The Best Jigsaw Puzzles Are Beautiful and Stimulating

We love the Mudpuppy Hot Dogs A-Z 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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If you’re looking for something to do on the weekend or post-work to switch up your typical Netflix binge, jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep you occupied for hours. 

We researched the best high-quality jigsaw puzzles for every age and difficulty level. We love the Mudpuppy Hot Dogs A-Z 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for its captivating design, sturdy pieces, and challenging factor that's suitable for all ages.

Here are the best puzzles of 2022.

Our Top Picks

Mudpuppy Hot Dogs A-Z - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Mudpuppy Hot Dogs A-Z 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Pet lovers will swoon over this dog-themed jigsaw puzzle from Mudpuppy. All 1000 pieces come together to display 26 dog breeds from Airedale to Zuchon with matching adorable illustrations.

Learn more about different breeds while assembling the furry friends illustrated by artist Carolyn Gavin. The classic 1000-piece size makes this pick accessible to various ages, whether as a simple warm-up puzzles or a week-long challenge for beginners.

Collage Custom Photo Puzzles

Collage Custom Photo Puzzles


Turn any memory into a fun bonding activity with Custom Photo Puzzles from Collage. Just upload your photo and choose from a variety of customizations: finish, size, piece count, and if the puzzle is for kids or adults. This is a thoughtful gift option for anyone on your list.

eeBoo Votes For Women Puzzle

votes for women puzzle

Courtesy of Anthropologie 

Celebrate the women who fought for their right to vote including Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Inez Milholland Boissevain, and more with this informational and inspirational 500-piece puzzle. Gift to any girl in your life regardless of age for a fun way to learn about the nineteenth amendment and all of the women who made it possible.

Uncommon Goods Geode Puzzle

Uncommon Goods Geode Puzzle

Uncommon Goods

Uniquely shaped pieces made from birch plywood come together to a beautiful geode inspired by how crystalline structures are created in nature. Choose from three colors for a slightly different puzzle that range from 160 to 180 pieces.

L.L. Bean My Hometown Map Puzzle

L.L Bean My Hometown Map Puzzle

L.L. Bean

Take pride in your hometown with this custom map puzzle from L.L. Bean. This map uses topographical data to display the terrain 7.5 miles east to west and 5 miles north to south of any address in the U.S. with your home represented by a special house-shaped piece.

Dowdle Alpine Christmas Wooden Puzzle

Dowdle Wooden Puzzle

Courtesy of Dowdle

If this puzzle doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, we're not sure what will. This beautiful jigsaw puzzle made of wooden pieces features a small town celebrating holidays, complete with horse-drawn sleighs, snow-topped trees and more, making this a great holiday gift or bonding activity for the whole family during December.

Rifle Paper Co. Strawberry Fields Jigsaw Puzzle

Strawberry Fields Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

This beautiful, new, 500-piece puzzle features one of Rifle Paper Co.’s signature floral prints. Once you’re done assembling the puzzle, you’re going to want to glue and frame it, adding a fresh and whimsical new piece of art to your gallery wall. You can also opt for another one of the five dreamy puzzles in this collection.

CHAFIN Dreamy Positano Puzzle


Courtesy of Amazon

If your Italian vacation was postponed, you can still take in the breathtaking sights of Positano, just from the comfort of your living room. Pour yourself a glass of Italian wine, make a fresh bowl of pasta, and transport yourself with these beautiful views of the coast. This 1000-piece option is sure to pose a challenge, especially when trying to fit together each blue piece to complete the ocean.

Piecework Champagne Problems Modern Jigsaw Puzzle

Piecework Modern Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy of Food52

This challenging puzzle has a lot of white space for a good challenge, and it features champagne glasses and shadows that create a beautiful scene. Pop open a bottle of champagne, make yourself a bowl of popcorn, and get ready to spend hours on this glamorous puzzle that shares its name with the equally glamorous Taylor Swift song.

Galison Classic Rewind Foil Jigsaw Puzzle

Classic Rewind Foil Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy of Galison

This illustration by Bethany Robertson will quickly become your new favorite puzzle. It is comprised of VHS tapes with silly, made-up titles that are guaranteed to cause a few giggles. Finished with foil details, you’ll enjoy every second of assembling this beautiful 1,000-piece pick.

Galison MoMA Frank Stella Jigsaw Puzzle

Frank Stella Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy of MoMA

Switch up your puzzle game with this unique rounded design. With similar hues throughout the two circles, you’ll be left with hours of challenging fun trying to assemble the pieces. The image comes from the geometric painting Firuzabad by Frank Stella, which is featured in the Museum of Modern Art.

Okay, these might be the coolest little puzzles ever. You can create a 70-something-piece cheese puff or maybe try piecing together a hot dog. You can buy each food separately, or opt for bundles that feature different food groups with about six puzzles, making a perfect gift for foodies and puzzle lovers alike.

Express It Best Practically Impossible Clear Puzzle


Courtesy of Amazon

Sit back, take a deep breath, and get ready to tackle this challenging puzzle. Featuring 70 clear puzzle pieces, you’ll have to think spatially to figure out how each piece fits perfectly together based on its shape. Feeling defeated? The puzzle comes with cheat sheets that offer increasing levels of assistance.

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Gradient Puzzle

Courtesy of Food52

Warning: This jigsaw puzzle requires a lot of patience and strategy. The challenging puzzle features colors that blend into one another, leaving you with hours of fun assembling the pink and yellow-toned puzzle pieces. Don't love that color combination? The company sells plenty of other ombres you may like. And once completed, they make great modern decor pieces.

Areaware Pattern Puzzle in Stack Design


Courtesy of Amazon

This abstract jigsaw puzzle is inspired by fine art created by Dusen Dusen. The bold and vibrant colors make it easy to focus on one area at a time out of the 500 pieces. Not only is the puzzle attractive, but the box itself is something you won’t mind leaving out on your coffee table or shelf.

Galison Frank Lloyd Wright Foil Stamped Jigsaw Puzzle

Frank Lloyd Wright Jigsaw Puzzle

Courtesy of Galison

The intricate designs in this stunning jigsaw puzzle feature gold foil embellishments inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright that create a funky and modern design. The foil added to the famous image will help guide you as you work your way through the 1054-piece puzzle that will double as a hangable piece of art once completed.

Made Jackson Hole Pastel Suburbia Puzzle

Pastel Suburbia Puzzle

Courtesy of Made Jackson Hole

Illustrated by Vienna-based artist Ana Popescu, this 282-piece puzzle features pretty pastel colors and groovy scenes of cars driving through an old-school neighborhood. The town was inspired by the architecture of Tim Burton’s 1990 film Edward Scissorhands, but the soothing colors, design, and low piece count make this a perfect choice for kids and adults alike.

Jonathan Adler Lips Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Jonathan Adler Shaped Lips

Courtesy of Galison

This jigsaw puzzle is the perfect housewarming or hostess present, or you can keep it for yourself. The bold and beautiful puzzle features gold foil pressed puzzle pieces and is most definitely not your traditional puzzle. Not only is it luxe, but unlike your typical rectangular puzzle, this one follows the curves of the lips and smokestacks, making it even more fun and unique to assemble.

Gray Malin The Snow Two-Sided Puzzle

The Snow Two-Sided Puzzle

Courtesy of Gray Malin

Gray Malin’s aerial photography is shot from a doorless helicopter, which creates stunning visual celebrations of life in repetition. This double-sided 500-piece puzzle features a wintery forest scene on one side and a bird's eye view of skiers gearing up to take off on the other for a two-in-one gift, perfect for a hostess or holiday gift.

What to Look for in a Jigsaw Puzzle

Number of Pieces

The first decision you'll likely make when picking out your next jigsaw puzzle is the number of pieces it has. This generally will tell you how difficult a puzzle is. For the most part, the fewer the number of pieces, the easier the puzzle will be. Puzzles come in all different sizes, with the most common being 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles. There are puzzles with fewer pieces, and then there are some really tough puzzles with way more than 1,000 pieces. If you are new to puzzles, try one with a fewer number of pieces before you jump into a giant one.


Although the number of pieces is a good indication of the difficulty of the puzzle, you also need to consider the design and how difficult it is going to be to put together. Some puzzles have really intricate designs with many pieces that look the same—these will prove to be the most tricky! Referring to age recommendations can be helpful when buying puzzles for kids.


Jigsaw puzzles are usually made from paperboard. Low-quality puzzles will be very thin and almost bendable, while higher quality puzzles are thicker and easier to snap into each other. Wooden puzzles last longer, but they'll usually cost more.

  • What is the best way to put a puzzle together?

    Jigsaw puzzles can be put together any way you like! There are a few tips and tricks that will help you put together a puzzle quickly and accurately. After you've chosen a well-lit area with a flat surface, you can begin putting your puzzle together. Open the box and sort through the pieces, flipping each side face up. Divide the pieces between edge and center pieces, setting aside the corner pieces as you find them. Begin with the edge of the puzzle, carefully fitting each piece together and incorporating the corner pieces. After you're finished with the edge, you're ready to tackle the center. Start with the clearest part of the design and then work from there. Before you know it, you'll have a puzzle all put together.

  • Do you need a puzzle table to do puzzles?

    No. You'll simply need a flat surface that has room for sorting the puzzle pieces and assembling the pieces together. If you can't leave a puzzle out, consider getting a puzzle mat. These allow you to move a puzzle without disturbing the pieces.

  • How do you preserve a puzzle?

    The best way to preserve a puzzle is by gluing it together with a craft glue or using another puzzle setting method that's on the market. Gluing and framing your puzzle will keep it looking great for years.

  • How do you glue a puzzle?

    You can glue a puzzle to keep all the pieces together so you can display your beautiful work. Cut a piece of parchment paper a bit larger than your finished puzzle and lay it down on a flat surface. Place your puzzle on the parchment paper, colorful side up. Press each of the pieces firmly down. You can use a rolling pin to get them really pressed down. Use a craft glue like Mod Podge to glue the puzzle together. Following the manufacturer's instructions, spread a thin layer of glue over the surface. Let the surface dry completely before flipping the puzzle over and repeating the process on the backside. Let all the glue dry overnight before handling the puzzle.

  • How do you frame a puzzle?

    Once it's glued, you can frame your masterpiece. When looking at frames, you'll want to get one that has a 1/4- to 1/2-inch clearance on all sides. If you're going to use a standard-sized frame to show off your puzzle, simply pop off the back of the frame and place the puzzle carefully inside. If you're cutting your own backing for a custom frame job, simply cut it the same size as your puzzle.

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