The 6 Best Range Hoods

Keep your kitchen clear of smoke and linger smells with these top picks

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Our Top Picks
Best Overall Under Cabinet:
XtremeAIR Ultra Series UL10-U30 at Amazon
Packs up to 900 CFM and can handle even heavy smoke and odors.
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Runner-Up, Best Overall Under Cabinet:
BV High Airflow Ducted Range Hood at Amazon
This ducted range can keep the air circulated even with heavy smoke or high heat.
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Sleek range hood offers powerful operation and simple design elements.
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Capable of up to 400 CFM, which is suitable for most cooking tasks.
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Offers a variety of installation options and it will meet basic kitchen needs.
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A convertible model that features a digital control panel and remote control.
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A range hood is an important part of any kitchen configuration, and cooks of all capacities appreciate the part it plays in removing smoke and odors from the kitchen. If you’re looking for the best range hoods to buy in 2021, you’ll need to factor in a unit’s CFM rating, ductless or vented exhaust options, installation options and lighting as well as aesthetics. The current configuration of your kitchen, as well as your cooking style and needs, may dictate the type of range hood that is best for you. The range hoods that made our list as best buys this year range from efficient, entry-level options to more robust, professional-grade units. Read on to find the range hood that will fit your kitchen and your cooking needs, without compromising on value.

Best Overall Under Cabinet: XtremeAIR Ultra Series UL10-U30

For an under cabinet range hood with extreme power, look to the XtremeAir Ultra Series Range Hood. This stainless-steel range hood packs up to 900 CFM and can handle even heavy smoke and odors.

Home cooks that do a lot of high-heat searing and find themselves battling smoke will appreciate the extraction capabilities of this fan, but more routine cooking tasks will benefit from the low and medium-power fan settings. The noise level for each fan is not noted as being within range of normal expectations.

This made-in-the-USA unit is well-constructed and gives a professional-grade appearance. The company stands behind the integrity of the fan motor with a 10-year warranty. This unit is at a higher price point than under cabinet hoods with a lower CFM, but it is well-priced for professional-grade power.

Runner-Up, Best Overall Under Cabinet: BV Stainless Steel High Airflow Ducted Range Hood

For a powerful and efficient under cabinet range hood, our top pick is the BV High Airflow Ducted Range Hood. Thanks to a unique slanted design and high CFM, this ducted range can keep the air circulating even with heavy smoke or high heat.

This BV range hood is capable of up to 800 CFM thanks to dual motors. It has three fan speeds, with simple push-button controls that make operation easy. The slanted housing of this model allows for better airflow over the entire cooking range. On the underside of the housing, you’ll find stainless-steel baffles and a removable oil filter that are easy to remove and clean.

Overall, users love the solid construction and quality look of this powerful under-cabinet range hood. This makes a great choice for cooks looking for a high CFM unit that will fit under existing cabinetry without compromising performance.

Best High-Power Wall Mount: CAVALIERE SV218B2-30 Wall Mount Range Hood

For a wall-mounted range hood that looks great and offers high-power fan operation, the Cavaliere SV218B2-30 is hard to beat. This sleek stainless-steel range hood offers powerful operation and simple design elements compatible with the décor of many kitchens.

The SV218B2-30 has a six-speed fan, which is more speed options than many competitors. At top speed, it has airflow speeds of 900 CFM. This is top capacity for residential range hoods available on the market today. Other standout capabilities include a timer function, a 15-minute auto-shutoff option, and a reminder to clean the unit after every 30 hours of use. The dual-chamber motor also is designed to dampen noise and keeps fan noise between 25dB and 56dB. The under-hood lighting is halogen and located to the rear of the hood. It doesn’t offer as much illumination on the cooking surface as some range hoods.

The keypad is capacitive touch, which required a little bit of a learning curve users unfamiliar with the feel of capacitive buttons. Also, the keypad emits a blue light that is not dimmable. This additional glow is a non-issue for many happy Cavaliere users, but it is something to be aware of. This powerful unit has a mid-range price tag, which makes it a great buy if you’re looking for a high-CFM range hood.  

Best for Kitchen Island: Golden Vantage Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood

This Euro-Style range hood from Golden Vantage offers a high-end look that complements any kitchen island. The range hood is capable of up to 400 CFM, which is suitable for many everyday cooking tasks.

The Golden Vantage Euro-Style Island Mount Range Hood has a three-speed fan, controlled by push buttons. The noise level is capped at 65 decibels, which is slightly noisier than some range hoods on our list. However, users find the noise level to be acceptable and not overly disturbing.

Some users note that the hood is subject to receiving dents during shipping, but also expressed that the company was quick to replace or compensate. Overall, the value and affordable price point for a sleek, high-end looking island range hood earn this model a spot on our list.

Best Value: Broan-NuTone F403011 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood

For a range hood on a budget, the Broan F403011 Two-Speed Convertible Range hood is a solid choice. The unit offers a variety of installation options and efficient operation that will meet basic kitchen needs.

The F403011 offers convertible installation option—meaning it can be installed to vent horizontally or vertically or can be installed to operate without ductwork. It offers a straightforward toggle switch to operate the fan at low or high speeds. It produces max CFM of 160 or 190 (depending on installation option).

While this is a lower end CFM capability, this range hood is a great budget buy and many users like that it does not require specialized or expensive light bulbs. Instead, the light operates using standard 75-watt bulbs.

Best Convertible: Cosmo COS-QS75 30-Inch Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Searching for a convertible model with sleek lines for your kitchen? The modern looking Cosmo QS75 Under-Cabinet Range Hood will be a welcome addition to any kitchen and it has impressive features like a digital control panel and remote control that make it a breeze to use.

The 900 CFM fan can draw out smoke and heat and food odors with ease. There are three speeds and two motors to extract the air, while a permanent, easy-to-clean filter takes care of grease and particles. When it’s time to clean the filter you can throw it in the dishwasher.

LED lights give you extra lighting for the stovetop while you cook, or you can use it as a kitchen nightlight. The backlit touchscreen makes controlling the unit simple, and with no knobs or dials, it’s easy to keep clean. For even more hands-off use, you can set a timer on the fan so you don’t need to return to the kitchen to turn it off after.

What to Look for in a Range Hood

CFM rating A range hood’s ability to move air is measured in cubic feet per minute — also known as its CFM rating. To figure out an appropriate CFM rating for your kitchen, you’ll want to take into account factors like the size of the room, the size of the cooking surface, and the heat produced by the cooking surface. Larger rooms and cooking surfaces will benefit from range hoods with a higher CFM rating.

Exhaust style Another key consideration is whether you should purchase a vented or ductless range hood. Vented range hoods need to be connected to a duct system that allows them to move air outside, while ductless options simply filter the air and recirculate it back into your kitchen.

Lighting Don’t forget to take lighting into account! Some range hoods come equipped with built-in lights that can be extremely helpful while you’re cooking. However, if you already have adequate lighting in your kitchen, you may be content with a more no-frills option.

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