The 7 Best Push Brooms to Buy in 2018

Rid floors of dirt, debris, snow and more

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To effectively clean a large area of flooring, you need the right tool. The typical small broom does a good job for small spaces around the kitchen or entryway but can leave you feeling tired and achy if used for any large or time-consuming spaces. The better option for bigger areas is a push broom. With a larger head, thicker, more durable bristles and an ergonomic design, push brooms are the tool of choice for professionals and DIYers alike for one simple reason: they are the best for large cleanup projects, whether indoors or outside.

There are a large variety of push brooms available on the market. Each one, however, works in the same manner: push and sweep, push and sweep. The size of the head will determine how much you can sweep with each stroke and should be matched to the size of the area you have to clean. The bristle materials, which range from rubber to polypropylene fibers, will determine the type of surfaces and use the broom can handle.

Check out these top push brooms to find the right one for your needs.


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    Best Overall: O-Cedar Commercial 24" Multi-Surface

    The top-performing push broom needs to strike a balance between firm and soft bristles so the brush head can cleanup typical messes without scratching the surface underneath. A simple option like the O-Cedar Commercial 24" Multi-Surface push broom gets the job done by offering the features you need without any unnecessary extras.

    This push broom has a no-frills, eco-friendly design that maximizes the amount of surface area it can reach with each stroke. The brush head is 24-inches in length and includes plastic fibers made of 80% recycled materials. The bristles vary in hardness, with the outer soft bristles designed to sweep up smaller particles and debris. The stiffer inner bristles make it perfect for harder surfaces like concrete and hardwood floors.


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    Best Budget: Quickie Bulldozer 18"

    Quickie Bulldozer
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    Budget push brooms run the risk of failing to provide good coverage during use. Cheap plastic bristles or a flexible handle will only make the broom susceptible to damage. To save some money while buying a high-quality broom, the Quickie Bulldozer 18-inch broom is the best choice. The smaller head on this broom proves that some tools can be small but still mighty when it comes to getting the job done.

    At 18 inches, the push broom has a smaller profile that makes it more effective in small, contained areas such as kitchens, garages, or basements. The split-top design of the polypropylene fibers make them appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. The 60-inch handle will also provide plenty of reach so you can sweep while standing upright rather than having to bend down to reach the floor.

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    Best Heavy-Duty: Landhope Rubber Bristle

    Heavy use can slowly destroy typical push brooms until they are no longer effective at cleaning particles off of the floor. A heavy-duty push broom like the Landhope Rubber Bristle broom, however, uses tougher materials in the handle, head and bristles so the tool can take on repeated heavy use time and time again. Best of all, this particular broom will also take on heavier messes without issue.

    The rubber bristles of this push broom provide a stiffer feel while keeping some of the flexibility necessary for smaller particles and debris. The rubber protects hard surfaces from scratches like hardwood floors. The bristle material also makes it easy to clean up pet hair from a shedding animal. The adjustable handle changes from 31.5 to 55 inches to fit a variety of heights for different people or for using the broom on higher surfaces.

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    Best Compact: Libman 24" Multi-Surface

    If you have a smaller space to clean and still want the ergonomic feel most push brooms provide, a smaller head might be warranted. Two-foot brush heads are common in the push broom world since they provide plenty of coverage for small floor areas while keeping the profile small when maneuvering or storing the broom itself.

    The small, 24-inch profile of the Libman 24" Multi-Surface’s head makes this push broom convenient for small spaces where you don’t need a lot of coverage with each stroke. The narrow head also means this broom is handy to store away when not in use. The three-inch bristles are made from recycled PET bottles and provide a firm feel with enough flexibility to protect surfaces like wood and stone floors.

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    Best Large: Super Sweep 36"

    Large floors take a long time to clean if you don’t have the right size of brush head. Smaller heads that run around two feet mean you will be spending tons of time and effort cleaning a surface. Instead, the 36-inch brush head found on the Super Sweep 36' broom will maximize the coverage so you can get the job done faster.

    The large, sweeping head will give you plenty of coverage when cleaning larger floors. Despite the size, the push broom retains a light feel using an aluminum pole and plate welded together so nuts and bolts aren’t needed. The synthetic bristles evenly distribute the pressure around the head so you won’t miss any debris or particles with each push. The bristles are small and narrow for smaller particles of dirt and grime as well.

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    Best for Outdoors: Quickie 24" Smooth Surface

    Quickie 24 in. Smooth Surface Push Broom
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    The elements can be hard on typical push brooms. Harder surfaces like concrete will damage soft, fragile bristles over time. Meanwhile, dirt and snow can also ruin the handle or brush head. For a push broom that won’t break down under inclement weather conditions or dirty jobs, check out the Quickie 24-inch Smooth Surface that features a heavier build for the handle and bristles.

    A series of soft, polypropylene fibers provide a flexible surface to push small particles off of fragile surfaces. The 24-inch head uses a heavy-duty resin block to keep the bristles attached so the broom doesn’t warp over hard surfaces as well. With a 60-inch steel handle, you can effectively use this broom on tricky surfaces like tiles and hardwood flooring without fear of scratching them up with each stroke.

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    Best for Snow: Superior Performance Silicone

    When the snow piles up outside, most people turn to their trusty snow shovel of choice to clear the driveway or other outdoor areas. While this is the best option when the snow is deep or icy, it may be overkill after a light-to-medium dusting. A push broom, on the other hand, can quickly clear away several inches of fresh powder as long as the broom itself is built to withstand the cold temperatures and increased moisture in the outdoor environment.

    Since a lighter touch is required for fresh snow, the Superior Performance Silicone broom uses soft silicone fibers that easily push away snowflakes. This makes it easier to clear outdoor spaces like driveways and patios before the snow hardens into ice. With the 56-inch steel handle, you will also have plenty of ​reach to push aside snow while staying in areas you have already cleared off.