is alone. For a pressure assisted toilet, this can be an attractive feature since the extra pump and motor may need maintenance from time to time.

The American Standard Cadet is a two-piece toilet that offers plenty of power and water efficiency in a standard design. The separated lid design also makes it more effective at containing any water splash that results from the high-pressure action while flushing. Both lids are treated with the EverClean surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. This keeps the seat clean and free of odor.

Best One-Piece: Kohler Highline Classic Toilet

One-piece toilets are more convenient and space saving than their two-piece counterparts. Featuring a single-body design, one-piece pressure assisted toilets blend the bowl and upper mechanics together in one unit. This makes cleaning the fixture easier since you will have less cracks to reach under. The Kohler Highline Classic is the perfect one-piece toilet that blends high function and universal style into one body.

The unibody design of the toilet keeps the profile small and contained for tight spaces. The separate single lid is curved inwards to add extra comfort while sitting on the toilet. The elongated shape also provides an ergonomic and comfortable fit. For people requiring assistance to get on and off the seat, Kohler’s Comfort Height design provides extra assistant and surface to stabilize yourself.

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